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'Unacceptable': Trump Using Puerto Rico's Political Crisis to Restrict Hurricane Relief Aid

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/02/unacceptable-trump-using-puerto-ricos-political-crisis-restrict-hurricane-relief-aid

Well who didn’t expect blowback because “their boy” Rossello was forced to resign? Trump has shown his whole life how vindictive he is, like a baby who’s had his toy taken away.

Note to Jake Johnson: The hurricane season for the Atlantic and Caribbean starts June 1 of every year, and runs through Nov. 30. Some scientists want to extend it even further because of climate change and the bodies of water affected warming sooner and staying warmer later (water above 80 deg. F. feed these storms like gasoline in a combustible engine), than in the past. The peak of the season is August and September, but as hurricane Michael showed last year these are just guidelines.


Mother nature will decide how long the hurricane season is regardless of trump’s tantrums. How did we allow a, fill in the blank ______, person to become prez?
Is this the most openly partisan we have ever had? I thought sensible people would improve with age. Not in America.

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May I use more than one word to fill in the blank? The words greedy, lying, infantile, selfish, spoiled, brain dead, vindictive, train wreck, loose cannon, and asshole immediately come to mind.

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Yup, that’s the word I was looking for dawg.

Just wait, it will be your house, street, city, county, state and it already is your nation. These people are Citizens Too!

Trump has a hard-on for the Mayor of San Juan.

Ever since she personally shamed him on air for his lack of response to the disaster that befell the island nation, he has intentionally punished the entire island.

You omitted racist and con-man buddy.

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I have heard that a lot of money and relief hasn’t actually arrived for the people of Puerto Rico. Who were already in a mess because their political institutions had gone bankrupt. Planes flew in with relief supplies, and then just sat on the tarmac. Many other instances of the money being appropriated, and then just sitting there, (just waiting to be stolen) instead of actually going to relief. So Pres. Trump has done good calling out that scam.

An individual remark:

I am sure you did your part in voting for the other candidate. But, 1) the Democrats nominated Hillary. Was she really the best most vote-getting candidate? and 2) You didn’t do a good enough job persuading voters in the red states, like Pennsylvania or Wisconsin, to vote for the other candidate.

This is how the US treats its colonies. Will PR be able to oust Wall Street’s Junta and its stranglehold on their economy?