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'Unconscionable' on Christmas Eve: GOP Blocks $2,000 Direct Payments for Struggling Americans

Things are quickly coming to a crescendo. Good luck to landlords getting those people out into the streets. More likely, the neighborhoods will rally around those being evicted to chase away those conducting the evictions. Imagine you’re at home with your wife and hungry children, already stressed and angry, and someone comes to your door insisting you have to leave. That’s a job I wouldn’t want!


What really keeps third parties out is all the people who insist on siding with the red or blue team. “My side is bad, but I have to vote for them because your side is worse.”

Even here, there is a constant barrage of republican bad / some democrats bad, but less bad.


Step One completed - Unanimous Consent - everyone knew that the $2000 direct payments would not pass this way as at least one repub would object.

Next Step - bring a clean bill for the $2020, not an amendment to the Covid relief legislation, to the floor of the House for a vote. Maybe this will happen on Monday? Pass it and send to the senate.

McConnell will likely not bring this to a vote, the less publicity the better. So it is up to Dems and the media to hammer away at McConnell and repubs, particularly Loeffler and Perdue.


Dems aren’t cowards. They are simply vile, like their partners.


they’re both playing this game for sport, with our lives as the props in the game.

the problem now is even getting the 600 lousy bucks for the millions that can use that yesterday. that’s rent payment in a lot of poorer parts of the country. and landlords never, ever take a bloodsucking day off (sure, there’s a few mom and pop exceptions, and i’m sure we have a couple feudal lords in here, too).

i think people still need to be wary of the ultimate troll: that we wind up with piss in a bucket. again. if this goes to Biden’s regime, Mitch will ensure nothing he does passes for at least 2 years, except the usual imperial garbage like war and the security state.


Indeed. And this is exactly why they really, really wanna lose the Senate.

“You know, we tried, we really did, to {insert bullshit populist initiative here}, but Moscow Mitch wouldn’t let us!”


This is not true, whatsoever. Pelosi passed a bill with $1200 for every adult, plus $1200 for each dependent. That’s $4800 for a family of four! House Democrats passed the same provision in the fall.

What she refused to do prior to the election was give Trump, a tightwad resort owner, the liability protection he and his friends craved. Dumbasses like Ro Khanna (D-Tech billionaire rep) played Mr. Progressive for the rubes when Mnuchin yelled $1.8 trillion, which leftist social media dutifully yelled “yes!” to. As I’ve repeated here over and over, a bunch of states make it hard to get UI if you are fired. She wasn’t going to pass a deal that undermined that benefit. She’s smart enough to know that nothing would get done without that same shitty provision in any forthcoming bill. Plus, there was no deal—McConnell wasn’t negotiating at all.

Happy Christmas Eve.



The last 40 years the wealthy have gained ground on their portfolios.

The next 40 years must be all about the wealthy taking a backseat to the less fortunate.

That means Congress must change.

New legislation and laws to tax the wealthy and not those unable to survive on slave wages.

“Sorry everyone, I was just dreaming.”


That makes two of us!


The democratic party doesn’t care about the people any more than the republican party. People had better start internalizing this truth. They’re both more than willing to kill off the human species in their quest for power and riches.

And yes, I know that sounds insane. Then again we’re still drilling, fracking and building pipelines.


That would be the “sheeple” DarkAges.

It’s all about the “Benjamins” Quinn. Not for you and I, for their benefactors that fund their reelection.


Here’s to your unmentionables, Unmentionables.

Happy Christmas Eve.


A good example of what your saying is that both the D’s and R’s got together to get rid of the League of Women Voters doing the presidential debates.
They both wanted to make sure that 3rd party candidates would not be allowed in the debates.


Great idea!


My understanding is that this has to pass as a separate bill so it can happen quickly. If it is brought up as an amendment, there are more procedural steps and it will take longer.


…McCarthy, you are one EVIL son of a bitch. And the rest of the Congressional GOP, FOAD…


…Ro Khanna is no where near being a billionaire, do the digging before you spout off. Him and his wife’s net seems to be about $27 million…

Blocking the Covid-relief bill, on Orangeman’s part, is entirely consistent with his concerted campaign of public health sabotage, killing us at a pace of once every 32 1/3 seconds, at this writing. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone in the so-called opposition called out this historic crime-against-humanity in progress?

Instead, we get pink-hat resistance like this unanimous consent inspiration. Anyone with an ear for political games knew it was a stupid stunt the moment the idea left Pelosi’s mouth. We’re getting played, on this side, and on that side, as the tide continues to rise. Unconscionable any day of the year.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 stats (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    9 WEEKS              CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   9.  02/12/2020          12          12
>  18.  04/15/2020     632,536     632,548
>  27.  06/17/2020   1,523,024   2,155,572
>  36.  08/19/2020   3,351,357   5,506,929
>  45.  10/21/2020   2,805,738   8,312,667
>  54.  12/23/2020  10,078,904  18,391,571