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UN Suggests Top Officials Sanctioned Israel's War Crimes Against Gaza


UN Suggests Top Officials Sanctioned Israel's War Crimes Against Gaza

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

A widely-anticipated United Nations inquiry into the 2014 attack on Gaza released Monday suggests that the Israeli government may have deliberately targeted Palestinian civilians during the assault, while the report concludes that both Israel and Hamas may be guilty of war crimes against humanity.


“The report notes that during a single attack on a residential building, 742 people lost their lives, while ‘at least 142 families lost three or more members.’”

No, the report says that 142 families lost three or more members in attacks on residential buildings, totalling 742 fatalities. There was no single attack that killed 742 people.


Okay, now concern yourself with the issue of criminality of the killing of those 742 people. Thanks for your conviction for justice in advance.


Gosh, Israel didn’t mean to kill civilians huh Ishmallav?


Yes, the report found that both Hamas and Israel may have committed war crimes.

Although Israel’s resulted in over 1,400 civilian casualties and Hamas’ resulted in 6 the UN report says both should be investigated.

I’d say that’s a clear indication of a lack of bias, wouldn’t you ZT?

Note: I’ve dubbed Ishmailav ZT (Zionist Troll) because of her/his unwavering histrionic support of Israel on CD.


Gosh ZT, that’s kinda harsh. I mean, if it were true I’d be flattered - 'cause imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.



Seriously. I’m still laughing.


It is unconscionable that the US continues to support the government of Netanyahu in Israel. The atrocities committed by Israel were on display for the world to see. Modern American warplanes used to slaughter civilians in their homes. Widespread destruction of property and businesses without any concern for innocent non-combatants. It is time for the more civilized nations of the world to boycott Israel just as Apartheid South Africa was successfully boycotted to end their abuse of those they considered lesser human beings. Israel has earned the title of major abuser of human rights and the rest of the world must take notice.


I find it interesting that you seem to believe that anyone who defends Israel on the web is doing it for money.


I find it interesting that you’re pretending that’s what he said. Nothing he posted indicates he thinks every supporter of Israel is a scum sucking bottom feeder writing for money. No, some supporters of slaughter and land theft do it because they’re true believers.

On the other hand…


I’ve actually been wondering if ZT is a bot. In other threads (s)he/it? exhibits a literalness you don’t usually see in people.

Could be something else but you never know.


Israel bombs Lebanon to destroy own downed drone:-


Learn to discern meaning you callous oaf.

My point was that 742 people died, no matter what distinction you would like to draw.


When you have one Government’s resources devoted to such activity, especially when funded by yet a different Government, it’s amazing what can be accomplished.

Imagine what could be achieved if the zealots were actually trying to do something positive.


Of course. Antisemites believe Jews do everything for money and for nothing else.


Pronouncing someone as “troll” is a weak retort.

Again, my point is you don’t give a fuck about the how many Palestinian lives are lost in one attack or not. You are a callous zealot.


Nanner nanner nanner.


You often see pro-Monsanto type trolls and others as well, but an article with Israel in the title is guaranteed to attract them.


Well duh, 1400 killed by the “good guys” = 6 killed by the “bad guys”…