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UN to Consider US Government's Role in Ignoring Civil Rights Era Murders


UN to Consider US Government's Role in Ignoring Civil Rights Era Murders

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A United Nations panel will consider on Thursday whether the U.S. Department of Justice failed to account for hundreds of murders and disappearances of black men and women by groups like the Ku Klux Klan during the Civil Rights era.


In 2010, former Alabama state trooper James Bonard Fowler confessed to shooting civil rights protester Jimmie Lee Jackson. Fowler was sentenced to six months in prison.

The murder occured in February 1965, following a march to protest the arrest of a civil rights worker. According to wikipedia, Jackson, his mother and his then-82 year old grandfather sought refuge in a café as police and Alabama state troopers violently crushed the peaceful march. A state trooper clubbed the 82 year-old, and shot Jackson when he and his mother rushed to elderly man’s aid.

In the intervening 60 years, how many complaints were filed against Fowler, I wonder. How many others did he harass and brutalize. I’m sure Jackson is not the only black man Fowler has killed; after all, he knew just what to say to avoid a lengthy sentence (Fowler claims Jackson reached for his gun; the six-month sentence seems to justify the killing of Jackson…with the prison term perhaps a reflection of the 50-plus years of Fowler’s silence…).


Too little, too late. Even when hate crimes (whether race or gender-bias motivated), the offending individuals…if convicted, receive the lightest punishment/sentences (community service, e.g.) and live on to commit more violent acts that go unseen or are ignored by authorities. Racism, homophobia, gender-bias, religious persecution, anti-abortion nut jobs persist to this day/hour…the motivations have not changed, just the ability to cover up the cruelties has become more effective…skirting the letter of the law, claiming self-defense are ongoing tactics. What a sad commentary on U S society, the exceptionalist nation.


why not start with the current issues of police brutality and FBI entrapment … I doubt anything will come of investigating the past history. Its a nice idea that will only produce a HISTORICAL REPORT by the UN.


The past remains buried

Along with the bodies


Travesty that the murders will never be recompensed. But, what is worse is that - even in this TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY - racism is still so prevalent in this Country.


Oh goodness, wouldn’t that be inconvenient for the usa’s own self narrative.


Or more likely the bombing/sanctions-IMF-dirty-tricks/regime-change of the UN countries supporting this initiative.