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UN Report Warns 'Locked In' Arctic Temperature Spikes Will Unleash Global Sea Level Rise


UN Report Warns 'Locked In' Arctic Temperature Spikes Will Unleash Global Sea Level Rise

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A new United Nations report warns that winter temperatures in the Arctic are still "locked in" to rise 3-5°C by 2050 and 5-9°C by 2080—with devastating consequences for the region and global sea levels—even if the international community cuts planet-warming emissions in line with the goals of the Paris climate agreement.


Green New Deal won’t cut it. Capitalism must end.


I fear that climate deniers will use this as an excuse. Instead of hurrying efforts of mitigating ecological collapse they would hurry up efforts to rob the treasuries of nations that harbor such ignorant fools.



Predatory capitalism drags its knuckles through its delusional linear “goals”. The linear religion has been challenged since its inception. Unfortunately the weaklings who believe they must amass power in order to be alive,are “in power”. Because of this, as strange as it sounds, they are in a constant state of terror of losing that power, hence rationalizing they must terrorize others to claw away what it is they believe they need. It is delusional, a self-fulfilling prophesy, cannot be sated, is a mirror world of such fragility that the greater portion of their “treasure” must be spent on being able to kill and destroy what they “fear” - which is delusional in the first place, will never work, hence permanent war… And… taadaa! The consequence of constantly dragging their knuckles through their own shit is they are incapable of thinking, observing and recognizing the patterns they have triggered. Non-linear, with exponential feed-back loops operating in cross-domain resonance and - unlike the piddling power brokers - knows no fear, couldn’t give a rat’s a$$ what Mitch McConnel or Nancy Pelosi think or do. They could not be more irrelevant in the big picture.

Will they be able to lift their knuckles from out of the swamp and admit their shortcomings beyond the powers of Foggy Bottom? Stay tuned, but don’t hold your breath.


The Antarctic (as opposed to the Arctic in the North) is melting shockingly fast. The slide of huge glaciers toward the ocean there is guaranteed to accelerate.

Do you have young kids? If you answered yes, I pity you.


Everyday we are given a new warning about climate. Everyday the threats mount, it is terrifying. I have listened to the experts and frankly no one has any idea how to get everyone on the same page to make the necessary changes.

We need to find the cause of the problem. The cause is the state of the mind of those who organize, promote and manage the industries causing the climate problems. Those behind these terrors are without emotion. They are capable of polluting, ruining and destroying the biosphere and the lives of all the innocent people, to make more money and gain more power. This same level of the lack of emotion is found in the political representatives that make our climate legislation (without emotional consideration for human life and emotion.

Humans in business make "difficult" decisions all the time. In "BIG" corporations to decide without any emotional consideration for its victims, is doing them injury, either directly, indirectly or collaterally.

When you see how serial killer psychopaths behave there are similarities to CEO behavior in corporations. Neither has empathy, compassion, conscience, remorse or guilt. They have no emotions. Now I understand serial killers are terrifying especially when you are under its control. Serial killers seduce, they torture and they kill. Usually they kill a few people. CEOs of corporations hiding their psychopathy from view; maybe cause multi- millions to die. But that’s ok because they are not hurting people right?

Both kinds of psychopath wear a "mask of sanity" that no one can detect. They lie, cheat, steal and kill and yet we accept them like the guy next door. We accept them as human. So what is a human being? The human being is the antithesis of the psychopath. The psychopath thinks his will must be full filled at your expense, no matter what. The psychopath is against unity, against sharing and against the common good. The psychopath is antisocial and more to the point it is against humans and humanity en masse for profit.

In terms of climate the world needs to stop deteriorating and we all need to act or we will all be extinct. The psychopaths control the media - fabricate the lies and change the goal posts of climate throwing the people into stupid while the execute plans to expand growth till everyone is dead.

We need a new way - first realize climates problems are the product of psychopaths and psychopathic intent. They are hiding from you; you can only know them by their fruits. Their brains are different from humans behind their wall to wall lies they plot to own, control and have all wealth -So a few million will die so what the returns are great!

Like violent psychopaths they may go into semi retirement between kills. Bundy, BTK, Dahmer, all killed for a bit, then stepped back (beyond all suspicion) and killed a bit later. CEOs are accept them as beyond reproach, applauded for their work but they re killing us all

If we were to define exactly what regular human IS and how a human being acts toward fellow human beings, we would find empathy, compassion, conscience love and care were the essentials of humanity. We could then define a psychopath CEO and decide it was a different species from us not human and not entitled to rule over us. The climate and Humanity belongs to humans. If we are to survive, we are going to have to be prosocial in an empathetic society. They destructive psychopaths must be removed –you cant reason with them, or change their minds. Remove them or realize they will destroy us all very soon.


And get this, friends and neighbors: down here in Florida, around Live Oak, there is this local newspaper called “The American Patriot News”. In their February 18th edition, there’s an article titled, “U.N. IPCC Scientist Blows Whistle on Lies About Climate, Sea Level”. In this article, a scientist by the name of Dr. Nils Axel-Morner, who is quoted at length in the full-page article saying that sea levels are actually dropping, and that most of our heating issues are do to the sun putting out more heat! So, there you have it!! This guy has it all figured out. And this newspaper, which I try to read through-emphasis on “try”-is so right-wing they make William F. Buckley look like Mr. Rodgers. That is the kind of science denial that is alive and well, sad to say, in the minds of so many people around here. No wonder I want to weep so often. But we must keep fighting ignorance with as much patient resolve as possible. It’s just such a lonely battle sometimes, isn’t it?..


I have a 2 year old granddaughter. And I do pity her, and everyone else who’s two.


Hi mallakhan: I think that the end of the world scenarios is starting to seep into human minds-- I just hope that it seeps in faster. The plethora of fires in CA and Fire-nados, and lack of responsibility from gas and electric companies is a horror. Then we have the big freeze happening with snow and snow and more snow, so that along wiht the winds---- national weather told people DO NOT GO OUT. Wow big change is coming and very quickly too. Along with weather changes—more diseases too----malaria in more places------------dolphins dying in the oceans; solo hunter polar bears become roving bands of bears- and rob dumpsters------and dying bees—oh I see thousands of hand pollinator jobs------and harder life —BUT Wall St and the banks won’t matter----and learning to work for the common good could revive-----still too soon to tell------but in spite of all the stuff that people have, the one thing that money can’t buy is—community. I’m counting on that for a successful future world. : )


Hi Giovanna-Lepore: I think Truth Out was way to harsh on Tulsi. She is from Hawaii and g=has seen all the damage done here from human actions. I think sometimes not supporting exactly the Green New deal is an all or nihig look. Poee are influenced by climate change most often when it immediate effects them. kilauea had a big effect on everyone in Hawaii–they have different issues–but I see Tulsi as a Green supporter—she has more experience in military—but you know, it’s been so long since any president had any war experience—that I’d like to see a Bernie /ulsi campaign. One handling FOR the People in benefit equality and jobs–, and then Tulsi handling the PEACE nor war work for the People. : (


Certain Inuit seaside villages in Nunavut, are already experiencing sea level rise encroachment.


I see scientific anxiety, urgency, and what sound like vague predictions. But no fear. People are attuned to fear, especially under the current plutocracy. Americans will do nothing for four million Russians in the Arctic. Why would we? We don’t know them personally. It’s the headline that “Warns” wealthy people to stay a healthy distance from coastlines, unless they’re building underwater resorts, but isn’t going to get MSM in America or voters to support a green new deal, which we need now anyway. Pollution has never done the earth or its inhabitants any favors, and we did, for a while find the money and the will to clean up a bit so the rivers could be used for kayaking and would not catch fire or give you cancer from toxic runoff. But hear we are again. The headline must read: UN Report States “Fix Climate Change Now” Or We’re All Gonna Die! The rich will always do fine. No boohoos for them. The Koch’s will buy up solar panel companies, just in case, if only to finalize their evil plot to withhold them so that the 30% of undeserving poors die of starvation, drowning, asphyxiation, etc., bwahahahahahahahaha!


Good article, but as an Alaskan resident, I can tell you it is even worse than what this article points out, because I have seen it with my own eyes.


FELLOW HUMANS, WE MUST WARM THE PLANET, THE SUN HAS ONLY 5 BILLION YEARS REMAINING! Capture the warmth in the sea, underground, in massive storage structures while we can! Move civilization (Yes, even Democrats) below the surface to encapsulate warmth and the atmosphere. Hurry!