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UN Says the TPP Threatens Indigenous Rights


UN Says the TPP Threatens Indigenous Rights

Brent Patterson

The United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteur for Indigenous Rights Victoria Tauli-Corpuz says the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) threatens Indigenous land rights.


Hey Corporate Executive Organisms:

"When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten, and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money"


How I wish we could have a massive mobilization against these deals.


We need much more news on Indigenous Peoples. Corporations ARE NOT in post colonial mode, but rather infiltrating branches of government all over the world. In Brazil the Judiciary is doing things like suspending Writ of Mandamus rights to favor corporate invasions of indigenous lands on the basis of national economic interests. Legislatures - funded by corporate interests again, all over the world, flood human rights balances with countless bills that result in equally countless juggernauts that kill, destroy biodiversity. AND WHO SUFFERS FIRST when then the predatory capital interests amass this kind of power? The peoples struggling for their rights to live their lives not being subjected to the intense commodification of life precisely by that predatory capital juggernaut.

The UN Permanent Forum of Indigenous Issues is fast coming up in NY this spring. Survival International has mounted a petition to the UN to let them know that folks are paying attention. For those who would like to help it reach a million, here is a link:
Tell the UN to recognize that progress can kill


It is pretty obvious by now that these trade deals are designed to remove regulations and laws that corporations don't want in general and not just for the indigenous. To corporations all people are the indigenous. Look at the bigger picture, undoubtably the indigenous will suffer as the laws that protect them are pushed aside by trade deals' bullying tactics but the exact same thing is also happening in the industrial world too. The only difference is that we have the resources to fight back better than can the indigenous. Unfortunately our successes are not as frequent or sure as we would like them to be.

My point is that the cause of the indigenous is just and we have the same cause because these trade deals are anti community and anti people and they are also directed at everyone not only the indigenous. Whatever we allow to happen to the indigenous will happen to us. The indigenous don't have the publicity and the lawyers but they have treaties instead and this is their land. If they get shafted it will actually be easier for us to be treated the same way. Our representatives created these trade deals.

Trade deals are designed to remove restrictions and regulations for corporations even including environmental regulations that would directly affect the health of people. Indigenous rights were hard fought for and corporations were stymied but then behind closed doors and in secret conferences corporations and corrupt political elites figured out a way to do away with a nation's laws and give that regulatory power to private interests (corporations). Trade deals, negotiated in secret, literally decided that democracy and the will of the people (expressed in laws passed by elected legislatures) should be abandoned in favor of private interests.

The fight of the indigenous is our fight though many haven't realized that. Trade deals are simply the means of doing away with the regulations that protect us and protect them.

Trade deals see all people as indigenous and not in a good way either. Trade deals are only there to do away with our laws and even our treaties.

This conspiracy theory isn't a theory >>> Trade deals that were negotiated in secret are designed to go around and diminish democracy's power to regulate and pass laws. The rise of the Corporate One World Government >>> where corporations have democracy but you don't!

Next stop banning strikes as an impediment to free trade. Maybe unions entirely? A free internet? What benefit is that to a corporation. There are many who feel all regulations against corporate power should be done away with. That would include the various governments of the world presumably?

Our swiftly arriving 'interesting times' that includes corporate coups over national laws, catastrophic climate change, iron hand velvet glove fascism and no place to run to for nobody anymore.

Good luck kiddies. Bernie would give us all a chance before this get carved into stone.

We either take this one direct and clear chance to battle rising oligarchy and fascism ... Or everybody will look back on that one last time ...when we still were who we think we are and had the power to decide for ourselves like democracies should.


People do you see corporations using trade deals against other corporations? It seems most of the effort is being made to allow corporations to go around national environmental laws and other regulations. They promoted these trade deals as making trade more fair... What a joke!

Trade deals are the way that we - the people - will lose the power in our own democracy. Of, by and for? Not so much these days.


Sounds like all of Trudeau's talk about helping first nations, is total BS since he know's these "trade agrrements" that he champions will trump other actions.