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'Unacceptable': Tom Perez, DNC Accused of Trying to Stifle Climate Debate for 2020 Dems

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/09/unacceptable-tom-perez-dnc-accused-trying-stifle-climate-debate-2020-dems


Hi ahead Perez. Seal your fate. I have already talked with 3 younger people who are from republican families and they are voting democrat on this issue alone. I know 3 is a small representation but younger people already Democrat’s won’t accept any candidate not willing to do something about it. Have you heard about the green new deal Tom ?


Jay Inslee: " Climate change is not a small marginal issue." I love your platform Jay, but climate problems due to fossil fuels, is a small issue to Tom Perez.


No, they still feel the need to butter the bread before making a sandwich.

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This Perez guy is the epitome of the word Sleaze. He replaced a prior example of the word sleaze when Wasserman-Schultz gave up that position.

That sleaze replaced sleaze shows the DNC not all that concerned about sleaze or consider it as some sort of virtue.


The DNC has been taking large donations from the new owner–fossil fuel baron-- of USA Today. So this is factoring into their resistance to the Green New Deal and opposition to outspoken newcomers.



Now all of you crazy “progressives” and “extreme leftists” calm down!

Perez isn’t capitulating AT ALL to large corporations and super wealthy individuals that comprise the favored constituency of Corporate State Democrats (sarcasm here determined by the use of the word “isn’t”…just to be clucking clear)

Oh no, Perez is simply trying to save all of us…and promote progressive policies by making sure that the swing voter votes Democratic.

I mean, “the voters” took us down this path that started all those years ago with the Reagan Revolution and shucks…I mean Bill, Hillary, Obama, and the rest have just been dragged around all of these decades by the lowly voter (especially the swing voter in red states…cluck cluck cluck)

So, Perez is the good guy here!!! Trying to keep us from getting right wing judges and stuff!!!


Some of us aren’t that clucking stupid, okay?


Sleaze is considered a virtue in that circle. That’s why creatures like DWS and TP get that job.


The d-party is going to get punished by low turnout. But at least the big donors will be happy, right, Tom?



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Winning isn’t much of a concern for them. Just the income.


I saw a poll stating that 96% of Democratic voters thought that the climate crisis was a major issue. At that, the poll may have been skewed toward voters age 50+, so 97% is a reasonable correction.

CNN’s own polling had the climate crisis in first place on their issue list.

Rep. Perez is just screaming, “I don’t want to win, and I don’t want my friends to win either.”


Disclaimer: the purveyor of the following article takes no responsibility for any bouts of rage, binge drinking, short-term depression, nausea, loss of sex drive, or irritability with ‘Mr Sunshine’ types experienced by individuals that choose to read it.

Article gist: Weakening earlier polled cross-partisan support for climate action, a combination of relentless right wing media demonization of the GND and far less liberal news coverage of it has produced strong and widespread anti-GND views on the right and far greater ignorance of the GND and (thus) mixed views of it among liberals.

Takeaway: it’s not just the formal Democratic Party machinery that has weakened GND support, but the Party’s corporate liberal media aiders and abettors.


Uncle Tom Perez - Tio Taco - is just doing his job derailing progressives and our issues for the DINO corporate whore DNC establishment. he was hand-picked by obama to oppose Kieth Ellison who they apparently feared. Those sellouts will assure a trump victory rather than serve the Democratic/Independent base - they also suppress news and issues and truth on things like the climate crisis, as Perez is doing with this BS, and undermining Sanders common-sense - Common Good proposals!


If Perez wore a dress he would just be another Nancy Pelosi.

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Haven’t heard from Keith Ellison in a long time. they certainly silenced him.


Pendejo Perez and Petroleum Pelosi are the first line of obstruction. If they get past these blockheads, then you have Moscow Mitch, and the last line of defense for the oligarchy is Traitor trump. Uphill battle I know, but we have the numbers and we are mad as hell. These blockades are only temporary.


As long as Wall Street keeps the $ coming and takes them out to dinner frequently - everything is ok with Perez.


Whatever Wall Street wants…Tom is there to deliver.


Weren’t there several commenters on this site who wrote that the appointment of Perez over Ellison in no way represented a right-wing (Dem) attempt to stifle any progressive momentum?

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