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'Unconscionable': As Unemployment Claims Tick Upward, GOP Seeks to Gut $600 Weekly Benefit

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/23/unconscionable-unemployment-claims-tick-upward-gop-seeks-gut-600-weekly-benefit

“We’re not going to continue in it’s current form because we’re not going to pay people more money to stay at home than work.”

The usual BS lies from the repugs. When on unemployment, if your offered a job and you refuse to work, you are kicked off unemployment.
Besides being cruel, this will completely tank the economy.

I’m just guessing, but if Mitch is offering only $100 a month he may settle at $300. A compromise.

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Our young folks lost their $600 add, during the past few weeks. I do not know the details but likely they did not have enough quarters of earnings over the past few years to remain qualified. This AM, a rumor arrived on internet that 70% of working weekly check will be a compromise in DC congress.

This will still not help food servers, folks who rely on tips, self employed, and giggies,

Tough health and economic times will continue through Christmas 2022 for sure. Neither have any easy answers. The NYC wall streeters will continue ro rake in the loot.

I’d expect the democrats to roll over and give Mitch much closer to what he wants, if not completely.

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I just read Mitch just kicked the can down the road till next week. I’m thinking this tactic is to make the dems desperate enough to accept anything the repug’s offer since the benefits for the people will have run out by then (hell it took me 3 months to get my 1200). I expect a very low amount for unemployment and complete tort immunity for business. The people are screwed.
The big question is why do both parties want to completely tank the economy?

Because they both serve the same corporate masters. There is no difference significant difference between the two parties. They both want all the wealth for themselves and cleanse the country of all the unnecessary peasants.

I understand that, but still doesn’t answer the question, without a functioning economy the 1% money train from the 99%, ends. Without a functioning economy, and the US dollar being shunned as the worlds trading currency more prevalent, how much longer can “printing” money at will, to satisfy the 1%'s greed, continue?
So I still wonder why they would want to kill the economy.

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Hubris. I bet they think either automation or getting their labor from third world countries would keep them and only them afloat.

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