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UN Votes 187-3 to Condemn US Embargo Against Cuba, With Israel and Brazil Joining Trump Administration as Lone Outliers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/08/un-votes-187-3-condemn-us-embargo-against-cuba-israel-and-brazil-joining-trump


From the headline, with one correction:

“…With Israel and Brazil Joining Twump Administration as Lone OutLiars.” Seriously, who believes Cuba is a threat to world peace?


US/CIA attacked Cuba in 1960’s and this Embargo has been in effect since then!

Only the United Nations should be able to impose penalties like this.


Wow! They “condemned” the u.s. embargo! Imagine THAT will scare hell out of a corrupt u.s. government. Expect NOTHING to change!


Stand in solidarity with Cuba and work toward a socialist world if you care.

To send messages of solidarity:

  • Cuban Embassy in Washington, D.C., United States

2630 16 Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20009
United States


no surprise with this vote. so glad the rest of the world sees what is real.


BUT…what will happen for change? (crickets)

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carl –

Agree – nothing could be clearer than that our government is in the
hands of lawless people as the right wing has always been.
And ever more so every day –
Trump was talking the other day about being in office for the next term and
beyond – even another 13, 21 years.


Funny how those three keep calling themselves “the world community” all the time.


Israel, USA, Brazil–three outlaw countries governed by the most evil people, killing humans and the biosphere–harming a small country that exports doctors rather than wars.


But,The Empire has no problem with filling MLB ( Major League Baseball ) rosters with Cuban players who fatten its bottom line and provide public relations cover for this assinine and counter-productive embargo. To appease politically a small population of virulent, racist, white ex-colonist Floridian elites, no less.
What a waste of money, time and energy.


Thank you. Cuba is the socialist model. Despite all the crap the west has done to them. They have thrived. Oh, and Fu#k the U.N.


Well, waddya know; the “triumvirate of unconscionable governance”, overt evil, racism, environmental destruction, war and military attacks on civilians, and so much more.

The scum rises to the top of the cesspool!


When Puerto Rico was devastated by a hurricane, the Cubans offered to send medical teams to assist the injured. They were turned down by the Trump admin. Said they were not needed, then left them to die beside the road and under the wreckage…

Brazil’s Bolsanaro upon election (criminal coup) obeyed his American masters and expelled the Cuban medical teams providing care in the remote and inner cities. Not because of inferior medical service but fact the Cuban’s have 37,000+ medical personnel and support teams in 77 countries earning billions of dollars for the Cuban government. Lives are not important to the international fascists when it comes to sanctions lest people around the world see the compassion of socialism.


When the UN finally places the USA under economic sanctions, then I’ll be impressed.

Meanwhile, anytime I can find some smuggled Cuban cigars, I’ll be buying them even if they aren’t as well made as they used to be.


Well, israel, brazil, usa. You know those paranoid leaders.

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It is going to look really strange when trump gets buried with his many thousands of lies he has told to the American people and news concerns. A caisson pulling a 40 ft. trailer of lies behind it.

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Remember Cuba pointed nuclear weapons at the US via Russia. I don’t see Common Dreams criticize Russia as much. They wanted to blow us up. No I am not in solidarity with Cuba, and I am not giving any more support to this stupid website.

During the Cold WAr when the US had such weapons in Turkey pointed at the Soviet Union. JFK was ready to face Kruschev down, but Kruschev backed down, saving the world. Oh, and the US took its weapons down too. A bit of history is always refreshing. Oh, and speaking of history, before the aforementioned missile crisis, did not the US/CIA sponsor an INVASION of Cuba. It did indeed!


The blockade has caused incalculable humanitarian damages. It is a flagrant, massive, and systematic violation of human rights," said RodrĂ­guez. "

Somebody please tell this guy there hasn’t been blockade of Cuba since the 60s.

Their Socialist centrally planned economy collapsed just like all other Socialist centrally planned economies did and the US had absolutely nothing to do with it.