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'Unbelievable, Unprecedented': Best Reactions From Comey Hearing's Second Half


'Unbelievable, Unprecedented': Best Reactions From Comey Hearing's Second Half

Common Dreams staff

During the final half of his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee—in which he has already taken the "unbelievable, unprecedented" step of calling the President of the United States a liar under oath—former FBI Director James Comey continued to answer questions regarding his knowledge of alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election.

When asked if he believes Trump colluded with the Russian government, Comey said, "That's a question I don't think I should answer in an open setting."


But, but, but there’s no evidence that trump did anything wrong (where are you, trumpsters?).


I wish we could hear the closed door session as some of what Comey said he couldnt answer in the open would be the most damning of Dictator Trump.


Please for Goddess’ sake, FIRE his retarded @ss!


You can tell that the discourse has reached new lows when the “big story” is that Trump didn’t tweet anything for an entire ninety minutes.


From what I can tell from Comey’s pre-release and his testimony at the hearing, Trump was a whole lot circumspect than I would have given him credit for. He made sure, that he confined all his incriminating suggestions, when he was alone with Comey.

It will come down to Comey’s word against that of the President. And I can anticipate how that will play with the GOP majority.


Like is this a surprise? Shocked, shocked we are…Trump is a scumbag liar among, well, scumbags liars.


right now there isn’t, there’s just this testimony. and it’s not as if Comey is Mr Veracity 2017.

That said, I suspect he’s finally being truthful before Congress, which is refreshing.

And with any luck, we can have a nice, joyous impeachment proceeding that’ll take as long as the last one did and maybe no more wars will break out for a bit.


His legal team probably took his phone away


Good move on their part (for a change). Now if they’d take the nuclear launch codes away from him as well, I’d sure feel better.


I don’t understand why Obama nominated Comey as FBI Director.

Because if it was another gesture of reaching across the aisle, it was just silly.

Fun testimony, BTW. But it falls a bit short of incriminating anyone.


The Question Comey Never Asked :

“What exactly do you mean by Loyalty, Mr. President? Loyalty to the Nation, to the Constitution…What?”

He IS a former PROSECUTOR, after all.


Dumb Trump probably thinks he can launch those missiles through his twitter account.


Less than 30% of the country now identifies with that party (Democrats aren’t much better), and a decent portion of those that do don’t support Trump. The group that it will play well with is too small to benefit him politically and electorally, as those outside of that group far outweigh those in the group. He is going to have about a third of the country support him no matter what, but he and his party aren’t going to win elections with that group alone. The danger to him is when most others in charge of his rotten party see that attaching themselves to him is a net negative, and it seems kind of obvious that it is at this point. Having said that, his opponents in the other party are just as unpopular nationally as he is and they don’t seem to want to change much of anything policy wise and in regards to their leadership. That gives him a much better chance than he would have if a good opposition party existed. The only thing I fear is a terrorist attack domestically benefiting him, but given how stupid and incompetent he is, it could just as much harm him. All I can say for sure is that this political system really, really sucks, and him being president shows just how much it sucks.


It looks like it will be a case of he said, he said. Trump’s attorney denied that Trump asked Comey for a pledge of loyalty, or that he asked Comey to let up on Flynn.



Comey won’t say anything publicly about whether there was election collusion with the Russian’s or not because the Democrats can’t have the truth of the matter out there. The Dems whole distraction/obfuscation of their own corruption/rigging in the primaries would be exposed. In having said that, dipshit Trump still has opened himself up for obstruction of justice charges. If there is any connection between Trump and Russia, it most likely is with the mob or corrupt oligarchs on some real estate deals.


Why should he respond in any way to such a preposterous query? His silence was answer enough.


This from yet another master prevaricator and paid shill for the orange oaf…


I’m skeptical of everything, Dem or Repub:


The Deep State is playing a Deep Game.

Trust no one.


What is it? I’d like to know more about it, please.