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Under Banner of 'Black Women and Girls Matter,' Wave of Protests to Sweep Country


Under Banner of 'Black Women and Girls Matter,' Wave of Protests to Sweep Country

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Mya Hall. Aiyana Jones. Rekia Boyd. These are a few of the names that will be held up in Thursday's national day of action, slated to sweep 17 cities across the United States, demanding an end to "state violence against All Black Women and Girls," including transgender women.


I hope they mention the fact that Fast Track WILL lead to TISA very quickly which could result in not only large losses in the public sector, it would also lead to those jobs being privatized and globalized, farmed out to lowest bidding qualified firms from all around the world. (TISA negotiations now involve 50 countries, led by the US) TISA is intended to be merged into WTO - and that will be a shock to Americans who largely have been denied knowledge of the amoral value system of neoliberalism.

WTO getting jurisdiction over any service market segments that were internationally traded, Neoliberalism brings with it very different values, for example, some are detailed here…Traditions and laws we now take for granted like minimum wage laws or laws requiring something remotely resembling equality for both sexes and for various groups - as well as carve outs of any and all kinds, could be challenged if they have the effect of excluding foreign firms. They might be deemed technical barriers to trade, or market entry barriers. Additionally, aspects of many laws enacted since 1998 like big parts of Obamacare, might be rolled back. Public services will be privatized, extending the privatization that began with GATS in 1995, forbidding new public services after the URAA’s signing date and requiring the incremental privatization of our existing ones…

Our lack of knowledge of such an important global ideology and the threat it poses to millions of American workers is a very pressing problem that could hit minorities and women (and all American workers really) particularly hard, and nobody knows about it. Basically, they frame everything that many of us see as good about government, as bad. The negotiations have been ongoing, mostly in Geneva, since 2006. [They particularly threaten public services, like health care, education, water- Services, 70% of all jobs, defined basically as “everything you cannot drop on your foot”.


Let’s be honest and clear about this issue. The lives of the poor don’t matter. The majority of poor are white, and the majority of these are women and girls. We continue pretending that they don’t exist.


I am glad my Black Sisters are being acknowledged for their sacrifices and loss. Black Women and Girls have been ignored and marginalized for too long while being strong advocates and participants, in many cases organizers, of others struggles! To ALL my Black and Brown Sisters, Mothers and Daughters I say ASE! AHO! and AMEN!