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'Unacceptable': Kunduz Survivors Lambaste Pentagon Claim of No War Crime


'Unacceptable': Kunduz Survivors Lambaste Pentagon Claim of No War Crime

Andrea Germanos, staff writer


This is absolutely a war crime. America's war machine has been shucking, weaving, and bobbing on hundreds of blatant killings. The Bush-Cheney regime's Afghanistan invasion epitomizes the ruthless attacks made on innocents. Without any justification whatsoever they brutally targeted Afghan weddings, celebrations or any collection of Afghan citizens with the excuse they were "terrorists". They were so ruthless they would target "first responders" as well. This had to include food markets and hospitals - in spite of their protected status under UN agreed Rules of War.

As horrendous as US military killings were in Afghanistan, it was only a warming up period for the invasion of Iraq, a country that had already been bombed for a decade by Geo. H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton. America's body count before the invasion was 500,000. Shooting journalists became routine and civilian casualties had to run a gauntlet of US control at hospitals. Al Jazeera was a favorite target.

Obama-Biden has significantly, not only conducted similar attacks, but increased them via Drones and expansion of war to other states in the region. Killing innocents has become routine as America's military industrial complex cashes in big time. We live in a sick culture that deserves only what the laws of Nature can impose.


If this was not a war crime, then may I ask: what does the Pentagon consider a war crime? Because it does not get any worse than intentionally bombing a hospital and making BS excuses!



Good one.


U.S. Motto, "War Crimes R Us".


Very well said! Some people in Eastern religions claim that the reason the German people suffered so much and had the hell bombed out of their homes and country was what they call mass karma, what we in the West say: is what goes around comes around.

We can only hope it is not true; otherwise, I fear for what may happen to the people and the country I love.


Chelsea Manning sits in prison today as a result of revealing just the above, and more. A vicious attack by a US ARMY helicopter on an ambulance trying to save innocent Iraq people previously gunned down. Do not forget Chelsea Manning!


In the spirit of Bush (both of them!), Obomba, and Clinton (both of them!), a blast from the past by the Dave Clark 5 that encapsulates the spirit of arrogant, adolescent, hormone drenched, swagger, with which the US Pentagon wages its wars:

Catch Us If You Can
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Here they come again, mmmm-mm-mm
Catch us if you can, mmmm-mm-mm
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We will yell with all of our might

Catch us if you can
Catch us if you can
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For those who don't know this tender anthem of adolescent rebellion you can listen to and watch it here:


It was absolutely a rabbit-hole moment when the spokesman for the US government issued denouncements for the bombing of the MSF hospital in - wait for it - Syria! He also condemned 'double-taps,' you know, like what was in the video that Chelsea Manning released to Wikileaks. Obviously, the Kunduz and the one in Yemen, actually never happened and therefore couldn't be cause for reflection or confession or apology. Mea cullpa? What's that?


The United States of Aggression only calls what its enemies do aggression & terrorism. The former, current & future presidents do not call bombing weddings terrorism when it's done by allies. They would call bombing Chelsea's wedding terrorism.


"...the reason the German people suffered so much and had the hell bombed out of their homes and country was what they call mass karma..."

Um, the reason was because the Allies didn't understand what targets it would be most effective to bomb, because they needed big targets to hit anything at all, and, by the end of the war, because they had a whole lot of bombers on hand and felt they had to use them on something. Very pedestrian. No need to go all hare krishna on us.


When any nation, like the US, allows itself to be subverted wholesale, openly and explicitly, by another, like Israel - whose existence can be likened to a war crime from the beginning to this moment - the true enormity and meaning of "war crime" and "crimes against humanity" are subverted, diluted into meaningless words - masked. A deliberate destruction of norms of decency to cloak racist domination of one by another by force of arms.

The US "leadership" has allowed the subversion of our sovereignty that blinds people to what war crimes are, how we are complicit, how we excuse the fact when it is in the "interests" of the subversive racist state, military criminal minds, and the MICC war machine - how "we" fund, arm and excuse the war crimes.

The press has abdicated its critical responsibility to any free state, to our supposed democracy, to fully and truthfully INFORM - bought-up by people that profit from ignorance of the wider population or those masking war crimes. No nation can exist with such disparities, such blatant subversion of sovereignty, such blind acceptance of brutal racist occupation and ethnic cleansing, and control of a free and dynamic press........so it can even be claimed that "no war crime exists" when the truth is quite obviously very different!


According to the official report, the act fits the definition of 'reckless' to a T. They had the coordinates; they did not load them (it's so difficult to upload data these days?). Their targeting system was thrown off because their plane was shot at --- in a battle zone. They appear to have not even consulted a satellite map, which shows that the hospital didn't look like the target, except that it was big. In short: they demolished a large urban structure without knowing what it was, by their own detailed admission.

Their only way out was to erase the 'recklessness' clause from the definition of war crime. But criminals are not allowed to rewrite the law.


It is at least "manslaughter' by our laws in the U.S. The crime does not have to be intentional.


This horrific tragedy is an example of how corrupt our government is, and we have a Democratic president. (Never underestimate the Obama betrayal). There is an air of corruption in this country that is obvious all over the world. The Democrats will tell you it's the Republicans fault and they do do a lot of damage but the Democrats are elected to serve the people and they have abandoned us for the neocon policies we see today. Bernie is the only one we can trust to break up these pockets of corruption. Hillary is right of Obama so we can imagine how bad she will be. Don't vote for this cow.


The pentagon needs to take off the American Exceptionalism sunglasses so it can see what the rest of the world can see, war crimes.


You misquoted me, I never said I agreed with the reason. I only said it was a theory, that I hoped was not true.


What is a war crime? Seems to me that the intended bombing is de facto a war crime . In the first place, this is a so-called Civil War, therefore a very sad case where both sides are good guys in a country where they just can't seem to agree on a few points. What are foreign interests doing in a civil war except killing good guys? Seems to me that there was no reason to justify war and therefore every reason to stop it. Every day is a good day to say stop and no more killing.
Even if you are one of those who thinks war can be justifiable, bombing is ALWAYS going to have unintended casualties due to the sloppy nature of the process. All bombings are war crimes, with some dead not our straw enemy. And the building was definitely innocent.
Are we saving the future of of a country if we bomb ou alll its building?
I read that the US bombed out every single building in North Korea during the Korean War, so that people were left livving in caves. This is why you have so much support for an anti-Western dictator. dictator.


I agree with you. We need to hold Congress accountable for their war votes, not just their home policies. How did our current candidates vote on Syria, Libya, Iraq II, and Afghanistan II and III? Some disappointing news there.


Your opening question is a good one, Shantiananda! Bravo!