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'Unacceptable and Uncalled For': Iranian Foreign Minister Denounces Trump Administration's March to War


'Unacceptable and Uncalled For': Iranian Foreign Minister Denounces Trump Administration's March to War

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the Trump administration continues to level evidence-free accusations against Iran and dangerously escalates the risk of another catastrophic war in the Middle East, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said Thursday that his country is acting with


“In interviews in April, I predicted 'accidents”—not because I’m a genius—but because B-Team is so brazenly following John Bolton’s script,” Zarif wrote.

So funny. I like this Zarif guy!


As Dorothy exclaims, “Trump, Bolton, and Pompeo. Oh my!” I am hoping JCOS will shut this shit-wish item off of the neocons board, if they haven’t already. They may let the political gamesmanship play on, but they know there is nothing to be won in a war with Iran, except for making the Iraq fiasco look better by comparison.


War with Iran won’t be like the usual US massacres where your average american can continue shopping blissfully unaware of the world around them.
Iran has the ability to defend themselves, and they have even more powerful allies.
A war with Iran will be an actual war, and won’t only be fought “over there”.


A war with Iran would be a war crime and shouldn’t be considered anything other than murder. I reject the idea that we should think of Iran as a threat. Your post conveys that false idea. The United States of America, and the modern Republican party are the greatest threats (including Israel) to humanity on Earth.


“The Republican party is the most dangerous organization in the world,” Noam Chomsky.
Steve Mnuchin has announced more tax cuts on the way. After the treasury is broken by more war and tax cuts, then Iran and much of the Middle East will flow in blood and half of America’s population will be living in tent cities or dead of exposure, starvation and lack of medical care.
This is real shit coming down the line folks.


Lest we forget, the rightwing Democrats are also onboard with this. Just ask Ratchet-up Maddow. The Likudists want this war and we will deliver it whatever the cost.


Mr. Zarif, maybe you could help us out. Send some of your guys to DC and round up Bolton, Pompeo and Trump. We have an aggressive Rat infestation and the people in this country have no idea how to stop the problem.


The Economic Warfare this administration has inflicted on Iran and Venezuela is highly unethical, greatly immoral, and internationally unlawful.

A rubber band only can be stretched so far before it snaps.

For us to permit our government, our military, to be so inhuman to other nations by bullying them into fights for their lives, we as a people are failing ourselves and putting into question, our own humanity.

This blatantly hateful behavior for profit will only stop if we stop it.

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the u.s. military suddenly had a “collective enlightenment” and refused to go to war!!!


You left out the bought-and-paid-for damnocrats!

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When the only tool you have is a big hammer, every problem looks like a nail. The US Fourth Reich has hammered every “nail” it can find for years. One of these days, it is going to find out the hard way that what they thought was a nail turns out to be a detonator.
*When I was eighteen years old, I was exposed to seven of those “detonators” at Bikini Atoll. I’ve survived so far, thousands of us guinea pigs and the Marshallese people died from their exposure during the testing programs.
*Sooner or later, the world is going to run out of patience and the “Chickens will come home to roost, or roast.”


I would fervently hope that the path of diplomacy works for Iran, because do not forget that a war with Iran could trigger a third world war because both Russia and China would probably back Iran if America attacks that country.


America has never been attacked, except for Pearl Harbor, and one has to wonder what could happen next, if you are correct about the chickens coming home to roost. Lets hope we get this Trump, Bolton and Pompeo fascist, war mongers, axis of evil, destroyed before it is too late!

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Many comments over the past weeks and months about the need for an uprising. Anyone see any uprisings that have any teeth? No. If we wait for someone else to take the lead, no one will. Do we have to end up like the IRA fighting the Brits to get things turned around? Wait for it, wait for it, civil unrest can easily transform to a form of civil war.

When that happens who will be going to jail? The CEO’s and bankers, or the protestors?


Meanwhile dump “hopes” there will be no war:


And the “backtracking” bloody brits:


I sincerely hope that Russia and China send warships and troops to help their ally, the Iranians.

Someone must stand up to the bully who really, really needs a bloody nose.

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No, my post conveys the reality that unlike most of America’s victims Iran has the ability to defend themselves, and attacking them will possibly also draw in their nuclear armed allies.
This will be no easy victory for America’s warmongering savages, and it could also mean actual retaliation for once. Possibly even a full scale nuclear holocaust if Russia or China gets involved.
That you somehow read that to be an endorsement of war is curious to say the least.