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Unable to Come Up with Any Laws Wielding Control Over a Man's Body, Kavanaugh Dismisses Pro-Choice Movement as One Based in 'Feelings'


"The last two days have underscored, yet again, that if women aren’t at the table, we’re on the menu." —Cecile Richards, former Planned Parenthood president

Too many people still do not understand that Roe v Wade was moved by States making abortion legal in recognition that illegal abortion was costing the lives of women who would still seek abortions.
That the impetus came from medical professionals, doctors, hospitals reporting the loss of lives.
And by campaigns by the press to try to make clear to the public the damage being done to women and families.

And, in reality, abortion had been made “illegal” in earlier times – in a very UNWISE DECISION – in order to try to save the lives of women dying from botched abortions by non-professionals.


You’re grasping at straws to suggest that there is a Government LAW which regulates
male bodies – there is no LAW which forces parents in the US to submit their son to
a circumcision.

And, this of course, originates as a barbaric practice by the Hebrew religion – male-
supremacist religion - later a practice that has been recommended by our male-dominated
medical professionals.

To the contrary – MOST of the decisions in favor of circumcision for male sons come from the father.

AND, another large issue has been that until now males have not realized that …

This barbaric procedure is carried out, of course, on infants who cannot defend
themselves but who are left with very negative impact on their subconscious minds
and psyches – in being abandoned by the Mother/parents to the violence of the removal
of their foreskins.

I would encourage ALL WOMEN to inform themselves about male circumcision and the
damage it does to males – and not to rely on their husbands to be properly informed …
after all they themselves are victims of circumcision, often, and don’t generally want to
admit that something has been taken from them. Also the argument that a son who is
not circumcised is “different” from other boys and that this causes problems.

Meanwhile, there is an organization which has risen and which should be made more known
to males, females and families – and certainly any pregnant female.

More American parents are following the advice of the European medical community, which has condemned American doctors for baby circumcision.

The Royal Dutch Medical Association reports:

"International physicians protest against American Academy of Pediatrics’ policy on infant male circumcision. Circumcision conflicts with children’s rights and doctors’ oath and can have serious long-term consequences, state an international group of 38 physicians from 16 European countries in Pediatrics today."

Both males and females are fighting against this barbaric practice which does violence to
infants and lifelong damage.

For Donations –
Bloodstained Men
P. O. Box 73469
Davis, CA 95617

And – I’d encourage all males and females here to understand the functions of the foreskin …

The Important Functions of the Foreskin


That’s right. Shut your eyes and plug your ears. Pretend that there aren’t pictures on the Internet of pieces of babies such as arms, hands with fingernails, legs, heads crushed by forceps, etc.

How does one become as cold as you are?


How about YOU stop believing Liberal LIES?


So once again, lacking any substantive reply, you pull out the trusty old “Hate Card” and try to finesse the argument.

I don’t hate anyone, but I do get terribly angry at injustice, whether it is a baby being ripped in pieces or innocent Iraqi children being killed by bombs unleashed by Bush’s lies.


I save the child.


No, I am trying to show you (if you are capable of logical thought) that all of us have our bodies and what we do with them regulated by the government for the common good.


When is it a baby? Let’s see, before an ‘egg’ is fertilized, it sits on the wall of the uterus, where it remains if fertilized. If not fertilized, it flushes out during menstruation. Is it a baby then?

You obviously need to go back to your biology class. An unfertilized egg is not a baby.

Are women killing babies every period? Is it a baby right after the sperm enters it?

Yes, it is a baby after the sperm meets the egg. The reason is, and if you understood biology you would get this, if left alone, with proper conditions, it will develop into a baby. Therefore, the only thing that it lacks is time for development. A single sprout coming out of the earth is just as much a tree as a 100 year old oak tree. All it lacks is time to develop.

It is a microscopic cellular organism sitting attached to a uterine wall. This part of the woman’s body is no different than her liver, kidneys, heart, or lungs. It is part of ‘HER’.

No, it is not “part of her,” and again, if you had any kind of simple biological knowledge, you would know that as the baby develops, it has a completely separate blood system, nervous system, etc. It is, in fact, so different from the mother that there can be problems if the RH factors conflict between the baby and the mother.

The other argument you use is fallacious because by the time most women know that they are pregnant, the child is well-formed and recognizably human. It is not “tissue” that is being sectioned and destroyed, it is a baby human.

The ‘egg’ is not yet a ‘human’ baby. Selection of life happens constantly in mammals and the female mammal will have many spontaneous abortions, meaning an egg that may have been fertilized but flushes out on its own.

But we are not animals. We are rational beings with the ability to choose right and wrong. This is why the abortion industry has worked hard to present the pro-death argument as having certain rational reasons for being right. But choosing to kill a living human being is not the same as a spontaneous miscarriage. And this wording “spontaneous abortion” is typical of how the pro-death crowd tries to reframe the argument in their favor. An abortion is a deliberate act of terminating a life. Not the same as God (or unthinking natural causes if you don’t like the word God) causing the pregnancy to end.

And philosophically, what does it do to you and all those who choose to do violence to a living being? You are making a rational choice to kill a living being which will become a human being. Our rational choices are what makes us human, but to make immoral rational choices degrades us as human beings, whether it is the choice to kill another human being or to rob people blind like they do on Wall Street.

People need to learn science and understand the difference between the various stages of an ‘egg’ before it becomes a fetus, which is a PART OF THE WOMAN’S BODY, and a human being. I would no more likely allow you or anyone to make legislation about when or how my heart beats than I would allow you to make determinations about what goes into or out of my uterus.

No, YOU need to learn science and understand that the fetus, from the moment of conception, is not part of your body, and as it develops, that becomes quite clear.

As for not letting things into your uterus, this whole argument would be null and void (and unneeded) if women would stop letting men into their vaginas unless the man was married to them and committed totally to them. This is why in Africa the people there are opposing the efforts of the United States to bring them abortion and contraception - they believe in marriage, family, and children, not random fornication for “fun” (the Playboy Philosophy)


Live in an abandoned car in St. Louis, in January, in front of a St. Vincent DePaul second-hand store? Brother, can you spare me a dime without all the self-righteousness?


HI Trog,
Yes, Savita, because people forget that women die from complications of pregnancy. Ireland is also a Catholic nation for many , and since Mr Kavanaugh is Catholic, it would have been a valid question. The Catholic hospital laws killed Savita, and the same laws exist in many religious hospitals in America. I read that Savita died septicemia, the dying baby poisoned her system… they surely would have been able to see that something was seriously wrong with Savita------sadly she died as did the fetus, but Ireland , because of her tragedy, now has real health care for pregnant women. You know, Savita was married and was very excited about having her first child-----if she’d been in America ( at least in some states) maybe she and the baby would have survived.


We are animals, a type called mammals. We are in a subgroup of mammals called “Primates.” And within that group we are in another subgroup called, “Great Apes” containing the orang-utans, gorillas, chimpanzees and humans.

It is by setting ourselves apart from nature–that created our own path to an overheating planet.

“A day will come when the Earth will scratch herself and smile and rub off humanity.”
– Robinson Jeffers


I could have answered that:

Selective service registration and the draft.

Control over not just a man’s body, but also parts - arms, legs, sight - and LIFE!


Nope. We are animals only in the sense that we share certain physical characteristics, such as being warm-blooded, as mammals are, or having offspring.

What separates us is our consciousness, which gives us the sense of what is right and wrong.


Give it another try, as determining between right/wrong is also a capability of chimps. And certainly, little chimps, and apes, and orangutans (but for our reality TV prez) learn what is right and wrong within their own groups and tribes, just as humans learn.

Right vs wrong is not inherent to humans only, and certainly not something humans are just born knowing. We learn from our environment like other animals.

Humans are a type of animal. Please–this is biology 101.


Nope. It’s about controlling another human with Victorian era attitudes and laws.


How many angels do you want me to stack on that pin?


Nope. I can still blame Julia Conley for piss poor reporting.


The SUBJECT IS “Any Laws Wielding Control Over a Man’s Body”.

It’s right there in the title, brainiac.


No and when you find a clue - get back to me.


The US Supreme court uses court precedent from other nations when issues come up that have not been addressed or addressed properly in the US. This is true.