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UN Report: 'Rapid, Far-Reaching, and Unprecedented' Global Action Needed to 'Prevent Climate Catastrophe'


Hopefully, he dies much sooner… I’d love for all those vicious old POS to get fast-growing prostate cancer like which Kock brother got…? Does he still have it?


Interesting. Thx.


He should read up on magical thinking…in psychology and philosophy.


You’re on the right track, not an ego trip. But the mountain you’re running into is made of ignorance, denial (fear), and impotence caused by the immense looming seemingly-unsolvable monolith in front of folks; plus in the age of instant gratification, they see no way to effect any change or movement that doesn’t bring instant results.


Fluoride they say is 94% of Prozac …

Is it helping our teeth or making us all passive?


Very much hope this “solution to the trap” conversation begun by Save_democracy continues –

Did anyone ever succeed in not passing their tax dollars onto the MIC during Vietnam War.

Does anyone know how they did it?


I second that.


Lynn –

Commercialism/capitalism [more important than survival]? It would seem so.

Non-cooperation with capitalism is justified based in the harm it is doing to us every day –

This well states the problem –

The human race has not, and probably will not, evolve to the point where it can sustain a healthy existence w/all the chemicals (plastics primarily) and pollution on the planet. We did it to ourselves.

but I disagree that our parents or grandparents “did it to themselves” –

They were trusting in a system of democracy and New Deal government which had protected them as
intended in the alleged dedication of government “to the people.”

And in secret the government was being corrupted by the few among us who wake up every morning
trying to find new and absolute ways to control the people. Even now it is difficult for Americans to believe that anyone would really behave that way.

(But think back on Our Founders who didn’t actually create a democracy; they created an Elite-Patriarchy,
endowed them with land grants, gave them immense influence and control over our people’s government, the nation’s wealth and natural resources. They saved and supported the system of slavery for Elites/wealthy which guaranteed the Civil War which further benefitted Elites by splitting the nation into two
camps of hatred which still echo today. Columbus didn’t come here alone, he brought the Catholic Church with him and their Papal Edicts to “Enslave or kill” the natives here they labelled “pagans … only fit to be fed to the dogs.” They ran the US Church Schools along with the Mormon Church to brainwash and destroy the children of the Native American who were forced into those schools, often kidnapped and where they were not permitted to speak in their native language and where they were beaten, mutilated, hung, murdered – and sexually abused.)

Elites here and internationally recruited Hitler and the Pope “catapulted” Hitler to power.
Funding was carried out by front companies run by Allen Dulles and Prescott Bush: Sullivan & Comwell
Dulles traded in US dollars for gold and it’s believed the Vatican aided in moving it into Germany.

See: Operation Mockingbird, Operation Paperclip and Operation Gladio.
See: The Devil’s Chessboard by David Talbot – Re Allen Dulles, an evil difficult to believe still.
Sullivan & Cromwell LLP is an international law firm headquartered in New York City.It has gained renown for its business and commercial law practices and its impact on international affairs.


News for you we are the created and the creator ,it’s called responsibility .God/Life only cares as much as we care …The planet could become uninhabitable for humans in a very short time . We are not going to be saved by anything.We are the only ones that can preserve life on this planet . We preserve life by pre-serving it ,serve life first .Serve the big self first which serves the little self which is all of us .Its all connected .

We Are All One


paul –

Since our body temperature is 98.6 it would be impossible to survive unless you were
underground somewhere –

You would be blinded – your eyes would dry up. You wouldn’t be able to touch anything.

Imagine life without water.


Is it 2.7F or is it 34.7F – I’ve seen both answers to 1.5 C


Hi Barbera;

I’m as mad about most of the things you mentioned as you are. I’m disturbed by the division of humanity caused by most religions and the deadly consequences thereof in the past, present and likely to the end in the future. Worse still is how many Christian religious sects and their preachers have corrupted the instructions of their Founder. As far as I can tell however, the Gospels of Jesus as written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John on only about 250 pages in the bible are still sound and worthy of adherence to by seekers of a way through this difficult earthly life. I’m far from what would be considered a saint in my inherited religion of Catholicism in the way of compliance to accepted Catholic principles but this seems not to matter to Parent Spirit at all. My Angel remains with me. I believe Angels are with us all, for this reason I think we shouldn’t worry too much about our temporary home here on Earth but maybe a little more about how we treat one another while we’re here. kind regards, ~garry


If there is a devil then you are it. You Christians set about murdering billions of humans then tell us that we’re not to worry because god will save us. Out of the seven billion soon to be victims of your faith,how many were children, one billion, maybe two billion? What do your pages say about what happens to people who destroy the lives of children? It has never been clearer to me that Christians are the most evil force ever to destroy the innocent in world history. And if God is going to take care of everything, then there is absolutely no need to involve yourself in politics ever again, so get the hell out! For the sake of all that is just and decent and civilized and moral, get out!


Someone commented that when men claim sexual assault by priests 35 years ago, nobody contests their credibility, and sometimes priests are defrocked with no evidence at all from those who are claiming the abuse. It is only women’s reports that are not believed. Toxic privileged white male sexism and contempt for women is being uncovered – it’s bragged about among “elite white men”. To rid America of this cancer, women have a hard row to hoe, and I hope we’re up for it. It will necessarily not be pretty.


“Capitalism” per se isn’t the problem. Consumerism is. To be more specific, competitive, fanatical Consumptionism is the problem.
The opposite of capitalism isn’t communism or socialism: the opposite force to capitalism-consumerism is sales taxes.
The current systems that use income taxes (penalizing people for productive work and rewarding them for wasteful consumption) are based on a world with few people per square mile and a belief in unlimited resources.
The real threat to the future is those who have Blind Faith in “progressive” systems which supposedly support the poor by taxing the rapacious rich.
The key is to keep people from wastefully spending money (supporting the exploitative systems of the rich) by putting the full cost of goods and services at the primary decision point: the checkout line.
Surprisingly, the most support for such a system is on the Right, where the rich believe that they can get out of income taxes by switching to a national sales tax.
The Left needs only to call the bluff and negotiate the rate and prebate until we have clean waters and air and minimum human value income, as well as a finite limit on government size (no more deficit spending needed if the federal revenue is tied directly to GDP).
The more stressed people get about the climate effects, the more they will be seeking relief through purchases and the more the rich will exploit their fears until a total fatalistic society allows the horrors that we used to think were impossible in enlightened democratic societies.
Everyone needs to know the full and actual costs of having civilization each time they pick some bauble or “labor-saving” device off the shelf.


Please go to www.fairtax.org and read about the prebate and the tax to replace the current rates of income taxes.
After that, think about the effects if we were to double the sales tax rate they propose and increase the prebate to a national minimum income.

The rich get richer and we go to war because we buy their stuff. We need big government not because we work (income tax) but because we buy stuff that we want protected and we go to war to fulfill the demands of consumers.
Ergo, a sales tax-based system makes logical sense and it puts the actual cost of environmental damages right at the decision point in a consumer-based society.
People are a LOT less intentional than we are told. Everything in our system of consumption is designed to relieve people of the burden of thought about the real costs of their living in luxury.
Yet, we are all (Left and Right) blaming people for not being collectively thoughtful enough to change the world for the better. After WWII, Consumerism was invented to keep the factories going full blast because all of the farm kids were now living in cities where they needed so-called “jobs” to have money to buy food. Nobody wanted to go ‘backward’ to simpler lives and the inconveniences of being engaged in producing their own food and caring for some postage-stamp sized farm.
So now, the Academics who made excuses for the expansion of the Empire are crying foul against the very capitalist-directed consumerism they so enthusiastically helped create, and VERY few are giving up their tenure, cars and willing graduate slaves to work themselves to death on a farm. (More of them are than there are former farm kids doing it, but you get the idea.)


Yes, all of our shadows are the same color. It will take a world view to see across the street. One can only hope. I for one am weary of hoping.


I remember that stand against the machine, I don’t think anyone got it to work or we’d being doing it now.


I think the people preventing this - Koch brothers 78 yrs old and 84 years old, and I suspect societnearly all of the power elite are so old they don’t care, probably want the world to end when they die. That’s why the destruction of the world statues at the big famous churches and the UN and Vatican. It is the power elite’s plan to destroy earth. They’re doing it on a Christian platform. If you guys haven’t seen the statues then you should look into them. The last one I saw was a month ago at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. That has a mini distruction of the world display - painted white and on a giant white cross.


I might be wrong when I wrote my post. That C and F stuff confuses me. When I plug 1.5C into my computer wigit, 34.7 comes up as the degrees it would be Fahrenheit.