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'Unconscionable': Trump Looks to Gut Protections for National Monuments


'Unconscionable': Trump Looks to Gut Protections for National Monuments

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Donald Trump on Wednesday ordered federal officials to launch a review of national monument designations, potentially setting the stage to gut environmental protections for public lands and oceans.


"larger than 100,00 acres."

Can this be corrected? 10,000?


The reasons are multiplying for ridding ourselves and Mother Earth of capitalism. Having this flaccid, infantile, odious individual as a head of state who regards his own nation as a company and the riches of our common home planet a s 'resources' to be exploited is highlighting the logical end game of capitalism.

Saturday, April 29 March for Mother Earth! Then get ready for May 1 resistance and prepare for total, Gandhian non cooperation.


The demented despot more than likely has never visited ANY of our national parks or monuments. The closest he ever gets is 20,000 feet above earth while flying over. A truly loathsome shell of a human being.


He's just a symbol for all of them like him.


Trump will not turn our precious natural world, ( National Monuments, Parks, etc. ) into Mordor (Lord of the Rings) with out a fight from me, and I hope millions of other Americans. If We Don't Stand For Something, We Will Fall For Anything!


People should not be surprised. There is developing in the United States a growing group of people who not only don't know about stuff like new National Monuments, they also cannot conceive of how it's of interest to them or any other reason that this might be important.
When queried in the last few years, some very disturbing trends are showing among many ot the young in this country. A certain percentage are so addicted/involved in social media and other manner of electronics that they answer that they literally are hesitant to visit a place like Yosemite if it means being disconnected from their phones or whatever for much time, or even any time at all. In other words, the school backpacking trip might be passed up out of fear that their electronic "lives" will be disrupted. Many of these people are of voting age. Anybody's guess as to what portion of them even voted in the national election.
In short, the minority who voted for Trump now have installed someone who is willing (and will) do permanent damage to the natural treasures that are part and parcel of citizenship. These people are so confused otherwise about who and what they are as U.S. citizens they are more than amenable to drag the rest of us into their hell if we allow it. The parks are in considerable trouble, no surprise.


And just as writers like Jeremy Scahill, Chris Hedges, Naomi Klein and others have warned: there isn't much time left. Not much time left to find a way to revolt and continue to revolt to where we can shut down the mechanisms of the current rapacious capitalistic death-machinery that is seeking to render the planet bare, all in the names of capitalism and greed.


I don't know and would like an answer. Can the "Fool on the Hill" do this inilaterally? Wouldn't it take an act of congress since that is how the monuments were approved?


Yes, it would take an act of congress, or legislation.
Phone your senators.


We do care about sovereign treaty lands and treaty rights of First Nation, Native Americans.
They will be next. The oil corporations and the uranium corporations are already on treaty land, in North Dakota, the Dakota Access Pipeline,; and the uranium company is trying to put the mining and the waste in the Black Hills of South Dakota, on Native American land. Also the same or similar corporations are trying to dig for uranium in the Grand Canyon. Do not let them!
"Energy Fuels Inc. is preparing to mine uranium just miles from the Grand Canyon....[This]...also threatens sacred Red Butte, the company has stated it could start hauling millions of tons of radioactive ore through Northern Arizona to its uranium mill near Blanding, Utah in early 2017."
go to www.haulno.org stopcanyonmine@gmail.com


Glad I visited and hiked many of America's beautiful treasures as a young guy. I have pictures and memories. Too bad Exxon owns congress