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UN Rights Chief Blasts Trump as 'Dangerous' for Global Community


UN Rights Chief Blasts Trump as 'Dangerous' for Global Community

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In what one newspaper described as an "extraordinary intervention," United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein has said a Donald Trump presidency would be "dangerous" for the international community.


Good statement.
But so far, Trump is just a big mouth - no action (thankfully).
But Hillary had a record of supporting human rights abuses including torture and assassinations. Why is Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein not criticizing her as well?

There is only one presidential candidate who supports human rights and is against torture and that is Jill Stein.


What a fucking idiotic statement! Trump is not in a position to do any action yet!


So now even the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is just a "shill for Killary."


As long as they keep increasing Clinton trollmaster David Brock's budget, more shills and trolls will emerge.


Also, can you provide this record for supporting torture and assassinations? Are you confusing her with Condi Rice or GW Bush?


Both UN Ambassador Samantha Powers (Hillary's BFF) and John Kerry said last week that Russia and Syria should be investigated for war crimes.
Yesterday Syrian rebels (supported by the US) shelled a government held area in southern Syria hitting a school killing 6 children.
South of Damascus in Daraa (where Hillary and the CIA started this civil war) US supported rebels fired US made rockets into a government controlled area hitting a primary school killing 5 children.
There are crimes being committed by all sides in this civil war.
So let's first investigate the role that Hillary played as Secretary of State in this bloody civil war.


For starters, she supports the continued torture and imprisonment of Chelsea Manning.
She and Obama have done little to close the Guantanamo concentration camp where torture, including painful force feedings, are commonplace.
She and Obama were there proudly watching via a video link as the supposed Osama bin Laden was assassinated by a disfiguring shot to the face (and then his body was dumped in the ocean ensuring that no further identification could be made).
And of the US orchestrated assassination of a rival world leader, she joked "We came, we saw, he died" and then gave a laugh that would make Dr. Evil proud.


At the moment I would be more concerned about the people in the movement that Trump is leading than Trump himself. This movement is trying to take over the Republican Party. It appears to be a white nationalist movement. Their biggest issue seems to be immigration. From what we have seen so far it in authoritarian movement. When they say law and order that seems to mean different than what most of us think. Rather than through democratic processes to them law and order appears to be something achieved through dictatorial powers. And since there people are largely conspiracy theorists they are pretty much immune from being convinced that they are on the wrong path with regard to the values of the United States as stated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.


More dangerous than the nuclear war she is courting?


Shills who would turn an international criticism of Trump into an attack on Clinton? Those shills?


Cause nothing happens in this world without Hillary's OK.


They can not help themselves. Leaping to Trumps defense has become an irresistible reflex.


Face it. The entire American political class are a threat to human rights and world peace.

The Dems are on the warpath with Russia. The DNC's only response to their hacked emails has been to vilify Russia and ratchet up the tension.

At the UN Security Council the US and lickspittle France proposed a "no-fly zone" in Syria, which would have authorized the Western Allies (who have invaded a sovereign nation with no valid authorization) to shoot down any planes in that zone, knowing full well only Syrian and Russian planes would be targets, when only Russia and Syria are actually flying planes legally in Syrian airspace. Not surprisingly Russia vetoed this plan.

The next day a proposal was brought forward in the Russian legislature to commit the Russian air force to indefinite deployment in Syria, and today that proposal was approved.

Russia has long had a naval port in Tartus, Syria. Two days ago Russia and Syria agreed the Russians will build a permanent air base there.

Given the US' deployment of nuclear warheads in several locations in Europe and the ratcheting up of tensions by the US, Russia has deployed nuclear capable missiles in Kaliningrad and is in discussions with Cuba and Venezuela about doing the same there.

Trump proposed working together with Russia. Hillary's done nothing but ratchet up the tensions.

Which one of them is the more dangerous?


No doubt about it! One has to ask why he did not finish by endorsing Dr. Jill Stein as someone that is not dangerous for the global community. And why if Mr. al- Hussein is not a shill for HRC, did he not mention Obama as the most dangerous person in the world to the global community? After all, BO is murdering untold numbers of innocent people in the global community right now, and Trump is not even in office!


You mean a venue that doesn't support Trump? CD itself, and the great majority of its readers are not on board with the trump defenders who show up in the comments. I'll wait. Maybe it is you who will be moving on.


Watch Christiane Amanpour burst into laughter at Lavrov's answer to her question about "pussies".

Russian Foreign Minister Trolls US Elections: "So Many Pussies On Both Sides"


Um.... I seem to recall that the latest batch of Wikileaks showed that it's actually been the Hillary trolls who've supported Trump, and quite intentionally at that!


The problem with astroturfing is that if you keep it up for long enough, sooner or later it gets absorbed by the masses as if it were conventional wisdom. The problem with the UN rights chief's message isn't that racism and ignorance isn't dangerous for the international community, it's that it still remains dangerous when it comes in a masqueraded form. You risk aggravating that racism and ignorance when you're only calling out some of the people for it, because they aren't all stupid and they'd realize what's going on.

I totally agree that the High Commissioner would be promoting a far more responsible view by recommending against lesser evil votes, and promoting picks like Stein instead.


And soon to follow Hillary nominated for the peace prize.