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UN Report: 'Rapid, Far-Reaching, and Unprecedented' Global Action Needed to 'Prevent Climate Catastrophe'


Who could arrest them, they are the law, the government, and they govern with the consent of the governed. What use is holding them accountable or anyone else for that matter, we are not going to survive to see a day where humankind can live and survive on this whole planet in a civilized manner. The time to act was 40 years ago, its not like we can effect regime change, reinvent democracy, reverse capitalism and geo-engineer ourselves to a sustainable and healthy society in twelve years. What these lemmings don’t get is that the war for America, for freedom, for human survival was, lost while they flocked into their chapels preying for God to come, and watching reality television on their widescreens. There is no fight left here, only a dying wimper as the last breath of humankind is snuffed out by its own beloved leaders. Its Jonestown all over again.


True, and the shame is if Trump had his way, all the climate experts, IN THE ABOVE PICTURE, would be arrested by Trump for perpetuating the lie that climate change and future climate catastrophe is all a CHINESE HOAX!


Beat me to it, Garrett. Amazing how many cannot see that there is just ONE CORRUPT PARTY imprisoning “We the People”.


I believe Garrett’s tongue was placed firmly in cheek when he posted.


As this is an existential crisis-the collapsing eco-systems and threat of nuclear war–all Republicans need to go and up next all corporate Democrats and the serious organizing for a true left party. I have already voted against every single Republican and am working on getting the help of the League of Women Voters who have been active in registering prisoners to vote (Vermont) to show up at food shelves to organize a voter registration/vote with poor folks.


Thanks. I knew it yet am not personally sure how to point out the rank faults of one or the other, Ds or Rs, without somehow seeming to let the other off the hook. Frank Zappa was a great talent, I agree with you 100%.


Magaman, What are you attempting to say?


We have been hybrid like dogs to want money. Money was potentially more important than survival even way back to ancient Greece. Athens naval defense for survival depended on money diverted from their silver mines. They made the right choice. Will we?


What about the IPCC having arrived at greater consensus than any science in history. I mean on some level the theory of the earth being round still remains to be proven, but that doesn’t stop us from circumnavigating it.



From before this latest report.



You get dibs on Mitch. I’ll take Senator Grass-stains.


welll, I know you’ll probably think I’m crazy, but I stand by my belief that an overseeing God does indeed exist and that his/her created creatures matter to him/her. Otherwise prayer would be of no effect, much less miracles; both through which in my time amazing favors have often been granted to me. Humankind assumes the universe to be a fixed assembly of extra terrestrial objects operating following following fixed scientific laws. But what if a lot of it is “flexible”? What if the sun’s energy output may be adjusted by the Creator up or down depending on the needs of our planet, Earth? what if carbon dioxide levels can also be regulated by increased vegetation growth? Foresters and wood cutters might notice that tree growth in our generation is much more rapid than in the past.
I’m not saying we should be careless wasters of fossil fuel but I think somehow our Creator will continue to keep this planet habitable. it pleases Him/Her that graduates continue to emerge from here as their seventy or eighty year or whatever lifetime length trials are completed. We enter selfish and greedy and leave with hearts of love, mercy and compassion. Otherwise, what’s the sense of life and spiritual evolution at all?


Boy, you have got that right!


Since few will read this, if any, 4C rise is terminal for humankind and most of the life destroyed in this 6th Extinction Event well underway now.


4C is terminal, sorry. It best stop at less than 2C and that doesn’t look possible now.


Not much, I’m afraid. Must be the alkyhaul talkin’.


I have already voted, too, against every Republican on the ticket. It’s great that you can be active politically with organizations! Glad you’re on our side.


fu, evil retard


Your idea of spirituality, like so many others, seems utterly strange to me. Your much too close to the “God will provide” thought process which ultimately does mean that we don’t have to worry because it’s all part of His divine plan. I say BS.


Both of this year’s Nobel prize winning economists, “Paul Romer and William Nordhaus remind us that the market isn’t perfect. Externalities create failures. On its own, the free market won’t provide enough investment in ideas or technology, nor will it protect the environment. Capitalism needs (massive) nudges, from (we the people) to deliver the optimal (and survivable) outcome.”

While I’m by no means a degreed economist, I have been writing (since 1995 on a Vermont web-site, “Negative Externalities the biggest hidden Corporate Tax on Americans”) along the same lines as is now becoming much better researched and academically diagnosed and documented.

The key here is for a reasonable percentage of American’s learning — not the details of dumping ‘negative externality costs’ on us, our kids, grand kids, country, and the world — but to understand that the entire Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE (that’s right EMPIRE) which is dumping these costs on our world, is run by the global UHNWIs (Ultra High Net Worth Individuals — 13,000 in America and another 13,000 in EU and Asia) and that what economists call the “Surplus Value” of Capital Wealth (which are the faux-profits exploited, hoarded, monopolized, and taken-out-of-productive-use) are almost totally created by this global dumping of ‘negative externality costs’!

Which means that essentially the entire accumulated ‘private wealth of the world’ needs to be ‘clawed-back’ from the UHNWIs to correct and re-balance the destruction done to our world ---- and no amount of moderate increases in taxes of the hoarded wealth will ever be able to do this re-balancing, but the ONLY SOLUTION Is fast, almost immediate, “Wealth Reform” — akin to the “Land Reform” that was successfully employed in many countries (eg. in South America, et al.) to correct the negative effects of individual Nation-State centric EMPIREs like British, French, German/Nazi, Japanese, and American EMPIRE — all of which are now “condensed” into one unexamined Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE.

Actually, surpluses, or more accurately “surplus value” as economists say, is the
fiction created (and approximating) the faux-profits of what crony
capitalist corporations and banks achieve only through their dumping of
‘negative externality costs’ on all of us, our children, our government,
and our planet.

There is little or no actual ‘surplus value’ —
only the perceived ‘value’ created by doing immoral actions which dump
‘negative externality costs’ (as hidden multi-trillions of corporate
taxes) on everyone else except the UHNWIs of the globe who are looting,
extracting, exploiting, expropriating, hoarding, monopolizing, and most
importantly ‘taking-out-of-productive-use’ the human, humane, natural,
and societal “surplus values” of our world by replacing ‘earth values’
with the massive ‘negative externality costs’ that will surely end our
earth values.

Eg. There is no ‘surplus value’ in devaluing life on
earth only to shift ‘apparent value’ to the UHNWIs who have, in the
past, and continue to invent via the most awful “creative destruction”
by inventing newer and more deceitful ways of hiding, extending, and
disguising more complex convoluted and polluted schemes of converting
the potential value of our natural world into false ‘surplus value’
through the scam of more inventive new ‘financial engineering’ (and AI
machine engineering) by the supposed ‘smartest people in the room’
working for the self-appointed “Masters of the Universe” in coming up
with newer schemes to hide the world-ending crime of turning us and our
earth into nothing but the apparent ‘surplus value’ of the alchemists’
trick of turning, not lead, but tobacco leaves, oil, and paper (CDOs,
CDSs, synthetic ETFs, derivatives, et al. into gold, and human-values
into gold with the trick of making ‘negative externality costs’ (like
global warming and environmental destruction) disappear as if by

This form of “black magic” is akin to the type of robbing
and killing people, hiding the bodies, and pretending that they are
“Making America Great Again” — which both Hitler and Stalin tried to
do with less perfectly designed and merely single-party facades of
faux-Republic, faux-Socialist, and faux-peoples’ revolutions hiding
earlier Disguised Global Empires.

Don’t beware the “Ides of March”
but beware the March of this dual-party Vichy-political facade of this
current 21st century first and last effectively Disguised, truly Global,
Capitalist-fueled Empire under Emperor Trumpius Caesar ---- for which he
prevailed in our 10th ‘least worst (s)election’ cycle over
"Empress-in-waiting’ and certified War Hawk Hillary!

WakeTF-up folks — because another coming 11th ‘least worst (s)eletion’ cycle in 2020 will surely be our last!

It is incomprehensible that almost no one in America can comprehend
that they are all living in a Disguised Global Capitalist Empire, which
is only nominally HQed in, and merely ‘posing’ as our formerly promising
and sometimes progressing country, PKA, America.

Only Professor Robinson’s reality cuts through this fog of bull shit
to reveal the “Crisis of Humanity” that the spawning of capitalism and
empire both create & destroy, which he so accurately and correctly
has diagnosed and revealed in his most notable ‘exposure’ of this
uniquely 21st century Disguised Global Capitalist Empire of cancer
in our world to be the following;

“The U.S. state is a key point of condensation for pressures from
dominant groups around the world to resolve problems of global
capitalism and to secure the legitimacy of the system overall.

In this regard, “U.S.” imperialism refers to the use by transnational
elites of the U.S. state apparatus to continue to attempt to expand,
defend, and stabilize the global capitalist system. We are witness less
to a “U.S.” imperialism per se than to a global capitalist imperialism.

We face an EMPIRE OF GLOBAL CAPITAL, headquartered, for evident
historical reasons, in Washington.” [Caps added]

Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity, 2014 Robinson, William Cambridge University Press.

Although the task of reparations of EMPIRE’s damages seem massive, only ‘we the American people’ can lead the peoples’ peaceful “Revolution Against Empire” and only the American people are ‘responsible for leading’ this essential Political/economic and social(ist) “Revolution Against Empire” — but as FDR proved, when things looked awful, ‘we the American people’ can do it! All we need is to get 3% to 5% of Americans to fire a; loud, public, sustained, ‘in the streets’, but totally non-violent “Shout (not shot) heard round the world” — simply ‘expose’ the Empire as an EMPIRE, and like 3500 years ago and in 1776, the Walls of Jericho and the globally powerful British Empire will collapse ‘before the people’!