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UN Votes 187-3 to Condemn US Embargo Against Cuba, With Israel and Brazil Joining Trump Administration as Lone Outliers

Trump only likes commies that are not brown (i.e. Rich). So much for change, huh MAGAT’s?

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


It is not an endorsement of the Israeli and Brazilian regimes, or that of Russia, to point out that the US has been the Number One rogue nation in the world since 1945, or that EVERY NATION IN EUROPE is now on record to that effect. Our yet-to-be-great nation except in categories such as nuclear stockpiles, arms exports, unlawful wars and other actions contrary to international law, and among developed nations infant mortality and mortality in childbirth, cost of health care, lack of public health, rate of incarceration, etc. When President Harry Truman dropped two nuclear bombs on Japanese civilians in 1945, ostensibly to scare the Soviet Union into NOT creating its own nuclear force, he single-handedly set this country on the track it has followed ever since but cannot maintain for much longer.

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Don’t know how it’s going at the moment –
but LOVE what they’ve done for so long with medicine –
We rank way below them –
and they help the world to health – with medical teams who
respond to emergencies all over the world.

And ORGANIC farming –

Of course, they eat a lot of animals … not good.

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Trump will be in jail.

There has been a US-led trade embargo for that whole time, which is only a carrier-group away from a blockade. The difference to those on the ground is without a distinction.


Seriously, every other country trades freely with Cuba. There ain’t no blockade. Personally i think the US is losing out on huge opportunities. So yeah, the embargo should be lifted.

The data says otherwise. Cuba’s economy has grown by more than 4% a year over the last 25 years and is above the median for countries in the Western hemisphere despite the trade embargo by the U.S.


Well, it had nowhere to go but up… Pretty soon they can stop rationing food.