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UN Reveals 'Credible and Reliable' Evidence of US Military Torture in Afghanistan


UN Reveals 'Credible and Reliable' Evidence of US Military Torture in Afghanistan

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The United Nations revealed Wednesday it has "credible and reliable" evidence that people recently detained at U.S. military prisons in Afghanistan have faced torture and abuse.

The UN's Assistance Mission and High Commissioner for Human Rights exposed the findings in a report based on interviews with 790 "conflict-related detainees" between February 2013 and December 2014.


Brings yet another meaning for the terms “American exceptionalism.” The military has known/ordered/covered up torture not only in Afghanistan and Iraq but also in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Panama over scores of years. Every now and then, the military offers up a sacrificial lamb or two to prosecute for alleged torture to throw reporters and inquiring others off the scent. That occurs when the malfeasance is too big to control and keep out of the public eye. Objectification of the “enemy” is an established norm throughout training in all branches of the military particularly in the enlisted ranks so torture and unwarranted kills are the norm. A very sad result is that the ones passing down the orders go unpunished while the ones made to comply with those orders are marked for life.


This is becoming rather a long-term embarrassing besmirchment of the average Earth citizen living in the US.


No sooner had the Air Force turned out the lights at Bagram when Slick Oily put up the new CIA International House of Torture, Pancakes and Whoopie Emporium sign! The bastard switched hands without even missing a stroke!


So, now that there is good evidence there was torture when do the perpetrators get taken to court? When does someone get held accountable?


Last night on Democracy Now they interviewed people held in Chicago at a Black sight where prisoners were handcuffed for 20 hours to benches and not charged or allowed to contact a lawyer. Chicago police under Mayor Rahm Emanuel. This is torture in America. One woman had demonstrated against NATO several days previous to her incarceration.


Not only is the U.S. responsible for the hate and terrorist in the
world toward U.S. , but the U.S. government has used U.S. citizens
as guinea pig for the experimentation by the military , but also corporations
so they can create more profit cheaper…

The 13 Most Evil US Government Human Experiments

Learn how the chemicals used on genetically modified crops are creating …


Interesting how so many posts here state in absolute language info that is largely biased, ambiguous, and unconfirmed. Everyone will do their utmost to dig up supposed facts or “old” news to justify their worldview, which in this case is to hate the U.S. You would think that the U.S., based on your posts, is one big concentration camp or something. The U.S., yes, like every other country, has made mistakes…humans run it, and humans defend it. At least the historical issues, that can be “proven beyond a reasonable doubt” if in a court of law, are nowhere near the atrocities of other countries (likely your own), and if not for the U.S. presence in the world as it is today, it is likely the rest of the world would have already blown each other up. So, go on and hate on the U.S. And while you do, just remember that in the U.S., and because of the U.S., “common dreams” are possible.