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UN’s Ban Ki-moon Caves In, Takes Israel Off List of Serious Child Abusers


UN’s Ban Ki-moon Caves In, Takes Israel Off List of Serious Child Abusers

Ali Abunimah

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has caved in to pressure from Israel and the United States and taken the Israeli military off an official list of serious violators of children’s rights, in this year’s report on children in armed conflict.


As ISIS sells child brides, this is what we worry about? Remember, ISIS believes that marrying a nine-year-old girl is not only acceptable, it’s religiously correct.


I would say murdering children, bombing schools, etc. is something to worry about. Particularly when it’s done with the unwavering support (economic, military, and diplomatic) of the government to which I pay my taxes. So quit worrying about ISIS and child brides and maybe worry about the crimes of those whom you support.


That’s right. The millions of bombed-out homeless refugees with one leg and one eye who die later don’t count.

Only 547 Syrian Children made Moon-Man’s fishy list.

The UN is a travesty of Justice. The NSA was caught spying on UN members hotel rooms and meetings ahead of an environmental vote. So they probably have some kind of dirt on Moon-Man that they shared with IsNOTreal and are blackmailing him…

Sad, sad world we live in.

So sad.


The wanton slaughter of civilians, including over 500 children, is a crime. It’s a war crime and a violation of the duties of an occupying power (“collective punishment”).

Israel may hold elections but it isn’t a ‘liberal’ state and non-Israelis, like those in the world’s largest open air prison, don’t get to vote in them. After all, there’s still some Palestinian land that Israel hasn’t stolen - yet.


Oh, I do worry about Palestinian deaths, especially those of children. The Palestinians purposefully sacrifice their children in the war against the Jews. It’s terribly sad how they hate the Jews more than they love their own children. The number of militants caching weaponry alongside their children, running military operations in homes with children, is just appalling. The use of human shields is illegal under international law. Hamas and their ilk should be brought to justice at the ICC.


I see you are unable to come up with your own vile propaganda and are thus forced to vomit up the propognada you’ve heard - like the line about Palestinians not loving their kids.

You then spit up the bit about human shields.

Yes, using human shields is vile. That’s what makes the IDF asking the Israeli Supreme Court to reconsider their ruling that the IDF had to stop using Palestinians as human shields so troubling.

Now Israel likes to assert that Hamas uses human shields, but the only ones proven to have ACTUALLY had a policy of using human shields is Israel:

"Sunday’s highly publicized military court conviction of two Givati soldiers for using a Palestinian boy as a human shield should serve as an opportunity to contest the Supreme Court’s sweeping prohibition of such behavior, formally known in the IDF as “neighbor procedure,” Prof. Asa Kasher, author of the IDF’s code of ethics, said Tuesday.

“What those two soldiers did was wrong,” said Kasher in a telephone interview, endorsing the military court ruling. “But there are situations in which the use of the enemy’s civilian population to defuse a potentially explosive situation is not only ethically permissible, it also saves lives.”" 2010

“IDF to ask High Court to review ban on ‘human shield’ practice
Defense Minister Mofaz says will present High Court justices with arguments in favor of practice in West Bank.” 2005

Got that you propaganda spouting low-life? Israel’s Court had to order the IDF to stop using human shields AND THE IDF WANTS TO KEEP DOING IT.


Your intentional misinterpretation is as transparent as your assertions about Israel.

If you followed their recent elections at all you’d know that it isn’t a ‘liberal’ country. Their conservative war mongers are on a roll.


So basically you have shown that Israel has rule of law and punishes the use of human shields. So kind of you. That doesn’t change the rampant and unpunished use of human shields by Hamas. Hell, Hamas puts their wartime headquarters in a hospital. You have nothing to say to that?

I can always count on you to go for a personal attack. Name calling. Classy.


What I proved is the world’s “most moral army” are the type of scum who had a policy of using innocent Palestinians as human shields and they want to continue doing it.

You were quick enough to condemn Hamas because Israel alleged they used human shields - will you also condemn the IDF for actually doing it?


I condemn every IDF soldier that uses a human shield. Of course I do. The IDF has a policy AGAINST human shields. In fact, Israel has convicted IDF soldiers of using human shields because they have rule of law, and that law specifically includes no human shileds. Hamas has a policy FOR human shields. Why no convictions? Because Hamas is the defacto government in Gaza and specifically wants human shields. Then they run to useful idiots and say, “See! The Jews killed my baby!” That’s how dark and evil Hamas is, and you are blind to it. You only see evil in Jews and Israel. I got it.


The IDF HAD A POLICY OF USING HUMAN SHIELDS. It took a court order from Israel’s highest court to stop it AND THE IDF APPEALED THE ORDER.

So the IDF had the restriction imposed on them, it’s not that they developed a policy against it.

You’re pretending they have ethics they lack.

They’re heartless scum with no respect for the lives of Palestinians - except the soldiers who have refused to serve and have told their experiences to Breaking the Silence.


Like most Zionists you appear to be unable to distinguish between civilians and combatants - unless they’re Israelis.

Your attempt to justify the slaughter of innocent Palestinians - over 1,400, including over 500 children, during the 49 days of Operation Protective Edge - is disgusting. You’ve no respect for the lives of innocents - unless they’re Israeli.