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Unable to Come Up with Any Laws Wielding Control Over a Man's Body, Kavanaugh Dismisses Pro-Choice Movement as One Based in 'Feelings'


Unable to Come Up with Any Laws Wielding Control Over a Man's Body, Kavanaugh Dismisses Pro-Choice Movement as One Based in 'Feelings'

Julia Conley, staff writer

Punctuated by several protests from Americans expressing deep concerns with Judge Brett Kavanaugh's anti-choice record and other views, the U.S. Supreme Court nominee's first day of questioning in his confirmation hearing provoked anger among critics over his statements—and non-answers—on abortion rights.

Early in the proceedings, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) asked President Donald Trump's nominee whether he would uphold Roe vs. Wade, the 1973 decision which enshrined American women's right to abortion care under the U.S. Constitution.


Another man without feelings.


Devoid of feelings to the point of psychopathy and sadism.

Such has become the rule, not the exception, within the entire GOP and is not limited to white ass smart boys, or is it smart ass white boys ?


“If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.”
–Flo Kennedy


When the inmates have been put in charge of the asylum, We the People are in a hell of a lot of trouble. If we don’t finally act to right these wrongs and put these inmates back where they belong, under supervision, so they can have competent help toward regaining sanity, and We the People can once again breathe easier. (Until the next crisis.)


Paraphrasing Cecile Richards Women are very infrequently at the bargaining table but frequently on the menu.


I swear to God these IDIOT men must all be removed from any power and control over our bodies. Prior to 1973 I lost a good friend and co-worker who died during a botched abortion in Mexico, she bleed to death on the exam table. She was 18 years old. Our mutual male friend who took her to the abortion clinic was thrown in jail by the Mexican police and would have rotted there if a compassionate jail guard had not left the cell door and the back door to the jail open so he could escape. He had no idea if he would be shot “trying to escape” or if he would be allowed to exit with life and limb in tact. I swear I will now pray incessantly for the loss of potency and for erectile disfunction for all men who seek to control women by controlling their bodies. This fool Kavanaugh actually believes this is all simply an abstraction. The Queen of Hearts says off with his…


Haven’t heard of too many Democrats complaining about the legal genital mutilation of millions of American boys.

And, I am pretty sure there are plenty of laws regulating the use of a penis. Just ignore the obvious, staff writers.


Take a good hard look at Kavanaugh. The ideologue of subversion: meticulous to the superficial appearances, making absolutely sure that no one other than those to benefit have the pieces of a distopian escape from the consequences generated by the legacy that uses god as weapon; uses law as poison pill; uses obfuscation of record as the wrapper of the box, containing the bag filled with the tools and implements to negate understanding of the distortions of ‘false flag’.

Keep in mind that what we are experiencing as “distopia” is the exercise of deluded “utopian” Ayn Randian ahistorical story lines. The way for this has been paved by text book publishers that for generations have shoveled pablum of and for the “winners”, when in fact the fails are SO OBVIOUS that it has required generations and full usurpation of national treasure, natural resilience, human dehumanization and planetary destruction to keep the knuckle dragging liars’ hordes at levels that satisfy their clinically insane greed for genocide, ecocide, … and is there a ‘-cide’ for coherence?


Laws regulating use of penis are generally to prevent abuse of another human being by said mindless organ.


Economic theories currently being taught in universities all over the world are an essential pillar which sustains the economic system currently in operation. These theories state that we (human beings) are cold, callous, and calculating. Microeconomic theory says rational individuals are concerned only with their own consumption. They are callous; completely indifferent to the needs of others. They maximize, calculating personal benefits to the last penny. They are cold – their decisions are not swayed by emotions of any kind.


I’m with the Senators refusing to back down here, and I completely support a woman’s right to choose. But a clarification seems in order here. There are no laws which SPECIFICALLY target male bodies for regulation, that much seems clear, and certainly illuminates a point of equity. However, the government has taken it upon itself to regulate human bodies in all kinds of ways. The drug war. Prisons. State laws decding who gets to use what bathroom. Policies allowing law enforcement to inflict harm and control speech and behavior. Again, please understand that I am not challenging the point of gender equity at issue here. I am, however, questioning whether the same Democratic Senators who are rightly passionate about reproductive rights could ever bring the same passion to the pervasive imposition of state authority on the bodies of citizens in many areas of life. We need freedom for everyone, and that includes the freedom of women to control their own bodies. It’s crucial, but not sufficient. And freedoms are interconnected, there is relevance. The precedent applied to citizens generally provides a framework for the specific violations of female privacy and personal authority.


Name one law applying to a penis that is akin to controlling women by making abortions illegal. I’m pretty sure you can’t. Go back to the dark ages where you belong.


They were tough on you, dude.

I’ll just say don’t blame Julia Conley, staff writer. It was Kavanaugh who had no good answer…


For a scotus nominee to dissemble and talk around direct questions, is now accepted.practice. For any nominee to deliberately evade answering direct questions, claiming some basis I find entirely BS, they obstruct the mechanism of Congress’ independent role to “advise and consent”, and THAT is never acceptable.
For that nominee or their agents to hide, sequester, deny, or in any way obstruct the record of decisions and public actions, to deny access to ALL the evidence in the documented record of that nominee, is,and should be widely seen as, contrary to the Constitution and intent of the notions upon which our republic was founded…illegal, and thus never acceptable; any attempted or actual denial of the nominee’s record to those charged with “advise and consent” is an action that should lead to the suspension of any further questioning, examination, and deliberations.

The 100,000 pages of documents that go to the heart of the nominee’s record and mindset, are a critical part that reflects the likely impact on the nation and society - the suitability and beliefs of any nominee - that must be available for Senators, Congress-members, at the very least to study with as much time as necessary, as well as the public at least in summary form, so we as a nation of laws and precedent may determine the qualifications or impediments for any life-time nominee for the scotus!

This process is a charade and farce!


Do you miss your foreskin? Do you still feel it there like an amputee feels a lost limb?
Try to stay on subject here bro. Do you believe the State has the right to order women to carry fetuses in their bodies?


How about rape, to start? Yes, there are laws which control all of us and what we do with our bodies.

I am not allowed to use my body to rob a bank, kill another person, steal a car, rape a woman (or man), etc.

Are you getting the point? Laws are made for the common good and the protection of the innocent. I should be able to walk down the street and expect safety, rather than worrying if some maniac will use his body to kill me. And the baby in the womb has the same rights.


Devoid of feelings?

Do you have any feelings at all for the millions of babies who have been ruthlessly cut apart and tossed in the trash? Torn apart without even anesthesia! I would say that the Liberals and Democrats in this country are the ones devoid of feelings and bordering on sociopathy.


“Can you think of any laws that give government the power to make decisions about the male body?” Harris asked.

He should have responded, “You mean like the military draft?”


Knock off the hysteria and handwringing. Your descriptions are flat out lies, anyway.