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UN Special Rapporteur: US Drone Strike Killing Iranian Gen. Soleimani Was Unlawful

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/08/un-special-rapporteur-us-drone-strike-killing-iranian-gen-soleimani-was-unlawful


But what if that (Drone Strikes) became standard practice?

Why wouldn’t it? Its not like anyone is ever held accountable for it. Just ask Obama.


It’s hard to believe Soleimani was assassinated in January of 2020 – It seems like years ago: before SARS2, before George Floyd. Iran struggles with a terrible outbreak trajectory. They seemed to be getting a handle on it for awhile, then their outbreak resurged quite badly. When thousands of Iranians filled the streets to protest Soleimani’s murder, it probably delighted the microbe, and supercharged their outbreak.

Iran’s great crime is standing up to USA, demanding autonomy. Any country defying the US must be crushed, made an example of, no matter how long ago the imagined provocation. Can anyone even remember why US Americans are supposed to hate Cubans, Venezuelans, and Iranians?


Now to hold him ACCOUNTABLE for the crime. That is the tough part – though it might be possible after we vote him out of office in November.


I just read the original interview at tpi.it.
Another interesting argument she makes is also that there were five other people murdered along with Soleimani, which names have not been released. So, the US argument that Soleimani had committed crimes, does not justify murdering five other civil people. She says both the state and the individual who made the decision are directly accountable for violating their right to live - even if they can justify Soleimani’s murder.


Contrary to what this article says, there’s nothing at all new here. It’s not criticism of the article, which is welcome, but of our country, which has gotten us so used to its extraordinary acts of cowardly violence, its calculating and/or unconscious willingness to do anything, say anything, sacrifice anything, to get its way, that it takes months for someone to say hey that was illegal. And it’s not as if anything is going to be done about it; unlike with most of the people we all know are or were at black sites, just knowing the name seems to be more than most of the decision-makers are willing to have happen. As mentioned, it’s not just Trump. Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan…Kennedy, and every other president and Congress has been part of it. It’s unlikely anything more will be done to Trump et al than any of the others. Unless we insist on it.

Nope, he’d just get pardoned. And at worst case if he did get tried and arrested, he would be Epstein’d.

I wonder if Obama did something similar to Trump—getting Rodger Stone a get out of jail card-------the media would be exploding----yet here is Trump commuting the sentence of a man who covered up and lied----all for Trump -----he was convicted of seven felonies??? Where is the outrage???

It’s no longer a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE-----It’s like a full blown MAFIA STATE-----there is no point in law and order if those at the top are criminals.