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Uncontrollable—Pentagon and Corporate Contractors Too Big to Audit


Uncontrollable—Pentagon and Corporate Contractors Too Big to Audit

Ralph Nader

The Reuters report put this colossal dereliction simply: “A law in effect since 1992 requires annual audits of all federal agencies—and the Pentagon alone has never complied.”

All $585 billion and more, e.g., for the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts, of your money—not just unaudited, but, in the sober judgement of the Government Accountability Office (GAO) of the Congress, this vast military budget is year after year UNAUDITABLE. That means that the Congressional auditors cannot obtain the basic accounting data to do their job on your behalf.


A couple of years ago I happened to have been a the mercy of a television set turned to CSPAN. It was the morning interview show I used to watch during the Perot campaign. They were interviewing the guys at the top of the Pentagon food chain and they were blatantly bragging about how much money they make along with the perks. It was unbelievable how open and candid they were. Even the interviewer seemed a bit taken aback as he delved and probed deeper into their professional lives. (They especially liked their healthcare coverage.)

This is the base of our troubles. Until this entity is brought under control the citizenry will continue to be prompted to fight each other under the banner of suspicion, fear and hate, race against race and religion against religion–while they sit back and enjoy the spoils of everyone else’s sweat the pain and doing so while claiming they’re “protecting the nation”. The only people the MIC is protecting is itself.

The quicker we come together and understand this, the sooner we’ll be able to use those resources to help ourselves as a nation. But beware: they along with the media–MSM (d alternate alike)–count on our division for their livelihoods. They’ll do anything to maintain them.

Therein lies the problem: how to reclaim that kind of power when you’ve been locked-out and marginalized into a angry, sad and powerless people.



Indeed. There are parts that are simply unknown and cannot be known.

Scary and interesting stuff.


The Pentagram’s credit card is made of plutonium and embossed with the portrait of Slim Pickens. In a word, it’s untouchable.


Have you heard of computers? They can organize data with amazing speed. Every expenditure should be logged in to one.


Coincidentally, Orlov’s essay this week is a critique on the U.S. military. Good stuff.



" The Pentagon alone has never complied."

That is because the American military is, and has been, a military dictatorship with a carte blanche budget that is unaccountable to the American people because they have most of Congress as their quislings, because of defense contracts in their respective districts.


When every town in the country is cutting the budget, this war-machine is enhancing their expenses. Ironically, we the tax-payers are paying for it. I will ask why it takes so long to bring it to our view. It is certainly highway robbery which is possible only in the US.


More proof that Mars rules (not established laws or the Constitution):

“Why no Pentagon audit? Too big to audit? No. Just too many scandals, too much waste, gigantic weapon system redundancies, overlaps between military branches, and many sinecures in bloated, inflexible bureaucracies, so often condemned by commanding generals in the field.”

Thank you for not showing homage to The Beast, Mr. Nader and daring to challenge its claim to as much wealth as it can cannibalize, while U.S. bridges fall into disrepair and children actually are forced to drink lead-laced water!

The history of empires shows that investments in wars abroad leave no money to sustain a decent standard of living for those “at home.”

This begs the question: What does Defense or Security really mean?

If the money being hemorrhaged by the Military Machine (MIC) leaves nothing for safe drinking water, secure bridges, and greener overall infrastructure… then what does this alleged Security even mean?

Answer: SECURE payments to the war profiteers, arms’ salesmen (like the Carlyle Group) and lots of generals winning 6-figure salaries at firms that provide those weapons so long as the Generals keep the wars marching off the assembly line.


This is an apologia to the MIC… not surprising from a Trump supporter.


Well, perhaps they should have begun the process years ago. The armed forces has plenty of personnel doing nothing. Give them a purpose; earn their stripes. I worked in an HQ in both Viet Nam and the States. Ethics, morality, honesty, patriotism, are all for show, in starched uniforms covered with ribbons.


Yes, and the #1 culprit is AIPAC!


Yeah, probably too many that we know nothing about, because of “national security”!


Shall I cut and paste at least 3 posts of yours showing fealty to Trump?

Calling me a propagandist or nut is a cowardly way of dismissing your own ON-THE-RECORD statements.

I copied them. That’s right… so that you could not “walk back” your own angry white male allegiance and expressed political “sensibility.”

You have a problem with intelligent women like most angry white guys of mediocre intelligence.

“I think you are out of control.”


Here are your posts:

I do not agree with all of Trump’s positions. Trump is not “my guy” but, if it comes down to Clinton versus Trump, my choice is clearly Trump. Which candidate will NOT continue torture or the drone attacks? I can’t name one. Hell, SANDERS SUPPORTS APARTHEID ISRAEL, NAZIS IN UKRAINE, AND DRONE ATTACKS




Oh vomit. Here is the DAILY Trump hit piece from the filthy rich imperialist press. Ok.

The fucking rich corporate types and the military industrial complex are clutching their precious little pearls daily over Trump and Sanders. They think they have beaten Sanders so they are spending everything - their last precious billion - to slander and beat Trump. Their tears are delicious!

I agree that he has said some terrible things but please explain to me and millions of Americans just how the following Trump positions are “monstrous”:

– National health care
– Fair trade rather than “free” trade
– Peace

I get a kick out of these bombastic, scare mongering statements that are made to get clicks, sell stuff, get donations, etc. I’d like to see a few like Greenwald (whom I admire) be brave and point out that the ONLY candidate left of Trump is Sanders and Trump is to Bernie’s left on foreign policy. The elitist slandering of Trump is only exceeded by the elitist slandering of Putin.
I can smell the criminal neo-imperialist fear and it smells like victory.


Trump’s more reasonable or even enlightened “positions” (if you can call them that) seem to be buried amid all the other stupid crap that comes out of his mouth.
I’ll tell you what. He makes perfect sense on several critical issues. He also makes a LOT of the right people very, very angry and nervous and I LIKE that. I like it a lot. It makes me smile every damn day.