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UN Warns Pandemic-Intensified Famines Are Looming, 'Endangering the Lives of Millions'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/08/un-warns-pandemic-intensified-famines-are-looming-endangering-lives-millions

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The US Government has been exposed by the current pandemic, it won’t even save it’s own citizens, many of them food deprived themselves. Expect no response to world-wide famine from the US, especially to countries that have no resources to offer our 1%.


Hi ReconFire:
I wonder if it will get horrible enough, where states have to cut loose and become independent states and work on surviving on their own. Or will the government we have decided that its own citizens are the enemy and just bomb everyone . They do have so many excess bombs and ways to eliminate personhood. : (

This was a disaster waiting to happen with conflict displaced (often by U.S. actions or U.S. backed military hardware) human beings scattered all over the globe. What a truth reckoning this country is having. Sadly, so many are suffering from our government’s dysfunctional blow-back. Both here and abroad.

“The way the U.S. is responding to these impending famines—utter callousness, making things worse, hyper-nationalism—is an indicator,” Lazare added, “of how the U.S. will respond to the far greater climate crisis to come, unless things change dramatically.”

Whatever we do to other countries we will eventually do on ourselves. We already have feds destabilizing our communities like how they destabilize countries. If the U.S. can’t keep the states under its iron fascist grip I’m sure we will start to see the unthinkable.


Hey stardustIBID, I’m hoping not on the independent states issue, not everyone in a “red” state is red (far right), and many of us can’t afford to pack up and move, and start over again in a more favorable location, that also usually have a higher cost of living. As far as the bombing issue, looks like TPTB are just going to use climate change to thin out the population, why waste money on bombs when the environment can do your bidding for you.

It would be so much easier if Air Force One would have a series of unfortunate events. Barr should be on that plane too. ; )

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Hi ReconFire:
sigh— I guess we will be living in a dystopia novel after all. : (

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Please add Pence, McConnell, and Pelosi to that passenger list. And maybe we could ask for a really blue ribbon roster of all past presidents who are still alive now…Social distancing in the seating arrangement of course. Masks optional because Trump would never allow them on Air Force One…

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