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'Unconscionable': Trump Administration Imposes New Sanctions on Iran as Country Faces One of the World's Worst Coronavirus Outbreaks

Genetic researchers have found that the Iranian COVID-19 variety and the Italian COVID-19 variety did not come from China, and the U.S. is the only country with more than one variety, having five. So the hypothesis is that these single varieties outside the U.S. came from the U.S.

I believe it’s not a stretch to imagine that, once the COVID-19 surfaced in China, Iran was immediately purposely infected with a weaponized variety, and these additional sanctions were planned well in advance.

We’ll see. The truth will eventually surface.


I don’t know if was mentioned in this video but he host didn’t name any names



Yes Cool, you are right, of course! In my comment, however, I was focusing specifically on comparing Trump with Hitler, especially in light of the question of how evil Trump will have to get before it will be truly fair to directly compare him with that failed art student with a ridiculously short moustache named Adolf!
In general, the study of evil is called “ponerology” and evil acts committed by political actors fall under the label of “political ponerology.” One big problem in determining just how evil a given political figure is, however, is the problem of “numbers” vs. “attention to detail.” Some despotic rulers are very good at murdering millions of their own citizens over a short period of time (such as Pol Pot of the Kmer Rouge), and then you have individuals who specialise in carrying out particularly grisly murders (such as the fictional character Hannibal Lecter). The Nazis seem to have excelled at both, as they caused the deaths of a large number of people both directly and indirectly, but the Nazis doctors were equally capable of carrying out insidious experiments on their hapless victims. It remains to be seen just how far the Trump regime will go in that direction.
Naturally, as you mentioned above, the United States as a whole has become a “global killing machine” without equal since 1945, and it had lots of “practice” long before that! :frowning:

You know, if I were Iran I may think about finding people who are infected but thus far asymptomatic, and smuggle them into western nations, like the USA, who support this embargo.
It wouldn’t be the first time a pathogen was weaponized. It probably won’t be the last.

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I’m hoping karma is headed their way.

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Can you provide sources for your claim and conclusion?

And the truth will be about money.
Goddam America and the hussies running (ruining) it.
I didn’t leave America, America left me.

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Hitler got the support of his countrymen, so has trump. Hitler invaded one country after another, so are we. Hitler spent the wealth of Germany on his military, so are we on the American military. Gets scary.


China’s coronavirus: A shocking update. Did the virus originate in the US?

Note that this article includes references to other articles, including some from Italy.

and take a look at this post:


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"War is like a racket."

With the BSL-3 and BSL-4 Biological Weapons Research Labs working with the Pharmaceutical Industry and the U.S. Military, they have a perpetual money making racket.

First line up all the pentagon advisors that took US to me wars, oops I forgot they are the known unknowns

Hitler blew his own brains out.

We should be so lucky with 45.