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Unable to Come Up with Any Laws Wielding Control Over a Man's Body, Kavanaugh Dismisses Pro-Choice Movement as One Based in 'Feelings'


My point is that there are laws protecting women from genital mutilation - but not men. And plenty of “underage” males have had the use of their penises send them to prison - but not “underage” females for use of their vagina.



learned from the same teachers,groups and tribes that taught the Bushes and the Clintons.


38% of American women believe that abortion should be illegal in all/most cases.



How is forcing women to carry children “for the common good”?


if i am not mistaken, there is law in the military relating to mens rights, same as women if they join the service. civilians do not.


Women do not have to register for selective service. Women are not subject to the draft.

If men do not register, they are not able to participate in federal programs like student loans. If they refuse to be drafted they go to jail. (That we aren’t currently drafting doesn’t mean the law is still there and in force. It simply isn’t being used. It is still the law.)

As someone much earlier pointed out there is a federal law against Female Genital Mutilation. There is not one forbidding male genital mutilation.

Because one man, at one moment in time could not think of one, does not automatically mean their isn’t one. I’m sure, given time and bothering with the effort to think about it and research, I could come up with more.

Yes. There are laws that apply to men but not women. Duh. So?

It isn’t the answer that is headline worthy, it is the question. I don’t think the question was particularly relevant or intelligent. Indeed, I think it was a pretty stupid and illogical question. What difference does it make if there are ANY laws that are different than for men and women? This issue isn’t about ‘equality’ or ‘fairness.’ The issue is about abortion. Men cannot have abortions or anything even remotely similar. There is no comparison possible. So the question was stupid to begin with. Completely illogical because it has no bearing on the abortion issue.




You can’t acknowledge male circumcision without acknowledging the more severe
Female Genital Mutilation which requires the total removal of inner labia, clitoris
and everything in between – sometimes even more – which would be equivalent
of the total removal of a male’s penis and scrotum.

The only comparison is that both are sexual mutilations – and both should be illegal.
However, basically there is no comparison in the SEVERITY of the cutting done to females and
its life-long effects.

The insanities of this harm done to women also effects the children born to these societies.
Thereafter, the vagina is always vulnerable to infection – often narrowed, the vaginal opening
will often only include a tiny opening for urination. Upon marriage, a male will cut into the
vagina to open it, once again creating pain and likely infection. Delivery of a child is needless
to say extremely difficult and harmful to the body of women who have been mutilated in this
way. And there are more than 200 million women and girls who have suffered this mutilation/

More than 200 million women and girls, according to the World Health Organization, have suffered female genital mutilation. FGM is usually inflicted on girls from infancy to age 15.

The practice is mainly centered in 30 countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, but FGM cases have been reported in the United States in recent years.

Often women are moved into the “cutting” position so it doesn’t look like a practice put in place by male-dominated societies. And the procedure is carried out with the simplest of instruments – sometimes simply a piece of sharp glass, or a knife - and with no anesthesia before or after.

The World Health Organization has identified four types of FGM. The first involves partial or total removal of the clitoris. The second type involves partial or total removal of the clitoris and the labia minora (the inner folds of the vulva). The labia majora (the outer folds of the vulva ) also may be removed. The third type involves narrowing of the vaginal opening by cutting and repositioning the labia minora or labia majora. The final type includes all other harmful procedures to the female genitalia for non-medical purposes.

Victims often suffer severe pain and are at higher risk of infections and other medical problems.

US outlawed FGM in US in 1996 – but females here are still at risk -

Results. Approximately 513,000 women and girls in the United States were
at risk for FGM/C or its consequences in 2012, which was more than three
times higher than the earlier estimate, based on 1990 data. The increase in the
number of women and girls younger than 18 years of age at risk for FGM/C
was more than four times that of previous estimates.

This is the continuing war on women reflected in the insanities of male-dominated religions and
the societies they influence.

Male Circumcision – as far as I’m aware – is still approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics and
based on the myth of health benefits. Additionally, most gynecologists perform it.

Obviously, more information should be circulated to pregnant females about male circumcision and about the reality of it – especially that when it is carried out it is done without attempt to limit pain for the newborn.
But – all men and women should be fighting to STOP these barbaric practices whether performed on males or females.

For Donations –
Bloodstained Men
** P. O. Box 73469**
** Davis, CA 95617**

And – I’d encourage all males and females here to understand the functions of the foreskin …

More American parents are following the advice of the European medical community, which has condemned American doctors for baby circumcision.

The Royal Dutch Medical Association reports:

"International physicians protest against American Academy of Pediatrics’ policy on infant male circumcision. Circumcision conflicts with children’s rights and doctors’ oath and can have serious long-term consequences, state an international group of 38 physicians from 16 European countries in Pediatrics today."


Garret –

This is a liberal nation which supports reproductive freedom – even CHOICE for any
reason whatsoever now is over 50% – and supports Federal support for Planned Parenthood.

The obvious need of the right wing to control all media makes clear that they become vulnerable
to exposure and overthrow if anything but their right wing propaganda is heard.

And this control of media has been extensive – even to the days of Nixon when he was moving
to include publishing companies.

Currently, we are seeing how media is controlled as to female content as Linda Bloodworth
Thomason tells us of the very negative impact that ex-CBS Chief Les Moonves had on her career
and programs centered on females and feminist content.

And how women are prevented from sharing the stage in movies and TV.

And – again note – how VIOLENCE is brought into programming by male supremacist power.

Also, pretty much pornography has slowly been moved into movie making which eventually reaches TV.
An interesting movie called “Every Day” with Helen Hunt and Liev Schrieber came out a few years ago.
The family story doesn’t provide very much, except perhaps for the son’s beginning early recognition of his homosexuality. But the husband is a writer working in TV and is daily and constantly being pushed to write scripts to include generally gross behavior and very violent sexual behavior, etc.

And I’d also point to the exploitation of children in TV programming which has gone on for so, so long
as children have been given ADULT lines to speak suggesting a quickness and wisdom not generally present in most children – and often a double entendre – which should be question by all of us.
It may be a silent effect as I don’t think parents ask: “Why aren’t our kids smarter and funnier?”

This is how Elites-Patriarchy sees women and children – as objects to be exploited.


Your assumptions are ridiculous.


Which assumptions?

Are you disputing the facts of Female Genital Mutilation?


seed –

Your post really isn’t anything but a cry for help.
Try to get some.



Kindly show me the machine that impregnates women against their will and makes them carry babies to term. Show me the videos of the Reproduction Police dragging women out of their homes to be strapped into this device and impregnated against their will. Maybe you could come up with a nice, juicy video of women on assembly lines, strapped to a moving conveyor belt that drops them off at the end, fully impregnated, and then turned over to some burly, male guard who will be there 24/7 to assure that the woman carries the baby to term.

You know, there is an old saying “It takes TWO to tango,” meaning that if a woman does not wish to get pregnant, she has the ability to say one simple word ---- “NO”

Save your nonsensical mental meanderings for the ignorant, please.


Talk about “nonsensical mental meanderings”.
So in your warped mind women never get raped, birth control never fails and god forbid any one of them should imbibe alcohol and make a poor decision without paying for it the rest of their lives?
Unsurprisingly, you also failed to answer the question. How exactly does forcing women to carry a child serve the common good?


When you do violence to another, it creates a fabric of violence. When a society ordains violence, then it cannot ordain peace. You don’t like the Iraq War (I didn’t!). There is a connection. Murdering born Iraqi children for the sake “our American freedoms” (see if you can hear Bush’s annoying nasally voice saying this) is only the next logical step from killing children before they are born. Violence has become the preferred way of dealing with those things that annoy us - whether it be the violence of Antifa, the violence of the rich in shipping our troops to “give them some freedom” (translation: take over the country for their oil since they won’t just give it to our worthy rich people), the violence of shooting another human being for his Nikes, or the violence of killing another person in the womb. Abortion just continues that cycle.

As for the rape issue…do you really think that you do well to respond to one evil (rape) by committing another evil (abortion)? Why don’t you talk to some of the men and women who were conceived by rape and see how they feel about your “answer” to this crime?

So you make a poor decision…does that give you the right to commit a crime? The big banks and gangsters at Wall Street made a poor decision in their collusion to try to make some illegal money. I guess they should be allowed to just walk free and rob the US Treasury rather than face the consequences of their decision.

Abstinence never fails as birth control. 100% effective all the time and every time. The bottom line is this: if you do not wish to have a baby, do not drop your drawers for some smooth-talking Willie.


I’ll send it your way when I find it.


Your assumptions on what I can and can’t acknowledge.


Edward –

Nice pretending, but you’re still finding it impossible to actually confirm that the lives
of the LIVING are the lives to first be considered protecting –

From the violence of wars for Empire we’ve experienced from right wing/fascist control of government.

From the historical violence of “Christianity” which continues to be exerted on our government with
the domination of “White Male Supremacists” control of Congress and White House –
and likely also by CIA which is being unmasked as “Catholics In Action.”

Let us know when “Christianity” – male supremacist religion – becomes accountable for it’s 2,000
years of violence against Jews, Women, Homosexuals, Heretics, Native people, Gypsies and the many others they’ve persecuted.

Abstinence never fails as birth control. 100% effective all the time and every time. The bottom line is this: if you do not wish to have a baby, do not drop your drawers for some smooth-talking Willie.

I doubt that you’re living by this notion – however …

Abstinence is fanaticism – a “Just say NO” lie which only has increased membership in the
Catholic Church over centuries.


I don’t know why I even bother responding to you, given that you are one of the more hate-filled people on this forum when it comes to the Catholic Church, the Christian faith, and people who are not as Leftist as you. Nonetheless, I will attempt a response.

Your first assertion is dead wrong and ahistorical. For the first three hundred years of the Christian faith, it was the Christians who were rounded up and slaughtered by the Roman government in horrendous ways. Perhaps, if you could set aside your prejudice and hatred, you might find a few good secular history books and read up on this.

The “history of violence” in the Christian religion really took off with the Medieval Age after the separation of the East and West, Greek Church from Roman Church. My own Orthodox Catholic Church suffered from the Romans in 1204 when the Crusaders stopped by and destroyed Constantinople, burning down the church, raping women, and urinating on the altar of the church. The Roman Church has a rather sordid history of scoundrels, a few bad popes, and internecine wars (an odd way to honor the Prince of Peace, by declaring war on fellow Christians). This goes all the way to WWII and the “rat lines” which helped the Nazis out of Germany, as well as the decimation of Orthodox Christians by the Roman Catholic Church in Serbia, something that many Orthodox still remember and talk about today.

So my point is that it is the Roman Church in particular which has an embarrassing (and sordid) history, not Christianity in general. I would ask you to stop making broad brush statements about the entirety of Christianity when it is one particular branch which has a checkered past.

As for the Native Americans - that is a heretical offshoot of true Christianity which is called Protestantism. The people who settled this country were white, European, male, Protestants who had such disdain for any other way of thinking that they persecuted anyone who was not a Puritan. Again, a small offshoot of the Christian faith who did not at all live the precepts of Christ.

I would like to see your links, books, or other proofs that the CIA is “Catholics in Action,” inasmuch as I am willing to be corrected in what I believe. I think this is entirely possible, but would like to see the proofs.

Abstinence is not fanaticism. It is the way we are expected to behave. We are not animals who cannot control our urges. We are rational beings with the ability to struggle against that which is wrong. There are many things I might like to do to make my life easier, but that wicked government won’t let me do them - you know, rob a bank and retire to Acapulco, enslave a few dozen people to clean my house and cook for me without remuneration, kill the people I disagree with.

The last part is hyperbole, but I am trying to make a point. Just because we want to do something, or are temped to do something, doesn’t mean we should. We should never do that which harms another human being. The Playboy Philosophy, to which you have succumbed, has harmed millions of people by causing divorces, STDs, suicide, depression, and sex trafficking. We have been conditioned to think that if we aren’t getting laid frequently, we are somehow missing out on life, that we couldn’t possibly be happy, and that it is a “right” to have as much sex as we want and then not face the consequences when we create life.

Finally, to go back, I don’t really think it is anything near Christianity which controls our government. I honestly think that if you put any one of these people in a place where they had to answer truthfully, they would tell you they don’t believe in a next life, and are therefore getting all they can here and now. True Christians live for the next world, which is why accruing power, money, and sex is not high on their list. We are just passin’ through, and on the way, we try to do as much good to others as we can.


Ed –

It’s “hateful” to criticize the Catholic Church and its violence – it’s priests who have been
sexually abusing children for 2,000 years according to the Italians and from we can plainly
see here today? Maybe my state of NJ “hates” the Catholic Church in signaling that they like
Pennsylvania and other states now are planning to open investigations of the Catholic
Church and not only its priest pedophiles, but the COVERUP and protection of them by
this vile “Male-Supremacist” religion?

The Vatican/Catholic Church begins in violence, in slaughter of “Heretics” who knew different
truths about the church and its myths –

Persecution of the early church had occurred sporadically and in localised areas since its beginning. The first persecution of Christians organised by the Roman government took place under the emperor Nero in 64 AD after the Great Fire of Rome. With the passage in 313 AD of the Edict of Milan, persecution of Christians by the Roman state ceased.[ The total number of Christians who lost their lives because of these persecutions is unknown; although early church historian Eusebius, whose works are the only source for many of these events, speaks of “great multitudes” having perished, he is thought by many scholars today to have exaggerated their numbers.

and notice what happens thereafter …

The Edict of Milan was the February 313 AD agreement to treat Christians benevolently within the Roman Empire. Western Roman Emperor Constantine I and Licinius, who controlled the Balkans, met in Milan and, among other things, agreed to change policies towards Christians following the Edict of Toleration by Galerius issued two years earlier in Serdica. The Edict of Milan gave Christianity a legal status, but did not make Christianity the State church of the Roman Empire; this took place under Emperor Theodosius I in 380 AD with the Edict of Thessalonica.

Quickly you arrive at the Medieval Church – Feudalism and Papal Bulls –
and at last the BORGIA’s which pretty much sums up the corruption of “Christianity” from beginning to end.
Including the farce of Papal Infallibility.

For CIA = Catholics in Action see John Stockwell, former CIA and long time whistleblower whose videos have been shown on C-span over the last 20 years, on various occasions. You’ll find his videos on YouTube. But the Catholic Church has long engaged in establishing secret “all male” societies.
See: Rule by Secrecy by Jim Marrs

and as you acknowledge the overall corruption and violence of the church, including …

This goes all the way to WWII and the “rat lines” which helped the Nazis out of Germany, as well as the decimation of Orthodox Christians by the Roman Catholic Church in Serbia, something that many Orthodox still remember and talk about today.

but before that – the Pope “catapulted” Hitler and the Nazis to power.

Abstinence is not fanaticism.

You are saying that; I didn’t. What I said is that “Abstinence” is nonsense on a par with “Just Say NO!”

But what I did say was that the RCC’s attempt to control the minds and bodies not only of its members but of all of society by its control over our free press and its attempts to control governments is fascism.

The RCC has tried to deny its members the right to free thought and the right to exercise their own personal consciences and free will in regard to birth control and abortion – and was long able to control and deny he right to birth control to our allegedly free society under democracy and Separation of Church & State … that is until Griswold v Connecticut in 1965.

Members who support these “Christian” male-dominated and male-supremacist patriarchal religions are supporting fascism.

A free people who cherish liberty do not support fascist concepts of domination. They support democracy,
equality for all, human rights and Separation of Church & State.