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Unable to Come Up with Any Laws Wielding Control Over a Man's Body, Kavanaugh Dismisses Pro-Choice Movement as One Based in 'Feelings'


Your assumptions are ridiculous.


Which assumptions?

Are you disputing the facts of Female Genital Mutilation?


seed –

Your post really isn’t anything but a cry for help.
Try to get some.


Talk about “nonsensical mental meanderings”.
So in your warped mind women never get raped, birth control never fails and god forbid any one of them should imbibe alcohol and make a poor decision without paying for it the rest of their lives?
Unsurprisingly, you also failed to answer the question. How exactly does forcing women to carry a child serve the common good?


I’ll send it your way when I find it.


Your assumptions on what I can and can’t acknowledge.


Edward –

Nice pretending, but you’re still finding it impossible to actually confirm that the lives
of the LIVING are the lives to first be considered protecting –

From the violence of wars for Empire we’ve experienced from right wing/fascist control of government.

From the historical violence of “Christianity” which continues to be exerted on our government with
the domination of “White Male Supremacists” control of Congress and White House –
and likely also by CIA which is being unmasked as “Catholics In Action.”

Let us know when “Christianity” – male supremacist religion – becomes accountable for it’s 2,000
years of violence against Jews, Women, Homosexuals, Heretics, Native people, Gypsies and the many others they’ve persecuted.

Abstinence never fails as birth control. 100% effective all the time and every time. The bottom line is this: if you do not wish to have a baby, do not drop your drawers for some smooth-talking Willie.

I doubt that you’re living by this notion – however …

Abstinence is fanaticism – a “Just say NO” lie which only has increased membership in the
Catholic Church over centuries.


Ed –

It’s “hateful” to criticize the Catholic Church and its violence – it’s priests who have been
sexually abusing children for 2,000 years according to the Italians and from we can plainly
see here today? Maybe my state of NJ “hates” the Catholic Church in signaling that they like
Pennsylvania and other states now are planning to open investigations of the Catholic
Church and not only its priest pedophiles, but the COVERUP and protection of them by
this vile “Male-Supremacist” religion?

The Vatican/Catholic Church begins in violence, in slaughter of “Heretics” who knew different
truths about the church and its myths –

Persecution of the early church had occurred sporadically and in localised areas since its beginning. The first persecution of Christians organised by the Roman government took place under the emperor Nero in 64 AD after the Great Fire of Rome. With the passage in 313 AD of the Edict of Milan, persecution of Christians by the Roman state ceased.[ The total number of Christians who lost their lives because of these persecutions is unknown; although early church historian Eusebius, whose works are the only source for many of these events, speaks of “great multitudes” having perished, he is thought by many scholars today to have exaggerated their numbers.

and notice what happens thereafter …

The Edict of Milan was the February 313 AD agreement to treat Christians benevolently within the Roman Empire. Western Roman Emperor Constantine I and Licinius, who controlled the Balkans, met in Milan and, among other things, agreed to change policies towards Christians following the Edict of Toleration by Galerius issued two years earlier in Serdica. The Edict of Milan gave Christianity a legal status, but did not make Christianity the State church of the Roman Empire; this took place under Emperor Theodosius I in 380 AD with the Edict of Thessalonica.

Quickly you arrive at the Medieval Church – Feudalism and Papal Bulls –
and at last the BORGIA’s which pretty much sums up the corruption of “Christianity” from beginning to end.
Including the farce of Papal Infallibility.

For CIA = Catholics in Action see John Stockwell, former CIA and long time whistleblower whose videos have been shown on C-span over the last 20 years, on various occasions. You’ll find his videos on YouTube. But the Catholic Church has long engaged in establishing secret “all male” societies.
See: Rule by Secrecy by Jim Marrs

and as you acknowledge the overall corruption and violence of the church, including …

This goes all the way to WWII and the “rat lines” which helped the Nazis out of Germany, as well as the decimation of Orthodox Christians by the Roman Catholic Church in Serbia, something that many Orthodox still remember and talk about today.

but before that – the Pope “catapulted” Hitler and the Nazis to power.

Abstinence is not fanaticism.

You are saying that; I didn’t. What I said is that “Abstinence” is nonsense on a par with “Just Say NO!”

But what I did say was that the RCC’s attempt to control the minds and bodies not only of its members but of all of society by its control over our free press and its attempts to control governments is fascism.

The RCC has tried to deny its members the right to free thought and the right to exercise their own personal consciences and free will in regard to birth control and abortion – and was long able to control and deny he right to birth control to our allegedly free society under democracy and Separation of Church & State … that is until Griswold v Connecticut in 1965.

Members who support these “Christian” male-dominated and male-supremacist patriarchal religions are supporting fascism.

A free people who cherish liberty do not support fascist concepts of domination. They support democracy,
equality for all, human rights and Separation of Church & State.


Am I somehow unclear when I say Catholic Church?

Members of the Church have their own consciences to exercise and they are walking
away – rapidly – and that’s been going on for decades now.

I’d advise them all to get ahold of Church Accounts – and they are already stirring to hold
the hierarchy of the Church accountable for decades and decades of sexual abuse of
children by priests – for BILLIONS to protect those priests - and then selling off parish assets.
The call is out loud and clear for these male supremacist cover up artists to step down – as
high as it goes – all the way to Pope Francis. And, of course, Ratzinger hiding somewhere in Rome.

I’d also advise them to end this fascist religion by reclaiming their right to free thought, free
conscience and free will – all of which this fascist cult/Church has taken from them.

Sorry, but if you noticed “catapult” is in quote – it’s an historical comment. The fact that almost
90% of Germans were “Christians” required that nod from the Pope.

True, Hitler was recruited by Elites in the US and those working for them: Prescott Bush and
Allen Dulles, attorney at Sullivan & Cromwell, who ran front companies to raise funds from
domestic and international Elites to fund Hitler/Nazis – much of it in gold. The US government
was forced to investigate Bush and Dulles, but they hid the names of the Elites/corporate names
as best they could and they allowed Bush and Dulles to wrap themselves in the flag and move on
to Congress and Intelligence work. Twice, the treasonous Dulles was permitted to hide behind
“intelligence” work – the first was after the hearings, the second was when LBJ appointed him to
head up the farce of the Warren Commission. Dulles, of course, had been fired by JFK after the
Bay of Pigs betrayal.

Re #6 … Who are you talking about in that fantasy as teachers of what is “right and wrong”?
The hierarchy of the RCC has only ever been involved in underpinning Elites/Patriarchy and
carrying out for them the war on all who are NOT White Male Supremacists.
Their 2,000 years of persecution of everyone but White Male Elites has been self-confessed.

You’re also missing the reality that the RCC permitted abortion until the 4th century until time
of animation.

Additionally NATURE provided ways for women to control reproduction via plants which are
our medicines and our drugs. That included interrupting conception.

And who were these early writers except males?

The Church is based in the Old Testament which was written to cement patriarchy.

The world disagrees with you. And as we see everywhere it takes FASCIST control and violence
in order to bring about the world you see under control of White Male Supremacist religious fanatics.

The RCC in New Jersey now is one half of what it was in the 1960’s.


We’ve had this conversation before –

And here’s an entire search page covering the Pope permitting abortion to the
time of animation in the 4th century …


Beyond the reality of the Pope allowing abortion to time of animation/4th century,
once again you continue to show your male supremacist religious fanaticism in not
finding any difference between a fertilized egg and an existing human being.

Meanwhile, Wiki also reports this - -

Both ancient Greek thought and ancient Jewish thought are considered to have affected early Christian thought about abortion. According to Bakke and Clarke &Linzey, early Christians adhered to Aristotle’s belief in delayed ensoulment and consequently did not see abortion before ensoulment as homicide.

And of course, Hebrew religion still has no problem with abortion –

You’re also reciting the alleged judgment of a Male Supremacist cult in judgment of women.

Nature, itself, gave everything to do with reproduction to the female.

Nature is Pro-Choice giving women complete control over fertility in their gift of plants which
are our medicines and drugs - our health.

This is all the fakery of a few males who knew how to manipulate male violence against women
and to organize it into a “White Male Supremacist” organization to be used to plunder and rape
other groups and other nations. It was “Christianity” which carried out the Genocide against the
Native American here and also against their children they kidnapped and brainwashed and
forced “conversions” on.

The Old World religions were quite naturally based in NATURE – no gods above, no gods below.

In reality we do not know who “made us in their image.” We are likely hybrids. And we know
nothing of the 350 or more other civilizations out there which may have been responsible for it.


BB, I just happened to run across this thread between you and good ole Eddie, and I had to laugh. You gave it a good try. In many ways, the guy’s heart is in the right place, but he has some very serious hang-ups still; worse, IMO, his therapist has dropped a major glass * ball because he is still so friggin’ rigid. He’s trying to atone for things but without the right help. All the religious indoctrination seeds took deep root. I don’t even try to talk to him any longer.

  • glass balls…Decades ago, I worked with a wise man who made it out of the Chicago ghettoes. He said life is about juggling balls, rubber ones and glass ones. If you drop a rubber one, well, things will still be ok. If you drop a glass one,…


Have no memory of that one – how old is it?

The damage that “Christianity” has done to members of every nation is frightening.


Our arguments go way back…maybe a year? Most was about homosexuality and abortion. He seems to think all abortion is about women’s irresponsibility, immorality, and convenience. Forget severe fatal genetic defects… I tried to educate him about both issues, but he’s too rigid.

The saying is that money is the root of all evil…any religion ties that, IMO.


It’s also sadly obvious that these men have no women in their lives educating
them – and little experience with women.

Obviously distrust women and fear women.