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UN Report: 'Rapid, Far-Reaching, and Unprecedented' Global Action Needed to 'Prevent Climate Catastrophe'


Make that 2030…: That’s a more accurate prediction!


garry –

ALL organized patriarchal religions disunite the people – and separate males from women as
allegedly supreme and the latter “inferior.”

Old Testament was written to cement patriarchy –

If you are supporting any of these male supremacist religions which all underpin Elites/Patriarchy
you are supporting “White male supremacy” and a war on women.

I’d also suggest to you that any “Founder/god” you’re speaking of who decided to put his words
and instructions into the mouths of males on this planet was a rather naïve “god” who should
have understood that “not all men are honest men.”

The Bible is a book of violence, with many edits and convoluted writings which reverse what
some of the original text still in the Bible actually say.

If you’re a Catholic you should know that the Catholic Church never recommended the Bible to
its members because it was so convoluted and should only be left to church “scholars” to interpret.
This is a more recent happening for Catholics to be reading the Bible. These writings were done
hundreds of years AFTER the alleged death of the alleged “Jesus.”

“Believe” is a strange word which we use commonly and casually.
But “Belief is the end not the beginning of all wisdom.”
Nature makes clear that we all share a universal spirit which we share in common and it speaks
to us from within, not from outside of us in the voices of middle-men to “god.”

The Old World Religions were all based in Nature - No gods above, No gods below.
These religions came thousands and thousands of years before organized patriarchal religions.

Heaven and Hell are the inventions of male-supremacist religions, just as their “Devil/Satan”
reflects the content and fears and paranoia of their own minds and hearts.

Feminism has always challenged this idea of “not worrying too much about our temporary home
here on Earth” – which I trust when you re-read this you may recognize as not being at all sound.

Shall we turn one planet after another into a garbage heap and then more on to another?

As far as “temporary” status on Earth, I think you’re also ignoring the possibility that Eternal Life
is about repeated reincarnations.

The Old World religions considered the possibility of reincarnation as likely and embraced the theory.

One of the saddest things about “Christianity” is how readily it supplies a license to kill for their “god.”
And we of course saw that in the bombings and murders at women’s clinics by “Christians.”
Whether they label them “non-believers” or “heretics” - or whether they label native people as “pagans,
only fit to be fed to the dogs.” Same for Africans. Yet, when we look at it honestly we see that it’s
also a very reliable formula for theft and stolen lands and the enrichment of the Catholic Church.

“Christianity” underpins Elite-Patriarchy made very clear in Spain –
(if you want more info on that let me know.)

If you support “Christianity” and its male-supremacist concepts and “Manifest Destiny” and “Man’s
Dominion Over Nature” you are supporting not only Elite-Patriarchy but its license to Elites for the exploitation of Nature, Animal Life, Natural Resources – and even other human beings according to
various myths of “inferiority” … as “god” ordained.

Same is true for the effort of the Church to deny the right to free thought, free conscience and free
will to its members in their control of their minds and bodies in banning contraceptives and abortion.
This is the “god” of overpopulation who benefits and profits Elites/corporations with cheap labor.

And this is also the church of sexual abuse of children across the planet – which you seem to handily ignore – and which Italians tell us has been going on since day #1 of the Vatican.


If it is 1.5 degrees C in London (they use Celsius), that would convert to 34.7 degrees F (Fahrenheit). So in London 1.5C is actually the same temp as 34.7F. IOWs, if you’re visiting London from the US and see the temperature is 1.5C, it’s not freezing. It would be the same temp we know as 34.7F in the US.

The posters conversion was correct as it relates to the temperature.

The UN is proposing (or it has been agreed to) making efforts to limit/cap the increase in average temperatures by 1.5 degrees C (equivalent to 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) to combat global warming. Meaning they’re trying to keep the average temperature from rising more than 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit (or 1.5 degrees C).

The previous goal was a 2 degree C cap, an increase of 3.6 degrees F.


By we, I was referring to humankind. (not blaming the grandparents)


Lynn –

Thank you for the effort – it is confusing –

When some US weather men were still bold enough to say anything true about
our weather and Global Warming – a few here and there would occasionally
mention that our temperatures were already 25 degrees above normal –

What was normal – I’ll point to the days BEFORE US dropped ATOMIC WEAPONS
on Japan – but I think that only accelerated what the Industrial Revolution had begun
in the 1880’s when our scientists began to realize the harm it was doing to trees.

We here in NJ had an extraordinary winter last year – reaching levels not experienced
here before except as great oddities. And same for this unbearable summer, we had.
No predictions for this winter as yet. But it remains true that there is no way to say how
all of the effects of Global Warming will compound.


You are correct in your conversion of temperature.

To convert from celcius to fahrenheit, you multiply by 9/5 (the ratio to account for the difference in slope) and then add 32 to account for the difference in zeros.

Now to get the 1.5C increase in F, don’t add the 32. (To simplify 9/5 is 1.8)

Example using both 1.5C or the 2C increases in question.

1.5Cx1.8=2.7F and 2C increase in F is 2Cx1.8=3.6F

Note the 34.7 you used, subtract 32 = 2.7F


Ah…thank you so much!


Thanks for your thoughtful reply Barbera.

I haven’t handily ignored but failed to mention all the skeletons in the closets of Catholic clergy. I agree. And it totally pisses me off about their condemnation to this day of masturbation, calling it an, “Abomination.” Since few youth can resist the feeling I wonder how many have abandoned adherence to anything Cristianity teaches, such as peace and unconditional love of a neighbor in need of help? Nowhere in the Gospels Does Jesus condemn masturbation but he has lots to say about “hypocrits.” I’ve told a few of the parisheners at the Catholic Church I attend that I’m probably a better Christian than I am a Catholic, but I always pay for my seat, so they’re okay with that. best wishes, ~g


Love your post. It rings of Truth.

One day I prayed (meditated): Lord show me the feminine face of God. Through this prayer I was led to the study of the Goddess, thru many books, both fiction and non-fiction. I learned of our Great Mother, Gaia. I learned of the re-surgence in our world of the Divine Feminine. I investigated Wicca, and Native American culture (my mother in fact was 1/4 Cherokee).

The God I pray to is not a “person,” but a “Source.” If God is omniscient and omnipresent, that means that every single atom, cell, amoeba, etc.,IS God; has God within and without. Jesus became my “bridge” so to speak…or the “human” face of God…and then the Spirit, which is in all of us was awakened in me.

God is both male and female. The Divine is both male and female.

It is difficult to deduce whether the Bible was inspired or not. I think that all those who are seeking Truth through the Spirit, will be inspired. I find that when I read the Bible, it’s not ONLY the words I’m reading, but the Spirit within those words, that speaks to me. There are Great/Holy books in all parts of the world, which speak words of Truth.

The First Nation peoples had it right. They knew, intuitively, spiritually, and personally, that all of life is connected. We are all part of the web of life. We cannot exclude one part, i.e., Nature–in favor of machines or humans, and expect to be whole. Just as we cannot cut off our head or heart or arms or legs, and be a whole human. We are not pieces, we are one whole organism. Our planet is one whole organism. We, in fact, are a microcosm of our galaxy.

Control. This seems to be the prime motive of the “church.” But in my mind, I now find that when we are a baby, we need some control over us, but when we are grown, we learn to soar–free.

Elkhart Tolle, James Redfield and many others speak of a “New Earth.” An awakening, occurring now. All of life is energy. The human world needs to elevate it’s energy and thereby its consciousness, to a higher level. Through love, we can do this.


Agree – but Elites control information for their own personal benefit – that’s always been true.

Citizens/Humankind cannot react or change something that is held in secret.

We are controlled by systems, and Capitalism’s exploitations is one of those systems –
and it has long been supported by the Federal government even through wars.

(See: Brig. Gen. Smedley Darlington Butler, “War Is a Racket!”)


I feel sorry for those who have been brainwashed by religion. I ask, do you really believe that a caring gawd would allow the US leadership & their military to kill people around the world like they do. Tie for you to do a reality check. It is all about conscious energy that we are a part of.


Ethanol from corn? That is a complete farce. Corn is FOOD not fuel but it is not a proper food for bovines


your right, but only the man made part


I haven’t been brainwashed by religion, Ron. There’s lots of stuff in my inherited religion of catholicism as well as in the bible itself, particularly the Old Testament that I have trouble with. But the teachings of Jesus himself as contained in the mere 250 or so pages of the four Gospels are hard for me to argue with. Of course this entails accepting who Jesus was as the miracle generating son of God the Creator. Jesus’ instructions for us were never about war but rather about peace and loving our enemies. They were never about taking advantage of others, particularly the unfortunate but instead of helping them in their struggle through life in this world. Jesus also warns about judgement of others, (we are all evil Matthew 7:11) If Jesus were with us today He might say a few things about how we are treating this Earth our home which, in spite of it’s resilience is not impossible for us as a team of eight billion to overwhelm through careless pollution and waste. with peace ~g


Dear Father in Heaven, I pray earnestly that You might, for the sake of your dear children in Florida, diminish the force of that hurricane now in their midst. Amen.


garry – -

The labeling as an “abomination” by the Catholic Church also did a great deal of damage to Jews and Homosexuals for which the RCC should be held responsible one day.

Teaching children to fear normal human sexuality and masturbation as a “sin” was only part
of the inhumane practices of the RCC, but very damaging to Catholics in adulthood.

Sex education in schools where human sexuality is addressed as a norm – at appropriate times
for each individual – has, let’s hope, brought some relief to the minds of children who still
undergo Catholic Catechism classes.

The money seems to be the most important thing for the church.


paul –

Guidance is very different from control and domination over someone - and the Catholic
Church hasn’t only sought to control it’s own members, it has always sought to control all
of society and its citizens.

Clearly too many who opposed “Christianity’s” teachings in the hundreds of years before the
Bible was written were killed in Crusades and Inquisitions and Burnings at the Stake to suggest
that the Vatican and its White male supremacist teachings were the truth tellers.

In fact, when we do find clues to what the opposition was all about, it tends to support the
theory that the Vatican was an unjust and tyrannical power over nations.

It is difficult to deduce whether the Bible was inspired or not. I think that all those who are seeking Truth through the Spirit, will be inspired. I find that when I read the Bible, it’s not ONLY the words I’m reading, but the Spirit within those words, that speaks to me. There are Great/Holy books in all parts of the world, which speak words of Truth

It would seem naïve of any “god” to leave his words and instructions to males to write for him.

And often what is written is less important than what was eliminated by these same males.

Other than that, I agree with you –

Especially about the power of love –


garry –

Ask him why he sent it in the first place …


I’m afraid I’m not at liberty to question acts of God, Barbara. The hurricane continues to now unabated I’m afraid. I really don’t like to suffer and it sickens me to think what a monstrous storm like that must be bringing upon innocent people.
The possibility that climate change is real is becoming harder and harder to deny. Parts of the Ottawa area in Canada were ravaged by several tornadoes at once recently, an historically almost unheard of event.
senator Bernie Sanders has offered a course of action for this and many other problems facing America that make sense. Why he is not in that top chair is beyond me.


I agree about the Catholic church. No way were they EVER the truth tellers. They were the murderers of the truth. Say, have you ever read Marion Zimmer-Bradley’s, “The Mists of Avalon?” I read that after I read, Riane Eisler’s, “The Chalice and the Blade.” Changed my whole world.

As for “god” leaving words with white males…I believe the goddess left much more wisdom prior to Christianity covering over everything She stood for. The white Warrior God came to power (Mars rule for a time). But the pendulum swing back…

As for what was eliminated from the teachings of truth…Constantine and his merry men did a good job of that, didn’t they?!