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'Unconscionable': ICE Deported 33 Unaccompanied Guatemalan Children After Judge Ordered Halt to Practice

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/25/unconscionable-ice-deported-33-unaccompanied-guatemalan-children-after-judge-ordered


I just noticed Diego Maradona’s death trending on Twitter. I clicked to see what people were saying. I don’t follow soccer, but lots of people are mourning him. I didn’t see anyone in the Twitter trend feed mention his political activism for the poor. I didn’t know anything about it until I saw what Ben Norton wrote (retweeted by Aaron Maté).

Ben Norton:

"Tragic news. Legendary Argentine football/soccer player Diego Maradona has died at age 60.

"Maradona was a revolutionary and committed anti-imperialist.

“He was a friend of Castro and Hugo Chávez (with tattoos of Fidel and Che), and a champion of the poor and oppressed.”



Biden will do nothing about this or any other crime Trump committed.

Just like Obama did nothing about torture.

The USGov is a Criminal Authoritarian Oligarchic Cult.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Maybe ICE should be moved to the Mojave Desert. We need to make sure that they are never around human beings again…

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will these criminal be held to account?? don’t bet on it-- the criminals in government rarely are


And also during the military dictatorship, he was one of the few public people who supported las Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo. At the time it was a dangerous position to take because the dictators were in the habit of disappearing people and dropping them out of helicopters into the ocean.

And the story omitted to mention that if the kids came asking for asylum, they did NOT enter the US unlawfully. The law clearly allows asylum seekers to come into the US however they can. And given the situation in Guatemala, they had good reason to seek asylum.


To implement and carry out inhumane, xenophobic, racist, brutal government policies, the mindset of ICE employees is fascist. Individuals with bully mentality love this kind of job that gives them the opportunity to live out their sadistic streak…

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