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Unconstitutional: The One Word That Describes Alabama’s Attempts to Block Abortion Access Statewide



Imagine how amazing and peaceful this world would be if all the people whose attention is riveted on abortion (really: code for obliterating women's rights and sovereignty over their own bodies) would instead show a GENUINE "Right to Life" morality by opposing war, not serving as soldiers, or not getting mentally caught up in a medieval Crusades Mentality.

If even 25% of the people who are obsessed with stopping abortion instead put their energies towards SANE gun policies and pushed diplomacy rather than the constant use of weapons abroad, then a culture of LIFE rather than DEATH would have a chance to root, grow, and blossom.


Wholeheartedly agree with you!


Belief systems are the basis for a person's moral outlook. Isn't it interesting how Planned Parenthood's belief system, which is fine with aborting children until first breath is also fine with homosexuality, promiscuity, and transgendering. Your morality which is fine with the person with power pretending he had no power or responsibility to protect others is a joke.

If your neighbor is getting raped across the street and you have the power to stop it, but instead choose to let things run their course, are you not guilty of a great wickedness against your neighbor.

Even if men with power want to pretend they are not responsible for how women are mistreated by other men, are they not guilty if they do not use their power to protect women and stop the mistreatment or abuse. Abortion rights protects the abusers of women; it pretends they have no involvement and caused no harm to her. Whether she feels forced to abort or forced to carry, she has been mistreated by men who get to pretend they had nothing to do with her predicament.


Planed Parenthood believes in protecting the health of women and men without any of the moral nonsense imposed by various superstitious religious institutions. People sex lives, including their reproductive choices should not be dictated by anyone else, the state, the views of those wishing to impose their views on those not wishing them, or anyone else for that matter. The choice is entirely the individual's and nobody else's. The clinics too need to be available for all to have access to the care they all deserve. Ridiculous restrictions placed on various healthcare institutions serve no purpose except for condescending people exerting power and control, again to impose their silly superstitious religious beliefs on those not wanting them. If we are to live in a free society we need to allow freedom for all people to believe or not as we all see fit for ourselves and not others. I don't impose my views on others and all I ask in return is to have your belief system imposed on me or others for that matter.


Freedom of religion for all........This is why I want Planned Parenthood's belief system away from my public schools and away from my children. If they want to believe and teach such nonsense, let them do it through private schools or homeschool. Defund their godless faith.

As for women benefiting from abortion.....Abortion makes women cheap, accessible, and exchangeable to wicked men. Women have been betrayed by abortion.