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'Unacceptable' and 'Immoral,' Say Progressives After Biden Admits He Will Be 'Unlikely' to Cancel Student Debt

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/24/unacceptable-and-immoral-say-progressives-after-biden-admits-he-will-be-unlikely


Is this the part where we get to say, “we told you so?”

Duh. Dude works for bankers his entire miserable existence. Oh, but this time was gonna be different!

Get used to being disappointed. You got 4 years of this crap until the next demagogue shows up.


One is forced to accept one of two propositions regarding congressional progressives’ belief that they can push conservative Democrats left after helping them get elected without exacting any concessions beforehand: they are either incredibly naive or complicit.


He got the votes he wanted and that is all that he wanted.

See the people that voted for him did not vote FOR anything. Under the LOTE Strategy they were told to vote AGAINST Trump.

This is what that gets you.

All of those pundits writing articles here claiming themselves as progressives and demanding the left vote for Biden also got what they wanted. They can now pretend they never really wanted Biden again.

To those suggesting this unacceptable and immoral , if you were in fact a person who voted for Biden and demanded others do the same you voted for this immorality and what Biden would do was obviously acceptable when you cast that vote.


Wouldn’t it be nice to go out and buy a new car and then expect the federal government to pay for it. The same for people who screwed up their IRS responsibilities and then want the arrears and penalties forgiven.
Come on people, you bought it, now pay for it.
If we want to pass legislation for free education I’m all for it. But start with new applicants only.


Already starting with the vacillating, eh, Biden? Time to start pushing hard, pre-inauguration or not, to let him know we will not be too pleased with this evasion of duty


It’s just the replacement POS practicing for his McSame role as pResident.


C’mon man, did you really believe that I would really follow through on that one…
C’mon man, I mean my financial financial backers back in Delaware would have none of that.
C’mon man, I got rid of Trump, isn’t that enough…
C’mon man, I got you a VP who is not a white man…


Individuals duped by white predatory corporate propaganda are incredibly naive; individuals who manage and catapult that propaganda are complicit.

It seems fair to assume — at least until proven otherwise — that members of Congress are inside rather than outside the power-propaganda structure. Most of them are complicit.


Ok, Act 2, scene 1:…Ok, this is where Bernie is supposed to come in…
(…after POTUS Joe B. backtracks on promises, the ones that he can recall, B.Sanders steps in and calms down the masses…)… at least Trump is outta here…


Pass the popcorn. Then vomit at the realization that these patently insipid theatrical productions are accepted as normal by a large percentage of the US citizenry.


And don’t forget I defeated the mighty Corn Pop in the Battle at the Swimming Pool! Don’t screw around with Lunch Pail Joe, by golly!

Yeah, gonna be a long 4 years. If we survive them.


This is just the beginning of his backpedaling. He’s done that with border immigration, and now this. Progressive’s got him into office thanks to AOC, and others like her going door to door, and this is how he repays her and the progressives. No shocker here. Stating he can’t do “executive” signings is BS or he’s a bigger fool than history has indicated. He’s been a professional politician ost of her adult life and should know all the ilns and outs of the elected office. Bottom line, he couldn’t care less about students buried alive by debt and false promises. Same for immigration and what DT has done to all those who lose lost their children, were raped, tortured, murdered, caged, etc. This is going to get much worse when it comes to light how little anything is going to change for the better, I’m convinced DT will be a bitter memory as he cult followers move on to the next “hero”, DT weill be removed form office one way or the other, and this Biden/Harris Administration will go down as losers and one-termers. I don’t need a crystal ball for that. Merry Xmas, one and all. Next four years are going to be a very rough ride.


Banker Joe caused the student crises with his bankruptcy bill, Obama Biden bailed out the banks for trillions now the kids, fuck 'em.


Biden is this bad, and he hasn’t even been sworn in to office yet.

Despite that, I have yet to hear anyone admit to regretting their vote for Biden.
Or even regret the vote shaming and outrageous insults that were hurled at anyone who didn’t pledge fealty to Biden.

I told you so.


A number of them showed up during the campaign suggesting any that did not vote Biden voted FOR Trump and seemed to have vanished since Biden won and started appointing his cabinet.

Some of those writing articles here on Common Dreams in that same vein, now suggest if Biden acts as he is doing now , it the fault of the left and the progressives for not holding his feet to the fire…

These people have no shame


give it time. a few will crawl in and fess up. but as you can see from at least one poster on this thread alone, more than a few of them dig the Biden thing. “Let 'em eat neoliberal cake, baby! Keep that market up!”

not everyone here is “progressive” by any stretch.


Biden was selected and supported to run against Trump based solely on he being the most conservative democrat with a chance to beat Trump that was acceptable to the conservative ruling power elite.


Odds bodkins people, you all must have forgotten the word of the hour/day/month/year for the make-believe Democratic “progressive.”

The word is “incremental.”

Nothing can actually, you know, be done at the time it needs to be done at. It must be done incrementally. Somewhere there are folks who would be offended if certain things were done, finished and put to bed in a timely fashion, resulting in some nobody somewhere having his/her life improved.These folks have no money. The Incremental Army does. Democrats are certain these folks would abandon them if they were to take such drastic actions.

No, no - incremental is the key here.


Any time you follow a LOTE strategy, you still get evil. Everyone enjoy the next 4 years.