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'Unconscionable': As Puerto Rico Suffers Earthquake Aftermath, AOC, Sanders, and Velazquez Demand Trump End Illegal Hold on Relief Funds

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/14/unconscionable-puerto-rico-suffers-earthquake-aftermath-aoc-sanders-and-velazquez

I also hope they demand that Grifter stop stealing money from the Pentagon budget to build his stupid wall.
Of course, the bi-partisan support for the bloated, disgusting Pentagon budget is yet another problem.
Funny how America always has money when it comes to killing people and ruining things, but not for helping people.
“How ya gonna pay for it?” By dismantling the Pentagon and war industries that suck off of its breasts, that’s how, warmongers.


Trump doesn’t care about PR and neither do the Repubs. He has made that clear by refusing to issue the approved funding for hurricane damage and the RP is silent. I’m sure he is dancing over this latest disaster. He’s still doing his war dance over Iran and can’t be bothered with PR. The DP lacks the power to force Trump to do anything he doesn’t want to do.


Yet another example of Trump’s racism, pure and simple.


BTW, where is the infrastructure boom we were promised? Broadway New York was under water yesterday because of a water main break.


The only thing fuck face delivers on is HATE, and, that SOB has tons of that. Really having a tough time believing so many people are thriving on hate, cozying up to fascism, racism, and the insanity of these wild, weird times happening all at once, all around us. Trying, and, so far, succeeding in not going totally nuts, but, it’s getting a bit tiresome, the tragedy, and despair that is the reality for far too many people.


Trump withholding funds from PR until the government there investigates Biden! Or gives him a tax break on a new Trump Tower.
Deja vu.


Illegal? Unconscionable? Unlawful? So?

I was going to say maybe he’s confusing it with the Ukraine!!


Not just thriving, raking it in at meteoric rates. All time highs all around, if the subject is money. Isn’t money the real story (the hate behind the hate) anyhow? My own self-treatment for sanity-maintenance in such a hateful culture: I’m still rooting out all the garbage I was personally inculcated with, attempting to hang onto deep interpersonal anarchy as my main axe – meaning nobody is any better than anyone else.

For instance, I’m no better than confused people who suck on the teat of hierarchy (however much my tone asserts the contrary!) I’ve had the most excellent good fortune of living for decades with the love of my life. People who embrace hierarchy can’t keep the poison out of anything, not even their closest relationships. Compared to me, they live in terrible poverty. But I’m still terribly confused, myself.


Trump has no understanding of others pain and lacks the compassion needed to use his power to help. In fact, he uses his power to inflict pain and war. Can you imagine him getting stuck in the middle of an earthquake or major hurricane and having to live in a shelter for a few months with no power?
…He would crumble.


Dems want to impeach for Ukraine/russia upper hand in manipulation of electronic / AI / population participation in our own governance? While having done so themselves?? Its diversion from the seated interests BENEFITING FROM the criminal cusp of genocide being practiced. The most current target is Trump, and he must be impeached. The whole system MUST be brought back to governance rather than feeding trough for insensate MFers

From the article:

'‘We call upon the White House to stop its unlawful withholding of funds from Puerto Rico,’ House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said…"

…while studiously ignoring the obvious next move–to draw up another article of impeachment (after drawing one on the extrajudicial murder of a foreign national on the soil of a third country). WTF, Nancy?


PR is a money pit. They contribute nothing to this country. STOP sending them out tax dollars.

Don’t forget that trump will get expensive security personnel for life, paid for by us.


Hard to believe he funds Saudi Arabia but withholds funds from Puerto Rico.

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Welcome to Common Dreams SkinMI.

How about you tell us all here how “you” contribute to the United States.

Be specific.

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May his demise be short and sweet.

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…and, oh so painful.

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