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UN Report Says US is a “Shithole Country”


UN Report Says US is a “Shithole Country”

John M. Repp

Philip Alston is the UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights. He traveled to the United States last December to some of our most destitute communities such as Skid Row in LA, poor African American areas in the Alabama, impoverished coal communities in West Virginia and to Puerto Rico. He issued his report on June 1, 2018. It should be front page news.


UN Report Says US is a “Shithole Country” — John M. Repp

I’m not sure about the country as a whole, but we sure as hell have a “shithole” government!


Fascism is commonly defined as Big Business control over government. Republican party leaders are ideological fascists, whereas Democratic party leaders ideologically include Big Business as their most important constituent. The difference between party ideology is significant. If elected democrats only fought to defend their beliefs.


It’s a complete sentence


America is stuck in a vicious wormhole of its own making--------we are returning to Charles Dickens’ England------------lack of food, housing, sanity, but lots of debtor prisons------ A land where hungry children sigh over a bowl of each day’s thin porridge saying, " Please sir, may I have more?"


Scamming the system describes Dump and his greedy kiss ass gang of thieves. A mafia linked blowhard shithole president if there ever was one. Yet another zionist stooge selling out the American people for NWO plans.


Yawn, we continue to see these “reports” daily and the media is still obsessed with Trumpollini’s tweeting. We are fucked, no turning back now.


Media is mass propaganda on so many issues. We have welfare in this country – corporate welfare.


Absolute bullshit. Why are so many people risking life and limb to come here if it is such a horrible place?


Go back to sleep.


DerekMaddox, people come here because they have heard all of their lives about what a wonderful place the US is (was). That’s all bullshit, of course, but how are they to know? I was once in a foreign country being told that I was “full of crap” when I informed a young man that the USA also had poverty like that in his country. He KNEW I had to be wrong! How did he know? He had never been here, but he had “watched many American movies, and there was no sign of the poverty” of which I spoke. All of his life he had dreamed of coming here to walk down the “streets of gold”. My telling him that all of the finery he saw gets sent back to the rental agency the moment the Director calls “Cut!” fell upon deaf ears, much like when I was a young boy and an older neighbor tried to tell me how babies are made.

Those people come here out of DESPERATION, only to find that “The Donald Class” long ago sold the Statue of Liberty for scrap and stole it’s plaque with the pretty words. Ask the Chinamen who died in droves building our Transcontiental Railroad if that reality was their dream. Ask the Eastern Europeans who were forced into working for the rest of their lives in mines if that was their dream. Deception is in the DNA of the USA! Thankfully, the new UN report warns those sleepwalking foreign innocents that the bridge to freedom and dignity has fallen into the River Of Lies.


OK, how do we spread the word? Let’s figure out how to convince these folks that they’re better off living in the sewers of Mexico City or Calcutta or in the rubble of Aleppo than throwing themselves into the American cesspool?


The corporate media could give a shit about the UN Report or the Poor People’s Campaign. It would rather spend its resources on trying to interpret the latest Trump photo or gaffe. Covering something like poverty takes up too much ad space. It’s called the “corporate” media for a reason.


Why of course they should come here and live on the street in Camden or Detroit! (For at least 5 minutes before they get shot… either by fellow citizens or the cops…) Or wow, maybe even in the slums of LA where all those wonderful movies are made! Or in the glorious slums of New York!

This is absolutely the “Land of Opportunity” for the folks in the sewers of Mexico City or Calcutta! They can come here and live the exact same lifestyle–lives of poverty and want along with the all of the poor Americans that are in the same boat! And at least here there’s always the added perk of racism!


Tea party republicans, and Evangelical right wing voters combine to stoke fear/racism/bigotry/xenophobia and fear of LGBTQ conspiracy to destroy family life. This is counter with political theater of a liberal social policy, pro-choice, gender equality passion. The groups shout past each other, using ridicule/buzz words/social media and often distorted repetitions of the party lines. Meanwhile the 1% funds both groups, and controls them, they control the media (and profit from it) and progressive voices are silenced. Time for change - There are progressive leaders in local communities, they energize the voters, they are resisted by the political machines and ridiculed or ignored by the media. Talk to your neighbors. Be careful with “likes” on social media, post simple/true/inspiring resources and become part of America’s wake up and return to dignity/compassion/and moral leadership.


My mother came to this country mainly so that her children could have a better education. She also married an American. She believed in this country and all its advantages. She worked hard, saved her money, invested well, was frugal, and left her children the fruits of her hard work. She disdained my impatience with capitalism because she made it work so well for herself. She was equally impatient with my compassion and empathy. When she was divorced and low on money she made sure her two girls got milk and she would drink from friends’ milk jugs in secret. But she wouldn’t go on welfare. Corporations take handouts all the time. They receive the largest welfare payments and often demand more from communities as a trade off for locating near by. Isn’t that extortion, kind of? But conservatives begrudge poor people a few dollars for food, help with health care and housing, and help with anything the govt can cut out of the budget that benefits poor children and families. You can compare the two total amounts because the discrepancy is so large. Is a government of “we don’t care” and for those who do, they are so out numbered so as to barely be heard above the reality show theatrics.


You CAN’T compare the two totals…excuse me