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'Unacceptable': Family Farms, Ag Advocates Hit Back After Sec Perdue Says Small Dairy Farms Destined to Die

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/02/unacceptable-family-farms-ag-advocates-hit-back-after-sec-perdue-says-small-dairy

From the article:

“‘He doesn’t get it,’ said Goodman. ‘Government is supposed to work for the people, not tell them to go to hell.’”

Yeah, that’s what they taught me in grammar school.

I believed it for a long time.

Then I grew up.


“Small everyone-in-business”: Time to step aside and let the greed capitalist fascists take over! Wal-Fart did it; Home Despot did it; Starfucks did it; (Add your own here) did it.

Small business is no longer relevant in this age of LARGE CORPORATE COMPANY GREED! Thank Gaia that I am old and have some fond memories of BEFORE the “capitalist coup”. Good luck, young people. You sure as hell are going to need it…!


What Perdue conveniently left off his list of factors killing small dairies is over-production and slipping demand:


I forgot to mention, based on their rugged individualism and Christian values, these bankrupt small dairy farmers are still going to vote for Perdue’s boss.


I don’t see a future for the gop, not with everything they are doing and saying. IF they survive 2020 I will be amazed at the amount of money wall street pumps in their blood stream.


Canada has a way of protecting their dairy farmers and it gets slammed here in the U.S., it’s a damn shame we can’t stand-by our own.


Pretty simple to tell a fairly localized industry that no single supplier can account for more than 10% of the market there. Personally, I buy local dairy products. Then again, I’m fortunate to live in a town sporting lots of local options.


Monopolizing the conversation

Force-impregnating female cows, then stealing their babies from them after nine months of gestation, then stealing milk meant for baby cows and drinking it…these are hallmarks of human cruelty and stupidity.
That being said, Perdue is a corporate whore and animal abuser at the highest level, and small-scale dairy farmers are seeing not only the karma of imprisoning another species to steal its milk, but the brutality of capitalism and the Trump crime family.


It’s just a continuation of the accumulation of wealth and power to worship the holy executives and shareholders of BIG business.The people mean nothing to corporate america !!


And sanctions haven’t kicked them while they are down ??

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Perdue is only saying what America appears to have long accepted: the unsustainable and illogical paradigm of ‘grow or die’; as if any system can withstand perpetual numeric growth. This paradigm is as an inherent feature of capitalism. And the mass-marketing (mass psychology)- manipulated citizens-consumers have all swallowed it and believed it and supported it, accepting it as a divine principle. It pushes small business aside, leads to increasing vertical and horizontal consolidation and effective monopolies, increases the ability to override democracy with concentrated cash, helps suppress wages, defeat regulations and successfully lobby for subsidies. And this happens not only in agriculture but in every manufacturing and service sector.

For example, the same paradigm.drives municipalities to seek growth for its own sake and to sprawl to unmanageable size - destroying every notion of “human-scale” in the process. . And of course, the sprawl displaces once-affordable farmland in the process.


Unfortunately the good memories that you and I could share are those of the decades after World War II up until the early 1970s when the Profiteer Class assumed open and unchallenged control of our system of economic governance once again. That era was only possible because we were living in the largest middle class in history and the majority of us had a share of prosperity unlike at any other time in our history. Alas, starting with Saint Ronald Reagan and Trickle Down Economics, tax shifting and the wholesale export of our manufacturing base We, The Masses are once again huddled together becoming more in more in need of jobs, food, shelter and other basics everyday. The Profiteer Class never left the building they were just busy tearing down the remodeling as fast as the People put it up.


And the CEO of Nestle saying people don’t have the right to clean water.


However, the Profiteer Class has found a way for an “ever expanding economy”. The call it Globalization. They do not care from who and where their wealth is appropriated just so it flows into their bank accounts. It is truly not the love of money that is evil. It is the lovers/worshippers of money and their acts that are.


Have independent dairy farmers formed a co-op? That seems like a good option for survival.
Here is a blog covering co-ops. It is part of an excellent website about surviving predatory capitalism called Democracy at Work by Dr. Richard Wolff.

All Things Co-op: Interview with Pedal People

Posted on September 24, 2019
In this episode of our podcast, Cinar chats with Ben Winter of Pedal People—a worker owned co-op in Northampton Mass that uses bicycles to transport goods and provide services. We discuss how the worker co-op started and its success over these past 16 years.
To learn more about Pedal People, check out their website and follow them on Facebook!
We do our best to keep our programs available for free and without ads. Help us keep this show sustainable by supporting All Things Co-op via the links below.

Professor Wolff’s home page

I am with you in spirit independent dairy farmers.
You certainly do not deserve such disrespect from the US Sec. of Agriculture. Let’s hope he will be gone after the next election.

The cows don’t deserve such abuse either.

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The dairy products that comprise the bulk of US exports – powdered milk, lactose, whey to feed pigs, butterfat, cheese – are mostly produced by big farms. The small dairies I’ve worked with sell whole milk to co-ops in my state. And despite tariffs, last year set records for dairy exports.

But yes, Chinese purchases – they are the third largest buyer of US dairy products – have been dropping during the trade war.


Thank you, Roger.
Capitalism is behind the fetus cult and gestation slavery movement, the worship of human birth, and the wholly unscientific folly of claiming that human population increase is just fine.
The current human fetish for increasing human population is the ideology of cancer cells, and as with cancer cells, we will eventually kill our host.


Hi smlowry:
Wow, the stupid Nestle CEO said, " people don’t have the right to clean water?"
Well, I guess everyone who is buying any Nestle product should just return those products to the store! Really, then WHY, Mr. CEO, did you take all the water out of the San Bernardino National Forest during the drought? And another thing you silly man, is dirty water what you’re selling then?