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'Unacceptable!': Probe Demanded After Footage Shows Capitol Police Standing Aside for Pro-Trump Mob

But, I was remarking upon actual REALITY, on THIS planet? Here, any “president” works for us.

So You are defending Republican racists-----Trump has consistantly stated that the election was stolen. And yes Trump told the crowd to go down to the Capital and deal with those not supporting him.

And now reported the new Sec of Def was not allowing the Guard and the Capital Police twice refused help.

On defending republican racists----I was looking at another comment—sorry

an easily overlooked comment amid the confusion as well
(I am not a politics person, but as I roam the net things start coming together.)
what were those speciously un-fucking-believably overvalued equities for sale that congress shorted?



Thank you! Posted it somewhere, in here; but I am kinda pooped, just thinking how MANY selfless, inspirational and above all CONSCIENTIOUS true Progressive® grown up PRAGMATISTS we’ll have now, Reaching Across the Aisle to assure fundemental NORMALCY & save constituents from CHANGE! OK: Trump Plague & Socialism OVER, essentials…

bring me my fucking BRUNCH! There’s a special place in HELL, for deplorables who question ‘Joe & Kamala’ agenda


~https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2021/01/07/ctuo-j06.html (only folks consistently reporting walk-out strikes)




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At least nobody thought to BURN the Reichstag, this time?

~https://caitlinjohnstone.com/2021/01/09/the-boot-is-coming-down-hard-and-fast/ (perhaps, next time?)




some claimed attempt but no follow through?
who was that masked man?

a fake american coup?

I do not understand the aristocracy.
it doesn’t make sense.

I will read all about it tomorrow, I have a documentary to finish.

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  1. It was a joke. The funny part is that it’s true, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was a joke.

2.Your last sentence makes no sense at all to me. Obviously I can stay focused; I’ve shown that by staying politically active and constant in my goals since I was 11, and though you couldn’t know that you can see it from my comments here. I’ve made no attempt to hide it, pretend anything, or make any excuses anywhere, so I can only conclude that you’re dropping random insults to try to discredit me, which is surprising given the comment I responded to. If I’m wrong please help me understand your comment.

  1. If by more involved you mean vote, I’m afraid that’s not nearly enough. We supported Bernie Sanders and the Democratic leadership—with the collaboration of the media and the Republicans—lied, cheated and manipulated people and the system to make sure he couldn’t be elected president despite his popularity and that of his ideas, and the scientifically obvious necessity of acting far more decisively on inequality and climate-plus than any other candidate even came close to. The fact that he was allowed to be a senator suggests the effectiveness of the clampdown even the Senate is subject to as well; they obviously weren’t worried about him until he showed signs of being able to win.

The entire system is rigged so political organizing and voting are ineffective, along with education, media, lawsuits, protests, and everything else that’s been tried. They’re all overwhelmed by the flabbergasting amounts of money applied to keeping the rich and powerful rich and powerful. Various versions of “If voting changed anything it would be illegal” have been attributed to various people but it’s so obviously true it hardly matters who said it. Voting is important but the right wing oligarchy has protected itself, its agenda and the emotional illness it’s infected with so well that only a large, determined group taking a large number of coordinated conventional and radical actions will be enough. And we need to do it quickly to avoid fascism and ecological cataclysm. The only more involved way that will help is to understand that only peaceful revolution will change things enough to matter to our survival as a civilization now. Vote? Sure. Get good people to run and work on their campaigns? Sure. But also understand that the system is thoroughly rigged so they don’t work. Only peaceful revolution has any chance.

  1. Change happened in the 1930s because of a unique set of circumstances—a near-total collapse of society; a planned coup that failed because the general they chose betrayed the coup and stayed loyal to the Constitution; strong unions and progressive factions, communist and socialist parties making the oligarchy afraid enough to let some progressive things happen (while still preventing the most important things that would have made a more durable difference—strong, effective measures for real political and economic equality, money out of politics, universal basic income, universal health care…

We’re faced with an even more dire situation now, and seem to have learned little while the oligarchs have obviously learned a lot (see Naomi Wolf, The End of America, ~https://www.theguardian.com/world/2007/apr/24/usa.comment ~https://grist.org/article/the-debate-is-over-the-oceans-are-in-hot-hot-water/#comment-4300972502 )

A little Colbert ~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpUxQyLCBbk just for fun.


Trump himself installed legislation this summer making destruction of federal property a 10-year minimum sentence. That’s the good news for these domestic terrorists who were caught and will be caught. The bad news is that as information unfolds about a multi-pronged coup attempt to assassinate certain government officials and destroy the electoral ballots, charges of sedition are more likely, and more than likely will result in capital punishment.

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What would R. Barnett have done to Nancy Pelosi, had she been at her office?
I think this entire thing was orchestrated, and Capital Police were told to stand down and abandon the lawmakers, and that some defied those orders. Where did the orders come from?
Since F.B.I. and Homeland Security fallaciously saw “no threat” from right-wing militia groups in the days and hours before the riot, we can only assume that they were in on this.
The small number of people charged and the milquetoast charges (trespassing?!) give us an ominous signal.

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GREAT picture you’ve got up… of the Foxes “guarding” the henhouse…