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'Unacceptable!': Probe Demanded After Footage Shows Capitol Police Standing Aside for Pro-Trump Mob

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/07/unacceptable-probe-demanded-after-footage-shows-capitol-police-standing-aside-pro


At least there is photographic evidence of the perpertrators on both sides.


I’ve a friend, in Silver Spring, who’d been having BAD internet issues, phone connection, etc. Anybody else, experience anything suspicious? It just seems to be blatantly, elaborate theatrics, towards autocratic censorship of the web, blatant obfuscatory agitprop… The COUP was 40yrs ago… INSIDE this same building (with Fascist cops keeping us ALL out!)

First time watching TV news, since Jan 1981: Do they now ALWAYS talk over actual events, controlling any narrative? Were the 6 remaining media afraid of getting microphones damaged by the fearsome & effective police response?




~https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnewing/2021/12/28/the-ridiculousness-of-learning-loss/ (I’m guessing, our slow internet, in NYC, is bandwidth, due to equity trading)


These orders came from further up the food chain. One of the IL congressmen commented to the Chicago News that while entering the Capitol yesterday morning he actually wondered why there was actually LESS of a presence of Police than normal. Very unusual for a joint session with both the VP and the House Speaker in attendance.


What the article leaves out [and which the wsws reported on] is that only 300 members of the National Guard had been deployed to the D.C. area which is certainly not enough to block out more than 1,000 members of a mob from entering the Capitol building. This would seem to indicate that either Trump or top members of the Guard were going to make sure that the mob had little resistance when they sought entry into the Capitol building. And as expected Biden has yet to call for the arrest of Trump in regard to his involvement of this coup.


No problem here in Spain. :slight_smile: And i don’t do TV but watched on-line. (Aljazeera) Remember why Edward Snowden is in exile?
Great links thanks.
OBTW dump has had his social media rants blocked:



Don’t hold your breath Terry.

Time for the blame game: the Others Fault. No one will take responsibility for this insurrection and destruction, not even Agent Orange. The GOP and the DP own this.


As I thought I had indicated in that sentence as well as on the article entitled “Co-Conspirators in Sedition …”, the moderate Biden has little intention of going after Trump as that would require courage and integrity, attributes which Biden is sorely lacking.


Yep. That’s why Matt Gaetz (R-Asshole), on the floor of the House, proffered facial recognition technology showed Antifa was involved. I guess FOX people were pushing the “Antifa could have infiltrated the protests” line. These people can never take credit for what they do.


I seldom link Politico’s sneering obfuscation (but, hey… Amy Goodman’s WHOLE show has become disingenuous blob-hyena blather, recently?) There’s a special place in HELL, for ignoring “Biden’s choice” of Albright Stonebridge Group’s, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, much beloved Victoria Nuland* & the whole Atlantic Council/ CAP coup, we’re blithely being DISTRACTED from? Meanwhile, I’m marking speciously un-fucking-believably overvalued equities for sale, so maybe everythin IS back to normal & fundementally unchanged? I’m wondering if Congress failed to notice Trump’s coup due to shorting equities, they’d legislated up, while running up BILLIONS in debt (did they LOOT Nancy’s gelato freezer?)

One thing, we all KNOW: It’ll end up being all OUR fault!
*Remember, when we used to mostly overthrow OTHER countries (to preclude competition in fracked LNG export)


Can anyone tell me what the present state of the preliminary stages of investigation is, regarding the Capitol Police’s lack of preparation and response? If what we are seeing in photos and reading in anecdotes reflects the reality, then the rot of Trumpism may be deeper and more pervasive than even we had imagined. If I were a congress-member, I would be incensed, I would be livid.


Are we going to see any of that video on corporate media? Even MSNBC? No, not so far.


Wings of a Dove, don’t worry there are many copies of this same old movie ‘show’, with which Empire has been showing and deluding propagandized, infantilized, and just plain dumb lumpenproletariats for centuries.

As I just wrote this comment on Ezra Kline’s column in the NYT, "Trump Has Always Been a Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing” — sub-head: “By enabling the president anyway, Republican elites helped make the storming of the Capitol possible”:

Ezra incorrectly says, “Trump was telling his supporters that the election had actually been stolen, and that it was up to them to resist. And they took him literally. They did not experience this as performative grievance; they experienced it as a profound assault.”

This whole charade actually was very likely the greatest example of “performative political art” since at least 9/11.

While the real ‘Tea Party’ was actually the start of “Our Revolution Against Empire”, this facade and charade of a scary ‘dressed-up’ mob was a production worthy of one-upping Mel Brook’s “The Producers” and “Spring Time for Hitler” combined. The scripts of this attack on ‘our democracy’ were clearly prewritten for the evening ‘show’ of “coming together” in Biden-partisan manner.

But to get serious for a minute, ‘we the American people’ need to understand the faux-reality being produced before our own eyes:

The long arc of history may have already bent too far toward Empire, since the Second World War of Empires ended, and in which since the collapse of the ‘next to the last Empire’ on earth in 1991 — the “Soviet Evil Empire” aren’t they all, Ronnie? — we have allowed talk of “The End of History” to be prematurely understood as ‘The End of Empire’, despite Francis Fukuyama’s refutation of his own work, and arguing for a second chance and path forward for “America at the Crossroads” to prevail as a truly peaceful people’s socialist democracy over this first, last, and disguised EMPIRE.

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The damage of not holding Trump and Republicans actually responsible for what has happened will be massive.


There will be no repercussions for Trump, the Congresspeople, or the protesters/mob as these are white supremacists, not BLM or Antifa. The failed state that is the US has a whole different MO when it comes to racist whites and people who believe in equality.


Yes, of course, Beli_Tsari, thanks for all of these insightful and true links that you have provided. I was starting to think that no one else was noticing the scam.

I would only add for ‘color’ that Victoria Nuland should always be described accurately as, Victoria ‘Kagan PNAC’ Nuland, wife of all the Middle-East wars, past and to come.


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Well, the Trump MAGA Nazi, carrying zip-ties, has already been labled “ANTIFA agent provocateur,” so, I’m guessing a big part of “Biden’s” Neocon monstrosity we’re about to be rounded-up by… is fishing, for some way to blame US all? It’s like, they’d bought this shit to “coup” Venezuela, Iran, Bolivia (maybe, left over from Ukraine, Libya & Syria oil, gas, lithium, Heroin “revolutions”) so Neera couldn’t let it all go to wasre?

@alan385 & @Maineac sorry… was trying to write & trade stocks simultaneously! I’m so glad, we’re back to NORMAL!


the exteme right wing nut jobs have been recruiting from the military and encouraging enrollment in the police forces of America for decades–we have known this --we have publicized this–we have advocated for change pointing this out for those same decades–the problem lies in our political establishments refusing to do their jobs from the towns to the cities to the DC nabobs–and now (as the attempt to overthrow the election demonstrates)we have proof positive they have infiltrated the houses of government

my bet is that this --like many other treasons-will be let to slide by the Democrats and nothing will be done to correct the problem(as was made clear in a conversation with black leaders and Biden showed)


My 100mbps feel like a dial up modem.