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'Unconscionable, But Unsurprising': Trump Border Officials Proposed 'Heat Ray' Weapon to Deter Migrants

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/27/unconscionable-unsurprising-trump-border-officials-proposed-heat-ray-weapon-deter

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The US Military is claiming it is non lethal even if painful and you know they are going to use it against any of us rising up when we are out in the streets. As they did against First Nation peoples and Africans, oppressive tactics and torture eventually reach everyone else they deem “enemies”.

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Meanwhile humanity has created a heat ray called global warming climate catastrophe that will deter all humanity with extinction.


There is a particular danger to progressives, liberals, and such.The military has the most guns. The armed forces are government run. The National Guard will not stand with “the people.” Neither will the Army Reserve units. Then you have the right-wing gun nuts on the same support plane.
To top it all off, is the fact that unlike middle-eastern countries that have an unlimited supply weaponry, the lefties in America don’t like guns, don’t have guns, and have little access to enough fire power to defend themselves, let alone mount any kind of offensive.
A coup will be a breeze if trump goes that far.

Good one TTofB. That should go down in history. (Shame there will be no-one to read it.)

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Outrage against ICE is absolutely justified. I just wish there was more widespread condemnation of the scientists and engineers who develop these instruments of oppression.