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'Unconscionable': Senate Republicans Block Emergency Paid Sick Leave Bill as Experts Declare Coronavirus Outbreak a Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/11/unconscionable-senate-republicans-block-emergency-paid-sick-leave-bill-experts


Let’s all hit back by backing NNU and signing their pledge Patients Over Profits.



Ultimately this will hit the trump supporters the hardest but their Great Leader can do no wrong.They may wake up one day…but I doubt it !!


Now let’s just say you were Mother Earth and you were looking around wondering how you could send a lesson to the planet to teach people that the idea of PROFIT over people, planet, and peace is a bad idea.

Hmmmm maybe a pandemic… that wipes out their markets, threatens all people Equally and nearly takes all the CO2 down to 50%…

Mother Earth bats last… I think she has just pick up her bat and has hit a ball over the right field wall…


OMG-------------what is this Lamar Alexander doing? Maybe he thinks he’s Alexander the Great—or Louis ( prior to the guillotine) of France? He pretty much dissed all those part timers and hourly workers--------and those, like the many in Kentucky, aka MitchLand who live on $7.25 and hour-----I think the People will just skip the guillotine and just shoot that idiot in the jaw, so he’ll be forced to consume liquids through a straw. EMERGENCY Paid Sick Leave-----and that awful man doesn’t get it. America becomes weirder every day.


Duh - I don’t think counseling violence is such a good idea … is that what you are all about?

So CD, what happened to the “thumbs down” icon - I give this a big THUMBS DOWN


I don’t want to bring religion into this, but Jesus Christ! As the ancient Sumerians used to say, F*ck Lamar Alexander. Remember this in November. Not my comment, but how the Republicans treat working people.


Hi Aquifer1:
LOL well I dispensed with the guillotine, but opted for having a liquid diet through a straw------that might improve Lamar’s disposition------ as denying workers emergency sick leave is pretty much trying to starve them to death. In my version he has PAIN( which might be a good lesson as Lamar appears to have no sensibility as to what losing hourly jobs mean---- it usually means being evicted and starving is pretty awful, mean. and so unnecessary. And—what exactly are the benefits of being an America citizens now??? : )


Ducky, another petition, just what we need - we could circle the earth with them, we probably already have …What we do need is to replace these dudes, lickety-split - both Ds AND Rs

Sorry, no offense, but I have just returned to CD - mainly out of curiosity, from a hiatus since ‘16 - and NOTHING has changed - same ole/same ole’ as we move closer and closer to the cliff …


Sorry - but “shooting (someone) in the jaw” - does NOTHING to “improve (anyone’s) disposition” - the old “an eye for an eye” or “a jaw for a jaw” is what got us here in the first place - my THUMBS DOWN remains …


So replace all the Ds with Rs and we will all live happily ever after - good grief!


Well, if denying sick people leave, and poor people food and medicine isn’t violence, what is?


In other news, the Senate will some reach bi-partisan agreement on bailing out frackers, Wall St, and people who own sports teams.


You know what bullies love? They love it when you just stand there and take a beating. It’s because they are sociopaths and psychopaths. Trying to teach them the high road is like teaching physics to a monkey. You’ll waste your time and irritate the monkey.


Yup, every time you think we can’t sink lower, well by god, we get the shovel and dig some more.


Earth herself would like nothing more than a 50% human die-off, a thinning the herd action which benefits everything and every species stressed by human caused global poisoning/warming. I was a cook. I worked sick because I had to to keep my job. I lost a job back in '79 when I was too sick to go to work with a horrible strain of flu my friends and I dubbed ‘the lung rot’. So say a C Virus(COVID-19) infected cook at Taco Bell has to show up and make 100’s of tacos which make 100’s more sick. Nothing’s fucking changed in 40 years. Earth +1; humans - 1, we lose.


“Gambling? Going on here at Ricks? I’m shocked I tell, shocked!”

The final fleece, the last step of the smash and grab operation, is about to commence. And yes, we will sit here and take it, like “good germans”


Hi Aquifer:
Please----work on your sense of humor—it will do you a world of good, : )


I believe there’s already legislation coming from the lobbies about relief for the hospitality industry. not the workers, of course, but those poor souls losing some profits.

must be nice to actually matter.


Taking their jobs, homes, savings; indenturing them into 1099 gigs devoid of medical insurance, child care, sick leave; then, taking away government: transit, community health centers, bargaing power, say, democracy… then, kicking them out on the street, since we’re indentured serfs from usurious debt; we’ll never escape, thanks to Biden, Debbie, Nancy… needing new jets, mansions & yachts.