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'Unconscionable' on Christmas Eve: GOP Blocks $2,000 Direct Payments for Struggling Americans

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/24/unconscionable-christmas-eve-gop-blocks-2000-direct-payments-struggling-americans

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I read somewhere it is $340 billion for that extra 1400 for Americans making under 75,000. 20 years ago a billion was a HUGE amount not anymore. How much did military industrial complex take $740,000,000 for the Pentagon and billions here and there. Other line items of billions and tax cuts that cost trillion. A measly $2,000 could really help a struggling family, feed a poor family and keep a roof over their head for another month.

GOP are SCROOGES who only want the wealthy to get more wealthy and then it trickles down to them. That is only way trickle down economics (voodoo economics) work.


Mr. Trump is holding the Republican Party hostage for re-election to a second term and for immunity from all felony prosecution. Never mind that the Republican Party can’t deliver.

The Republican Party is holding the poor hostage for socialism for the obscenely wealthy - guaranteed profits and zero taxes ever. The poor can’t deliver. The centrist Democrats will help the Republicans all that they can, or all that they dare, but they may or may not be able to deliver next month.

Mr. Trump has the power to hang onto his veto pen for nine days, then veto the bill, dragging this thing out. He also has the practical power to create acts of war on Iran. Lately he has been displaying a fully loaded Ohio-class nuclear submarine in the Gulf of Tonkin with hundreds of nuclear bombs aboard, just to see if Iran will try to knock the chip off of his shoulder.


‘Unconscionable’ on Christmas Eve:

Further proof that Trump is at least doing a good job at one thing: DESTROYING THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!


"This civilization is finished: Time to build an ecological civilization"

"A terrible gamble is being taken that we can prevent or at least successfully mitigate lethal
climate change and the extinction crisis. The likelihood of failure is high, so – despite
widespread unwillingness to do so – we must face the alternatives presenting themselves
without turning away. They span from a horrendous, completely irrecoverable collapse, on
the one hand, to the rise of a successor civilization out of the wreckage on the other. We
cannot keep avoiding the vast efforts required to adapt our communities to the rapidly
changing world, and must engage in the transformational processes now necessary. We
need, individually and collectively, to wake up to the dire reality of the ecological emergency,
to think seriously about the successor civilization that will follow, and to rebuild community.
We must also engage in forms of deep adaption, including holding actions to slow the
damage as much as we can, and even non-violent direct action. Dramatically courageous
things are now necessary. "… rupertread net

Another signpost of the collapse of our way of life… This is not solely due to Covid, but to many factors. Covid has been the light illuminating the weaknesses of this country, not just the healthcare system in adequacies, but the corruptness of character and judgment. The bright side of Covid is that it will continue to illuminate the weaknesses and the corrupt characters of not just the government, but of businesses, corporations and so forth…

Rupert Read is a booming voice in the wilderness of where we need to go. Check out his you tube videos of his work in the UK… strongly connected to the Greens and to XR movement, Extinction Rebellion, Sunrise Rebellion… To all here- we all know that this system is collapsing…to each of us to prepare for what is to come next…


If American’s had any sense at all we would NEVER vote for any Republican on any level of government again.

Why because they are and do:

Believe in trickle down
Believe in corporate rights over human rights
Support poisoning our planet and support your death and mine
Pay off the uber rich with massive tax breaks
Continue destroying environment regs to placate big money causing cancer on a massive scale in our country
Simply murdering us with their failed covid-19 response
Stacking the courts with people they think with not rule for justice and fair treatment
Fostering minority rule
Allowing the murder of black and brown people for things white people would get a hand slap for
Allowing big oil to continue destroying our eco-system
The only things republicans have been conservative about since RR is protectionism for big money
War mongering
Running up HUGE deficits and then screaming foul when dems spend for the people
Total egregious support of the military industrial spy complex
Taking our public money and giving it to billionaires
Allowing Corporations to call themselves people then not prosecuting their board members and CEOs when they intentionally pollute our world and make products that kill us
I hold the blue dog dems in the same light, hear that Mansion?
Time to put ONLY progressives of what ever party in office on every level, that is if we actually want our grandchildren to survive
They support huge corporate give a ways in subsidies while cutting social programs
What the fuck happened to “we the people”?
NOW it is just money money money rape and pillage in the name of getting and retaining wealth and power
We have much more grievance today then the Boston Tea Partiers did on Dec. 16, 1773! What are we going to do? Is it time for the 2nd American Revolution?


the Democrats in Georgia better make it crystal clear who is blocking aid to the people


If the Democrats don’t win in Georgia on January 5, Georgia’s voting apparatus is hopelessly corrupt, or the Democrats are hopelessly inept, or too many Georgia voters are afflicted with terminal denial syndrome.


Very, very, true! But my wealthy relatives love the Republican Party!

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As if the Democratic misleadership has been fighting for decent payments all along.

As if this isn’t all just more coordinated Good Cop/Bad Cop theater by the duopoly.

Remember friends, that another record “Defense” budget just sailed right through Congress with absolutely no drama, and zero resistance from the Democratic wing of the War Party, and the truth behind this latest charade will quickly reveal itself.


Come on CommonDreams, this article is bullshit.

Ho, Ho, You’re Not Getting $2,000
Tessa Stuart
Rolling Stone
Dec 23, 2020

This all sounds great, right? Like a Christmas miracle, Democrats and Republicans from both ends of the political spectrum are setting their differences aside and coming together to do a solid for their fellow Americans. Here’s the catch: Speaker Pelosi has promised to bring the bill to the floor by unanimous consent, meaning that any one of the House’s 435 members can object and the amendment would be dead in the water. And some Republican undoubtedly will object, citing, very solemnly, his concerns about the national debt. (For a preview of what’s in store, check out Republican Sen. Ron Johnson’s speech just a few days ago blocking his colleague Josh Hawley’s motion for $1,200 stimulus checks.)

Making a Republican block help for citizens is great politics for Democrats: a big, technicolor demonstration of Republican indifference to the average American’s struggles, just a few weeks ahead of a major election that will determine control of the Senate. Democrats could not ask for a more vivid and flattering contrast at such a critical moment.

But the unanimous consent vote isn’t a serious attempt to deliver aid to those who need it. That would mean calling members back to Washington for a full vote that, as Democrats control the House, would actually pass. Sure, the legislation would almost certainly still die in the Senate, but House Democrats would at least have done all they could.

The Democrats brought this bill up in a way that was guaranteed to fail for politcal theatre. They could have pushed it through the house. Would it have made it through the Senate? Probably not, but who knows given public pressure including from Trump (who is doing the right thing for pointless self aggrandizement).

Let’s not pretend that the Democrats don’t have as much culpability for this as Republicans.


“…a good job at one thing: DESTROYING THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!”

If only that were remotely true: Its candidate got 74 million votes. Its candidate has also raised half a billion dollars since October.

Don’t see the destruction, sure would like to.


It looks to me that the Oligarchy wants to force a massive rebellion, with millions of people in the streets protesting being thrown out of their homes and into the streets to freeze and starve and die of hunger, disease, bad water.

This will give an excuse to declare martial law and send in the troops to deal with We the People in the same manner they’ve been taught to deal with protesters in the nations we’ve overrun.

In the closing days of Czarist Russia, the people had no bread to eat, no wood to burn, it was a bitter Winter. The People filled the streets with men, women and children demanding bread. The military was called out to suppress the demonstration. They mustered across the streets, locked and loaded. The people approached, unarmed, crying for bread and the officers gave the order to fire into the crowd. The troops watched their relatives and neighbors approaching, then did an about face and shot their officers. That was the beginning of the end of Czarist Russia.

Mark Twain said "History doesn’t repeat itself, but it certainly rhymes." Let’s see what happens this time around.


Just remember they not only blocked this Bill they also blocked the CLEAN, STANDALONE BILL for direct Covid Relief introduced by Bernie and Republican Hawley as well. They blocked it TWICE. Hawley was so mad he walked out of the Senate!
This is full proof that Republicans are total hypocrites.


Sorry, but Pelosi is fucking horrible and I am sick to death of her. Why do unanimous consent? Because she is more interested in optics and politics than actually doing it. Everyone knows that someone wouldn’t go along, and then she could use it as a means of critiquing the GOP. We have this horrible bill in large part because of her, she negotiated down from a far better bill before, when she was also playing with people’s lives in order to win politically on some level. Yeah, the Republicans are horrible, so are Democrats (particularly her).


As long as we have Mitch and Nancy, things will not change. They will keep protecting their base, the one of which they both share.


Pelosi is particularly horrible among Democrats, and she is absolutely horrible in regards to communication and optics, but she is the norm in DC in that party ideologically and with how corrupt she is. She sends out her private insurance company errand boy to assure them that she won’t push for single payer, dismisses the GND, commits to pay go, among other things, because she is very right wing and corrupt. She goes, there are many other rotten people just like her ready to take their place. Democratic Party voters should be ashamed of themselves for voting so many of these people into office. Democrats in California in particular for her and Feinstein.

While I think she is particularly vile, I think the problem is both of these parties. I see little hope as long as there aren’t other and better options. And I don’t know anymore if electoral politics will change much.


The powers that control are too strong on both sides to let 3rd parties into the mix.


And that’s when they’re at their best.


Rightfully so McCarthy and friends hold full responsibility for blocking this; however, Pelosi also played a part in blocking a similar bill prior to the election. Conclusion is that this is a broken system preying on the weak, the helpless and those without a voice whose rulers only respond to the rich and the powerful.