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'Unconscionable': Trump Administration Imposes New Sanctions on Iran as Country Faces One of the World's Worst Coronavirus Outbreaks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/18/unconscionable-trump-administration-imposes-new-sanctions-iran-country-faces-one

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If any nation on Earth had any doubt which country posed the greatest terrorist risk to the world, the Trump administration has singlehandedly given them their answer.


Having any sense of pride in our homeland has dissipated in the past.

All that remains is shame.


Try Pompeo and Trump in The Hague.


“How evil and heartless can this government get?” peace activist Medea Benjamin

Apparently, jaw dropping evil. There is NO appealing to such moral monsters as there was no appealing to the conscience of the Nazis of old. We do, however, have total, rolling, non cooperation after strikes, boycotts as tools.


And apparently Trump just killed another of their military leaders. Looks like even a global pandemic won’t stop the march for WW3


Cheaper than war is what the evil assholes in the Doofus Administration must be thinking, but it might just backfire on them.


They certainly find war more profitable at least.

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The only joy and pride I had was to enjoy our national and state parks until Trump handed them to the global enemy. Rename this evil and appalling empire as Trumpistan; we ain’t United, States have their own quirky laws and America is just a name on a map.


trump admin.= blood thirsty, evil war criminal christo-fascists monsters! Parasites all!!


I should hasten to point out that since the Spanish flu epidemic occurred in 1918, well before Adolf Hitler’s “German National Socialist Worker’s Party” came into power, the Nazis themselves never had a chance to weaponize an actual epidemic and effectively turn it into a WMD [Weapon of Mass Destruction]!
Therefore, while the Nazis are still “way out in front” in terms of the total number of Jews, Gypsies, Jehovah’s Witneses, homosexuals, Communists, handicapped individuals, and countless other assorted victims of their regime, the coronavirus is now furnishing Donald Trump with a “unique” opportunity to give Hitler a “run for his money,” so to speak! :wink:


Jack Ma is the real Christian, spending millions of his own money to provide masks and test kits, while the Chinese goverment is sending 10,000 ventilators and trained medical personnel to Iran.
We, on the other hand, are nothing but evil savages, the most un-Christian bunch on the face of the earth…


Trump, Pence and Pompeo cannot function without an enemy to hate. As Israel hates Iran, so goes our corrupt government However, I am very curious as to Why Iran is being devastated and other closely nations are not. Did Mr. Eric Prince get hs crop duster disease flying planes ready and did he test them on Iran first?


Well, there were some damn decent recordings cut in Nashville, back in the day. We still have some old records to listen to, while sheltering in place.

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She’s Got You


The Trump administration is definitely at the top of the heap. But that heap is pretty tall. From the genocide of 30M native Americans, to obliterating rice paddies and water supplies of North Koreans in a bombing blitz that topped WWII killing 3M, to similar tactics in Vietnam killing 5M, to supplying Saddam with chemical weapons to kill over 100,000, along with all the millions in between- from Indonesia and the Philippines, to Chile, to Sudan and more- so many more. This heap is a heap of monster proportions. Trump is simply adding to it in his own way. Both sides of the aisle have long since been prostitutes for the corporate war machine. All but a few should be sentenced to life in prison. But never fear, my friends. Mother Nature is pretty disgusted with this rape and pillage of her children as well as herself. All will feel her wrath. But those who will feel it most are those who willfully ignored the monsters in their midst. For they are the ones who have become most complacent and weak. They view the cv19 pandemic as a horror. But they haven’t seen anything- yet. We humans can and must speak out against this behavior of the current administration. It is our nature as human beings. But we must also be prepared to feel the full wrath of Mother Nature against a country that has been demented since day one. Love one and all. Fight for the poorest and most helpless. Hoka Hay!


Do not forget that in North Korea the United States of America also used biological weapons which were banned under the Geneva Conventions. They lied about this for years until FOIA requests finally allowed that information to reach the Public.



Yet another contemptible war crime and crime against humanity by the truly depraved trump regime! What a loathsome POS!

It’s past time for Europe and all other nations to stand against the bully of the planet; to ignore the trump regime and speak-out against the crime and stand together with Iran and Venezuela and Cuba and all others the US under the neo-fascist trump regime targets; to stand with humanity and decency, especially at this time of great need!


Hitler is a low scorer compared to the U.S.


Not much to say. Trump and Pompeo, et al., including a complicit Congress, all deserve the death penalty. Don’t even waste time or “legal” arguments on a trial. They are the virus.

Thanks for reminding me- and everyone else here!!! Take care!

Who did he kill?