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'Unconscionable' Arms Deal Inked, Trump Delivers Remarks in Saudi Arabia


'Unconscionable' Arms Deal Inked, Trump Delivers Remarks in Saudi Arabia

Andrea Germanos, staff writer


So did the Saudi give him a gold medal for misogyny?

Too bad someone didn't attach one certain herbal trichome to the bottom of his shoe. In SA, that's grounds for a beheading.


Trump is the last person on earth the Saudiis would consider beheading.

With his crusade against human rights, blatant family dynasty approach to governing and unequivocal disdain for transparency, Trump is more like the Saudis than any of his 43 predecessors have been.


Hilarious to see Trumpo the Klown bowing down before his Saudi masters. Also watching that video of the appalling Toby "The red, white and blue - these colors don't run" Keith demonstrating his minimal guitar skills at that men only show in front of a BACKWARDS American flag projection. You just can't make this shit up. All of them are appalling and Mikey Pence is just waiting in Washington, DeCeit for the Trump Train to come off the rails. Then he can start up his agenda of creating the American "Christian" version of the Taliban.


I was interested to note, in the coverage of the arrival, that the billboards ("Together we prevail" sound to anyone else a little like HRC's slogan?) show djt behind the king and shorter, when clearly he's much taller. I wonder if he notices? But then it's too late to do anything, and he did get the bling (and does he know it's not his personally?).


Here is Pepe Escobar on abu Trump:



Yes, unconscionable! Selling $110,000,000,000.00 of arms for death and destruction, to a vast cabal of dictators, thugs, and cutthroats! Also, misogynists! I did not see any women included in the Saudi's room full of men.

Shame on you American Government! For being complicit in allowing this sale to go forward!


Looks like Iran is going to be the "Scapegoat!"


Sham on us for continually voting such abominations int WH and Congress.


it is $110 Billion Arms deal: NOW,
within the next 10 years...
to quote Mr. Trash (a/k/a Trump) :
"This is a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life" (Trash, May 20, 2017)....
yes indeed, it is all you insane, neo NAZI "nut jobs" now occupying the White House offices,
along with your big corporate (hidden) supporters who are the "barbaric criminals" seeking to obliterate,
not only human life, but all life....
or just say "isn't this terrible?"...laugh at Alec Baldwin SNL skits, and plan for the summer vacation/ ball game/ concert, etc?

[I note the hypocrisy of SNL: when Latino protestors begged SNL not to have Trash on their
show during the 2016 election/ ...they were ignored, and indeed, mocked by Larry David & crew,
which was really disgusting-could it be because of Steve Bannon's ties to the Seinfeld show of
which Larry David was a writer?]

Sorry, but right now, Trash & fellow roaches really don't look too scared.
.....and don't get me started on the infotainment non-entities....


Maybe we can still stop it...
Contact our "representatives" notice the ABSOLUTE or almost ABSOLUTE SILENCE on the deal?????
it seems all of them have said nothing, or next to nothing, including Bernie Sheepdog...
we need take REALLY stronger actions...
start boycotts///sit downs...
I am saving my vacation days, just in case I get arrested in the near future...
hopefully I can use my vacation days while I wait go get bailed by my husband
or some ACLU organization...
.... I am reading by the time Trash gets through, or Pence, you really are not going to
recognize the U.S. of A at all.
"Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never
give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the
apparently overwhelming might of the enemy."
Winston Churchill, 1941


News Flash! Donald J Trump sells hundreds of millions of dollars of weaponry to Islamic fundamentalists!

Stick that in your mega-church and smoke it.


Whatever happened to "America first"? Would his buddies be congratulating him if he had sold the arms to street thugs in this country? It amounts to the same thing, except that as it is, none of the precious, fearful white people have to face all that scary violence. As long as upper class (and most middle-class) white people can hide from reality, they don't care where the money comes from.

Do USA-ans realize that President Trump is really Generalissimo Trump ("generalisimo" is Spanish for "commander-in-chief", you know)? That he is just what the Reagan-era made out to be the boogeyman--a banana-republic military dictator? A thug-in-chief? The king of all the Mafiosi?

How long as it been since the US government been anything but an organized crime syndicate? Funding criminals in other countries for their economic well-being, Since the Iran/Contra scandal? Since the Gulf of Tonkin resolution? Since the sinking of the Maine? Since the invention of the hacienda?


All pertinent facts and logic, nephewism, however, facts and logic have been added to Trump's long list of enemies that he needs to keep expanding in order to keep his base supporting him. All Trump's base cares about is that Trump is not a Clinton or Obama.


Yes, excellent reply. True, the fake opposition party including socialist B.S. are in ABSOLUTE SILENCE!

" Maybe we can still stop it".

I would fervently hope I am wrong, but since we live not in a democracy ( which in my definition, is where we all can participate in political power; especially, military power) no chance!


The Duopoly: One big, happy arms dealing family...


so trump is creating jobs and more and more today Americas job is to build weapons of death and destruction. Death profits are good now. Gives us plenty of money to spend celebrating Christmas.


Unfortunately, you are quite correct.   My father described our government to me as "A Corpocracy", and that was nearly fifty years ago.  'A Kakistocracy' (or 'Caca-stocracy') are synonyms.  Sad!!


This is one of those things born of paying acute attention to the Russian Circus distraction. How many congress people with hands in the jar will come away with more of that lovely green stuff? Silence is golden.