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Unbroken, CIA Torture Whistleblower Kiriakou To Finish Sentence Home with Family


Unbroken, CIA Torture Whistleblower Kiriakou To Finish Sentence Home with Family

John Kiriakou, the CIA agent who was jailed for blowing the whistle on the United States' torture program, was released from Loretto Prison in Pennsylvania on Tuesday under orders to finish the remainder of his 30-month sentence at home.


John Kiriakou is one of the real patriots of the nation, unlike those who receive “The Medal Of Freedom”. We are a sick and dispicable society, when we honour criminals and imprison patriots.


Kiriakou is a victim of an oppressive government. It sounds weird for me to write that - sounds like a right-wing kook, but there it is. We elected Obama to set things right after the Bush debacle and this hasn’t really happened. Why? Several years ago I spoke with a fairly well connected New Yorker who said Obama had been threatened to “Play the game” or there would be lethal repercussions. I don’t know what that means, but it sounds as if that is what is happening, sorry to say. We need to correct the torture and imprisonment of prisoners which just encourages young jihadists; Kiriakou’s whistle blowing should have been a step in that direction rather than invite punishment.


While Bush , Cheney , Rumsfeld , Rice and Rove
have been walking the streets Free and not prosecuted for
their crimes.
The elite does not prosecute the elite…
Punishment is for the U.S. citizens to keep them in line.


We have to face the truth today.
We the people are no longer have any say or power over
the elected officials and what policies or action they take…
In fact I believe the elections are fixed from the get go…