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'Uncharted Waters': DC Lobbyists Panic Over Possibility of Sanders Win

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/28/uncharted-waters-dc-lobbyists-panic-over-possibility-sanders-win


Someone who is smarter than I am please explain this to me:

Yes they didnt’ think he could win, but, If the DNC was not going to let Bernie win and destroy their own organization in the process, why the hell did they allow him to run through their corporation in the first place? Why not just say no up front? To keep him from splitting the vote? They are prepared to destroy themselves anyway.
“keep your friends close…”? is that it?


If Sanders wins, expect economic warfare on the people to be used to de-legitamize the Sanders admin. Expect Regime Change tactics to be applied on our own soil.
Think of the pattern of Regime Change & watch for it.


Oh, DEFINITELY that, and worse. They’ll be ‘forced’ to teach us a lesson

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That’s how much money Elizabeth Warren’s super PAC just dropped on Super Tuesday ads with less than a week to go before the big day.


That’s how much Pete Buttigieg’s super PAC just dropped on ads in South Carolina just days before the primary.

Your $15.

It may seem like a mismatch in the face of all that super PAC spending. And you’re right. It is.

But moments ago, someone else just chipped in $15. And by the time you’re done reading this sentence, someone else will donate $15 more…

$15 at a time. That’s how WE fund our campaign and have out-raised everyone else. That’s how WE will elect Bernie Sanders the next President of the United States.

But it all falls apart unless everyone does their part — that’s the only way it adds up to victory.

Can you make a contribution to our campaign before tomorrow’s FEC fundraising deadline to help Bernie fight back and WIN against the outrageous super PAC spending flooding into this race right before South Carolina and Super Tuesday?


It gets hard to disentangle the ongoing panics. Orangeman’s incompetence apparently just released Covid-19 into the Bay Area general public – via heedless handling of workers debarking the Diamond Princess people into one of our airbases.

The “coronavirus panic” has (at this writing) driven the Dow below 25000, which is where the red warning light starts flashing for Orangeman’s ability to retain office. There’s concern about Apple’s ability to sell gizmos, but part of the financial panic today would involve concsciousness of Orangeman’s apparent demise right now. The same plutocrats paying those DC lobbtyists aren’t happy about losing Orangeman, even if Sanders is blocked. This looks so bad Marrianne Williamson could beat Orangeman.


They do that we respond with boycotts, strikes and finally culmination in total non cooperation.


and it’s not just the “bribery-congressional-lobbyist complex.” hes fighting:

Audio with transcript

Bernie Sanders’s Fight Against Trump, the GOP, the Democratic Establishment, and Corporate Media
Jeremy Scahill on the Bipartisan Coalition to Use Red Scare Tactics Against Bernie Sanders


Bernie is taking it all on at once. A heavy lift indeed


The corporate machine including all the little leaches that suck the lifeblood from the American people are scurrying around in a panic that their corporate teat is about to dry up leaving them to finally work an honest job.


Yes, the "very stable ‘genius’ "at work.


If the miracle happens and Bernie Sanders wins it ALL, then what time will it be? Time to be nicenice and invite all to the party? Or time to be the Dutch Uncle and grind to dust and beyond the fascist impulses infesting this country and the world? America really blew it after the Civil War by NOT severely punishing the South for starting the bloodshed! Thats my opinion and I’m sticking with it!


This is a Blatant admission by the Lobbyists that their Donations/Bribes to Legislators is how they make Laws work for the Wealthy Corporations, Laws that continually suppress the Working Class.

Our Legislators are nothing more than Greedy Immoral Avaricious Moneygrubbing Pigs at the Trough.

This is why they Despise Bernie, because he is Threatening to end their Selfishness by Finally Representing We The People instead of Rich Donors who manipulate our Legislators to vote against the Best Interest of their Constituents.

Bernie is our Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, turning over the Apple Cart of Greed and Legal Bribes and exposing the Congress for what it is: Law Makers for the Wealthy & Powerful.

Our Representatives refuse to give up the massive Donations/Bribes they receive and do the Ethical thing, like reducing the Military Budget and Tax Breaks for the Millionaires and Channel that money toward truly Making America an Equitable Society that Works for ALL Americans not just the privileged few.

There is only 1 Candidate that will fulfill FDR’s Second Bill Of Rights:



“In our lifetime we have not had a [presidential candidate] so openly hostile towards corporations,” said lobbyist Kevin O’Neill, a partner with D.C. firm Arnold & Porter.

Perhaps, not. But we have witnessed many corporations openly hostile to the best interests of the country and the US population as a whole.


Damn right! The lobbyist parasites and their subversion of the Common Good to serve other greed-driven corrupt parasites and pirates should panic! Hostile to corporate greed and usury, pollution and financial robbery? Absolutely and rightly so! Lobbyists work to destroy the nation, serving special interests and undermining the 99% and a sustainable future to protect profits above all else, truth and justice, must be smashed and many in positions of power and influence who stole from the people and nation held accountable!

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I regularly attend meetings in west coast state capitols wherein legal lobbyists are always present.

Last week a lobbyist at one meeting noted that “if you are not part of the solution you can make a lot of money prolonging the problem”.


Actually the more the wealthy and corrupt try to derail the Sander’s campaign the more overt and ridiculous their defensive actions become. The red baiting is working but only with a very small sliver of the population in general. That small sliver is composed primarily of the remain few left from The Greatest and Silent Generations. As for the rest of us, the more desperate they become the more ridiculous their efforts to counter Sander’s campaign become which for we the people who truly support Sander’s get some well deserved and desperately needed belly laughter.


I don’t even like to go there in my mind, but I worry about his safety. I hope he has serious security measures in place and a lab to test his food before he eats it…thinking of Putin here. What progressive leader has been allowed to live in our history?


Bernie is not hostile per se to corporations, he’s ‘hostile’ to their practices (depressed wages, enviro pollution, obscene healthcare profits, etc) and not paying taxes and getting huge federal govt subsidies for obviously profitable industries like oil. Unsurprisingly, the corp-o class are finding out that we, the people are opposed to them as well.
The lobby class can go pound sand.

Political self-destruction. #1: Proffering the worst pres candidate in 2016; reviling all protestations. #2: Underestimating the anger and frustration of the US public and the desire for eliminating the dark corruption endemic in so much of our systems.
The “old guard” (including in both major political parties) is facing outright revolt. I don’t feel sorry for any of them. Tar and feathers.

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you pretty much answered it yourself.

sanders’ model would be devastating if taken to an independent party, which is what many of us on the Left wanted and why we annoy liberal sites like this one so much.

within the party, he’s subject to their autocratic “rule” system which as we’ve seen is pretty much in a constant state of flux depending on elite need.

if he ran as an indy or a Green, thy’d have zero influence on him AND, the worst case scenario, is that while he couldn’t win as an indy, he could make a third party politically viable by reaching the threshold for public funding and auto-ballot access.

and it’s the last part both parties fear the most, which is why the Green defection to the Dems in 2016 was so unbelievably self-destructive.

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