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'Unbelievable': Snowden Calls Out Media for Failing to Press US Politicians on Inconsistent Support of Whistleblowers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/02/unbelievable-snowden-calls-out-media-failing-press-us-politicians-inconsistent


Well, we have seen that this Justice Dept. is misnamed. nancy p. helped write the WB law, is my understanding I may be wrong, if it is true she should be ringing bells all over town celebrating WB’s of all stripes. Wherever they may be. Not trying to lessen the effects of the law. Free Julian!!!


One of the Obama Admin. moves that pissed me off the most was their persecution of whistleblowers.

Snowden, Hale and so many others are national heroes, yet treated like shit – and there are those here who condemn The Intercept, but they’ve been a consistent outlet for publishing whistleblower revelations.


POGO Petition Protect Whistleblowers

" Protect Whistleblowers!

As Americans, we understand the importance of a government that is run by the people and for the people. We also understand that without a system to hold that government accountable, it will abuse its power to the detriment of the people.

That’s why we must protect whistleblowers.

Truth-tellers are our first line of defense against waste, fraud, and abuses of power in the federal government and we stand with their bravery in fighting to expose the facts."


Snowden had to flee, and Manning and Assange are being persecuted, while the as yet-anonymous “whistleblower” is canonized in the corporate media.

What further evidence do we need to conclude this is an “approved message?”


A government that will not obey laws is tyranny. We need to fire our representatives who tolerate it.


Bravo for Edward Snowden once again for speaking up for Daniel Hale. But US treatment of whistleblowers has been consistent since the days of Daniel Ellsberg–just dismal, as Snowden has every reason to believe, sadly.

People should not take the current propagandistic use of the word whistleblower to suggest that much of the US government has any kindness, appreciation, or even humane tolerance for genuine whistleblowers, for the First Amendment, or for the telling of truth in general.

The supposed exception, the treatment of the so-called whistleblower in the Trump impeachment case, is different because the case is different. This is not a case of a person blowing the whistle against his or her offending employer or institution; it is a case of a person working within the directives of his or her institution to report an offense elsewhere in government, quite probably completely in line with instructions. This might be a case requiring witness protection of some sort, but it is not a case of a whistleblower at all.

If a cop cites me for running a stop sign, that is law enforcement, not whistleblowing. That doesn’t mean that he or she is wrong or has acted badly. If an intelligence officer goes into the White House to investigate a sitting president and reports that to the agent’s superiors, that is investigation, not whistleblowing.

What the misappropriation of this word obscures is that there are two loci of power and possible corruption that merit examination here: the president and the agency. The fact that almost the entire MSM burst into applause for this immediately when they have never much approved of any whistleblower before strongly suggests central organization.


You, Hazmat70 are so cynical you must be both smart and correct.

This is the book the media does not want you to read.


Yeah, that’s a good point. And I think that we can assume that The Intercept will in no way hold itself accountable. But even were that to happen, it would be small compensation once the source has been jailed, with the prospects of torture, inhumane detention, and ongoing harassment.

There is some tendency, not altogether unreasonable, to associate The Intercept with Glenn Greenwald and hence with the relatively successful escape of Edward Snowden. But of course The Intercept had not come into existence at the time, and Greenwald had left Salon and was writing for The Guardian.

I suppose that it is natural, reading The Intercept, that the work is generally not up to Greenwald’s caliber; journalism is not generally up to Greenwald’s caliber elsewhere either. But I have to say that a lot of the reporting and editorial observation are not in line with is relatively nonpartisan observations and relatively tight logical arguments, either. I had hoped for something closer to that, given Greenwald’s place as a chief editor. But it seems likely that this is more a Pierre Omidyar product than a Greenwald product, and that could mean that it is a trap for sources as well.

This would be easy to do while working around an editor. The publication could simply be penetrated.

Something like what Wikileaks had or perhaps still has, which renders the whistleblower anonymous to the publication, is really necessary. It is the only way to stop government infiltration in even a modestly sized publication.


It’s time to chain up the gate at the White House.

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In a way the Media is proving Trump is right when he claims “The deep state” out to get him. This hardly means he not corrupt but the Medias silence on all of those other whistle blowers names that are mentioned contrasted with this “Heroic insider at the CIA” tells me that the MSM is being directed by another agency.


Those drones BELONG to us, the people who pay for them. We have every right to know where they are, what they’re being used for, and how devastating (and to whom) they are. Our press people who find out these things and tell us about them ARE NOT STEALING. The drones are already ours. The secrets are much too inclusive. That’s our OWN stuff. Government property belongs to the people who pay for it.


Perhaps the term “whistleblower” should be changed to “interceptors” since, like our Air Force’s interceptors and our police interceptors, they pursue and catch violators and bring them to book!


The change in treatment of whistle-blowers from hero to threat that must be destroyed, for citizens demanding truth, accountability, and transparency in our “elected” officials and government is an act of tyranny; the trump regime only the most visible rotten tip of the iceberg.

The political and corporate PTB have marked truth “classified” to an extreme degree that makes truth the enemy - an enemy to those manipulating it to serve themselves, not to our republic, people, justice, or those exposing what they are doing in our names!

The change from respecting and lauding those with the integrity and honor to risk their own lives to expose the truth of war-crimes, official crimes, lies,and corruption, is the true enemy, not those putting themselves on the line!

That MO of extreme massive secrecy hiding the truth of governmental wrongdoing and accountability, (also altered from the actual persons making decisions) for ordinary crimes, fomenting for-profit wars & war crimes, bailing-out and serving banks & other parasite corporations, while screwing the public.

The theft of trillions, and the diversion of trillions from civilian priorities to the military arms conglomerate - the MICC - scam and wars against manufactured “enemies” is the greatest crime in American history, NOT the people of honor and conscience who have the courage to expose the crimes of a government so corrupted and secretive their actions betray all our nation is supposed to stand-for.

THAT is the crime, from both “parties” politician class, now dedicated to themselves, corporate benefit, crony players, and stealing our national direction - the future - from truth and the Common Good, to lies, deceit and profits above all else; with zero accountability, persecuting and imprisoning, torturing, people of honor and a desire for justice, has become the norm, no one actual person is ever actually held to account for the criminal perversion of government ostensibly Of, By, and For the people to rampant deception and corruption!..


I very much share your low regard for Trump, but there are many facts that strongly suggest this latest whistleblower episode is a ruse on the American people.

Those behind the scenes are manipulating the narrative and the perceptions of the public, yet again.


Since we know politicians are lying when their lips are moving, know that legislation passed and fully enacted that protects, rewards and advances the careers of whistle blowers is the only test of political commitment to this freedom. Unshackling the undemocratic legal restrictions of nondisclosure agreements is a prerequisite.
Also, given the pervasive corruption, said legislation must go after, in a severe way, all those who perpetuate institutional corruption. Major loss of personal assets plus the end of any government career is one thing Americans seem to understand completely. Those who cooperate with corruption in ways that involve of loss of innocent life should receive their full due.
But this ain’t gonna happen unless Americans admit the culture they have formed and enforced. A culture of poison is difficult to heal.

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Actually, it’s simply misspelled. Think of it as the Just Us Dept. and its actions become rather more understandable.


It’s quite simple. If you expose dirt on my political opponent, it’s whistleblowing. If you expose our illegal murder programs, it’s espionage.
Jeebus they’re even praising that POS Chuck Grassley!


The overwhelming majority of our legislators need to be replaced along with many other politicians and judges. The people need to take this over.