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#UnapologeticallyFeministScientist: Tucker Carlson Twitter Shamed After Wondering How 'Feminists Do Science' in US

#UnapologeticallyFeministScientist: Tucker Carlson Twitter Shamed After Wondering How 'Feminists Do Science' in US

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"How did we wind up with a country in which feminists do science?"

That comment from Fox News host Tucker Carlson Thursday inspired blowback from scientists.

The right-wing host's remark after he pointed to a recent study pointing to "toxic masculinity" hampering eco-friendly actions.

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Some 34 companies stopped advertising on Tucker Carlsons show after his racist spew recently made public. There still a number of advertisers still on his show. Go after them.

A link to those that stopped advertising on his show.

This list is some of those that are left and should be targetted,

This last link gives perspective on the effect of the Advertisers being pressured to leave his show on revenues which have dropped in half.

Quite frankly, it my feeling that people can have a greater effect on Corporations via letter writing campaigns calling for boycotts of their products than they can have writing to their politicians for policy changes. It a shame really but money talks.

Tucker Carlson and (1) toxic (2) masculinity? How do you find?

On Count One, guilty as charged!
On Count Two, WTF?

Tucker Carlson, like Trump, has no use for Science, only Science "Fiction."

One has to ask, what does Tucker Carlson know about science?

Most of us smart males have to admit (down deep) that the competition in school from females (in kindergarten through Ph.D. programs) has almost always been in their favor. Females have, to me, always seemed more adept at doing homework, doing well on academic tests, and in reading with depth of understanding. But we were nearly always compensated for our being males. My all-male secondary and undergraduate college education eliminated them from the competition, excepting on rare occasions like Model U.N., forensic debate teams, spelling and math contests, etc. When all my former schools, as well as the school where I taught, began to accept women, it wasn’t just their physical attractiveness that was acceptable; it was their actually reading the assigned texts carefully enough to shine in class with the “right answers.” We males were keen to put them and keep them in their place. So, democracy and civil rights is how we got a country where ‘feminists do science,’ as Congressperson Alexandria says. Men are still quite nervous about the competition, especially since our physical triumphs over women became suspect (after all the least among us could only succeed with the help of date-rape drugs). If a man is secure in his masculinity, he has little problem in admiring women doing superior and careful scientific experiments and analysis. If Mr. Carlson had ever been bested in chemistry grades by a woman, he, like many others facing such challenges, changed major concentrations and yielded the field. Mr. Carlson ought to read Ashley Montagu’s The Natural Superiority of Women, now in its 5th edition. Obvious when analyzing climate change and the lack of ethics among such people as oilmen, we are on the path to destruction. If we are to be saved, it will be by our women and children. Feminists are probably better equipped to embrace the most important element of the scientific method: the striving for objectivity. We must eliminate personal biases, a priori commitments, emotional involvement and loyalty to a corporation with the power to pay a scientist for finding in its favor. In these days of everyone believing that s/he has strong opinions based on subjective experience, it’s even more difficult to maintain scientific objectivity. But every real intellectual must. We dare not dismiss the contributions to science made by “feminists.” Our society’s direction, led by men always in the driver’s seats, is heading the wrong way.