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UN Report: 'Rapid, Far-Reaching, and Unprecedented' Global Action Needed to 'Prevent Climate Catastrophe'


“Dont vote, it only encourages them.” Emma Goldman


It is civilization itself that is not sustainable. All civilizations are based on the unsustainable use of resources, whether or not you use the term capitalization or not all civilizations capitalize on nature. That is the definition.

As opposed to the 99% of all Human Indigenous Cultures who didn’t fall into the civilization trap.


Is CIVILIZATION more important than survival?


Do remember not to over generalize. Some capital is used for good purposes with little or no externalities. Of course, yes, so many externalities have been dumped on our world that it is thoroughly maddening.


Still…this is a much, much more reality based report than all others.

The following reports will likely be more of an inventory instead of another pleading.


We can’t dismiss reaching 4C since it looks likely. This report seems very conservative to me. It doesn’t include the 30-40 year lag in warming and it doesn’t include the possibility of positive feedbacks increasing the temperature. It also doesn’t mention that none of the developed countries are on track to meet their pledges. Pledges are one thing but actually meeting or surpassing the goal is another. The report also doesn’t go into what the loss of US leadership means. The US is the richest country in the world and it needs to lead in funding developing countries so they can develop with renewable energy. The report also doesn’t mention that many scientists think we will reach 2C within 20 years. In 2040 the CO2 level should be past 450 ppm based on the trend in increasing levels so far which is the level associated with 2C. There was already a month last year where 1.5C was reached. While I think it is theoretically possible to stay below 2C or at least temporarily pass it and then get below it I would say the chances might be below 1%. Right now things seem hopeless. But perhaps something will happen at the 2020 world climate meeting to increase hope. Also, it would certainly be a good sign if the Republicans get clobbered in the upcoming election. If they do it would mostly be a vote against white supremacy and fascism but the fight against climate change would also be given a much needed boost.


It’s going to take a little planning to oust what amounts to fascists having
taken control of our government –


As usual nature has the solution and has shown it in the past. After 1492 the population in the West hemisphere dropped by 95-98%. The abandoned gardens and fields went to weeds. The grazing animals with the apex predator mostly gone proliferated. The removal of tillage which removes carbon from the soil and the grazing which puts carbon in the soil led to the Little Ice Age. Temps dropped world wide by 1C.
It takes a while for science to make it through to scientists who are funded by government agencies.
Soil can hold 2-3 times the carbon as air and above ground plant material combined. We need no crazy technology to store carbon. Photosynthesis will do it for us quickly if we aid the process instead of fighting it.
If you want to get out of a hole first stop digging, figuratively and literally. Humanity with the iadvent of till agriculture has been digging a hole for 10,000 years. That staved off a new ice age but they over did it.
Before the invasion of the plow the carbon rich moisture laden top soil of the Great Plains was 6 ft deep and supported 100 million large grazing animals, countless small herbivores, their scavengers and predators including humans, the aquifers were full to overflowing and the rivers teeming with fish ran clear year round. Now the arid soil is inches thick and requires tons of chemicals to feed 100 million large grazing animals a food they shouldn’t eat.
Industrial society does not need fossil fuels and never did. Henry Ford, George Washington Carver and others have shown for over a century that anything made from coal, gas or petroleum,ancient plant matter, can be made from recent plant matter.
We can start today as individuals. Fuel injected cars (almost all) can use 50% ethanol without changes. To move to a complete flex fuel requires a download that can be done by yourself or by a technician for less than $300 and then it will run on 100% ethanol. See the movie “Pump”. All the car manufacturers supply the Brazilian market that requires all cars be flex fuel and all stations have up to 100% ethanol which is cheaper than gasoline. Electric vehicles are not needed and in the long run are counter productive because they require mining of rare minerals which by definition are limited and toxic.
For the health of your family and the planet eat organic/biodynamic produce, grass fed and pastured meat, dairy and eggs and wild caught fish. Support local regenerative agriculture and you can reverse global warming three times a day with your fork. An enjoyable and easy hobby is keeping bees and chickens. You get your eggs and honey from the back yard and the chickens will recycle your kitchen waste into eggs. Another extreme technology that we have to wait for? For celebrating your contribution to reversing global warming and the health of your family, have a home cooked organic meal accompanied by a fine biodynamic wine. You do not need to suffer for your planet or humanity and you do not have to wait for politicians or corporations to do it for you.


“I called to the other men that the sky was clearing, and then a moment later I realized that what I had seen was not a rift in the clouds but the white crest of an enormous wave.”

“Optimism is true moral courage.”

----Earnest Shackleton

"“Pessimism becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy; it reproduces itself by crippling our willingness to act.” ----Howard Zinn



The end of civilization is a negative feedback loop. Survival depends on civilization.


Skeptic –

Actually, it’s not so much the future that’s going to kill us all, it’s the past.

The harm already done – and add in a 50 year gap in our feeling the effects of
Global Warming. At this point we’re just beginning to feel the effects of the harm
done to the environment after 1968 …

THAT’s why everything is accelerating, events increasing, severity increasing.


Hell of an answer to a simple question. The global UHNWIs fear creative change, fear the obvious, they are vulnerable. Aim for the Achilles heel.

And thank you, that was some of the best writing I have read in a very long time.


history major not a philosopher/healer


Step 1: Nationalize the fossil fuel industry, consolidate into one entity and plan for an orderly phase out.

Step 2: Nationalize the electrical generation and distribution industry, consolidate and invest as quickly as possible in renewables.

Step 3: Nationalize key industries, restructure to making solar panels, wind turbines, carbon capture equipment, and other infrastructure as needed. For instance, every home should be insulated, regardless of ability to pay!

Step 4: Nationalize extreme wealth, say above $100 million. We need the money more than they do! According to my research, there are 36,000 people who have that kind of money!

Step 5: The government is the employer of last resort. No one goes without a living wage. There are many things needing doing that are not getting done. This is the time to get them done!

Now, to get this done, we cannot rely on politicians or corporations. That means we need a bottom up democracy. No person or group of people or party can be trusted to act on our behalf. Trust but verify!

The short version is this: It will take a mere 4000 people to turn us toward a sustainable world! Here’s how!
Nationally, there are 7,383 state house representatives and state senators. Half of that is about 3700 seats. Half of the US House is 220 or so, half of the US Senate is another 52 for a total of about 4000 seats. That means that a mere 4000 dedicated people could save us, our future generations and our planet!

The US of A is strongly democratic even when the Democratic party is Republican lite! In our latest election, 2016, the voter turnout was 58%! Of the 200 million registered voters, 137 million turned out but 63 million stayed home. There are more registered Democrats (40%) than Republicans (29%) but nearly as many Independents (28%) as Republicans. It should be very clear that our country is being manipulated to help the very wealthiest in our midst get even wealthier! Since politicians are always chasing money to get re-elected, this leads to bad decisions which can have devastating consequences! If this is the future we want, we need do nothing!

Never in the history of humans have we had such an abundance of organizing resources such as the internet, cell phones, and especially social media! If we get excited about taking over the direction of our future, can we get others excited about it as well? If a video about kittens/puppies can be seen by millions of people around the globe, then we can take our future seriously, and take action to save each other and this beautiful planet we call Earth! Let’s crystallize our thinking, each of us taking a role in making this happen, and spread the word. House by house, street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood, city by city, you get the idea! Don’t expect national mainstream media to help! Politicians lead from the rear and main stream media is still in the business of selling us something, usually the status quo!

Our home is burning up and it’s up to us to take care of it and right now! Organize for Democratic Socialism now!


civilization is THE negative feedback loop of all time. thats what all this is about.


garry –

Prayer, is merely an attempt to influence the fates.

And you seem to be saying that “god” didn’t bother saving the victims of the Vatican in
their Inquisitions and Burnings at the Stake and Crusades – nor did “god” save the Native
American from genocide by European invaders – nor Africans Americans enslaved on this
land for hundreds of years, nor innocent families from the Jewish Holocaust in Germany …

And “god” hasn’t stopped US/CIA illegal wars in Middle East, or Iraq and the harm done
to those nations …

but “god” is going to save you?

Humanity has never found a way to control the few violent among us – that’s our problem.
Those few violent are stupid, greedy and suicidal and they are taking us with them.


Why the fuck do I even bother? Telling people important information about events like global warming -the ones that are going to fuck us and the planet over- are 1.) ignored by those who I would like to pay attention, or 2.) they’re paid attention to by those who are already aware (thank you, and you know who you are), they a very small group compared to those who prefer ignorance. Simply put, preaching to the choir has grown old.

Earlier tonight I told a friend about the new IPCC report, as it had just been mentioned in very short passing on one of those MSNBC talking head “news” shows, and used primarily to attack Trump’s inanity. No specifics about the report were given. At all. When pressed, my friend basically said, “What can I do? People need to go to work, do you expect them to ride bicycles? ‘I’m not going to be a bum’” (I’m pretty sure that last part was a dig at my lifestyle, seeing as how I’ve given up most of the “required by society” lifestyle trappings). When I mentioned that the issue might not create any hardship now, but will in a few decades or possibly sooner, which will greatly impact his grandchildren, and their children; “what will his legacy be?”… I received silence. At that point I walked away.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had similar encounters.

(Am I just stroking my ego by bringing this stuff up? I’ve been told by people that they think I come off as a “condescending know it all” when I do that.)

Anyway, I see his point of view as a microcosm of our society. People just don’t care because they think it’s not that big an issue, maybe it’s too abstract, or they’re just plain ignorant (and like it that way (out of sight, out of mind, right?)).

So, again, why even bother? I’m growing tired of and frustrated at screaming at walls. I’ll continue to live my life in a mode that does as little damage as possible, so as to assuage my troubled soul, and when push comes to shove and shit finally hits the fan in such a way that collapse is undeniable and starting to take a terrible toll on everybody’s lives (and it eventually will, it really, seriously will), I’ll try to hold my mud and resist telling people,“I told you so.”


You should read Frank Ackerman’s book “Can We Afford the Future”. Nordhaus is an economist, there are many like him, that have argued against policies that were “too radical” for some time. He’s said that something needs to be done, but Ackerman’s book shows the gigantic gap between what the actual scientists are saying versus what most economists are willing to do, and Nordhaus has been among those to acknowledge that something needs to be done, but offers far too little radical changes.

The fact of the matter is that not only are externalities important, they are dominant, and we need to have an economic system (like yesterday) that doesn’t rely on markets or use markets as the primary means of making economic economic decisions. We also have to acknowledge the limits in regards to growth in throughput and pollution generation. It is also impossible for a chaotic market economy to reach particular targets (say a particular level of resource consumption, or a given level of pollution generation). Complex system theory has made this clear. In order to actually do that, you need national economic planning and coordination (which includes a largely publicly owned and controlled renewable energy infrastructure).

In other words, an economy that isn’t market based, the acknowledges the limits to growth and utilizes national economic planning. Ecological economists are on board, radical economists like Robin Hahnel are too. Most aren’t. What they are in favor of is largely not nearly enough. Whatever that economy would be, it wouldn’t be capitalism, and if we aren’t willing to do it, it’s over. Cause the sad fact is that while global warming is massively important, we have a fully blown environmental crisis beyond just global warming. So, even if we can find a way to take carbon out of the atmosphere, we still have a mass extinction underway, we still have dead zones all over the world, the ocean will still be free of fish in decades if nothing is done, we still have to deal with plastic and nuclear pollution, we still have growing deforestation, issues with soil erosion, we are still throwing thousands of chemicals into the environment that don’t occur naturally in the environment, which are causing ecological destruction, among many other issues.

Here’s an article by Ackerman with a small taste of what I was saying.

“For example,William Nordhaus, the US economist best known for his work on climate change, pays lip service to scientists’ calls for decisive action. He finds, however, that the ‘optimal’ policy is a very small carbon tax that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions only 25 percent below ‘business-as-usual’ levels by 2050 ^ in other words, allowing emissions to rise well above current levels by mid-century.”

Harnel’s article “The Case Against Markets” is amazing, and if anyone can get their hands on it, read it. Explains the pickle we are in perfectly.

Here is an article of his that does cover similar ground though. An article in which he paid tribute to EK Hunt, another radical economist that got the importance of non-market impacts and the need for radical changes.



your right, crazy. But at least your heart is true.


I like the theory, but step one has to be seizing the political establishment away from the organized crime syndicates, corporations, and psychotic power oriented maniacs who are interwoven into every fiber of our political framework. You wont get a single other step done without that one. obviously that means all of our votes must not go to “perpetraitors”. However there’s disenfranchisement, rigged machines, gerrymandering, and significant division among voters as to what course of action to take, and who will take them there.In the end none of this looks very pretty for one who seeks rapid action on a serious issue.