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Under Cover of Shutdown, Trump Admin Quietly Moves to Deprive 'American People of Their Right to Know What Government Is Doing'


Under Cover of Shutdown, Trump Admin Quietly Moves to Deprive 'American People of Their Right to Know What Government Is Doing'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Amid the chaos of the ongoing government shutdown and winter holidays, critics on Monday are calling out the Trump administration for quietly moving to make it harder for the public to find out what goes on behind closed doors at the U.S. Department of the Interior.


Excuse me, but we always need to know what is going on. Secrecy is a breeding ground for corruption and bad policy. Knowledge is our only defense against it, especially in places like the Interior Department and the EPA.


Yes, like right now, I was very keen on getting end-of-year data on our unprecedentedly wet year with rainfall amounts unheard of outside of tropical climates. But under the gov. shutdown, all NOAA or NWS websites for getting climate data or any mention of “climate” are shut down - all you get is either a 404 or a placeholder. It will be very interesting how many of these sites dont stay shut down after the gov. shutdown is over.

As this article discusses, the same is true of the Interior scientific data sites - and the EPA is totally shut-down right now too.

Becasue, after all, who are the greatest hostile threat to the USA right now than climate scientists, ecologists, epidemiologists and other public health researchers - and especially - ordinary citizens who believe in the dangerous ideology of democracy and accountability!!!

Now, please take your infantile intelligence-challenged trolling elsewhere.


What do you think of the regular “mealouts” up-voting this comment? Maybe he needs to read it again.


That was my thought too. Didn’t make sense.


Well said!


Criminals Do It In The Dark.


Corporate criminals do it day and night regardless of light levels.


It would be nice of CD if they reported the hiding/ obfuscation of facts by our government under one party or the other that the reports be made about both parties not just one party as that would be hiding what the other party has done. Note that it was never reported by CD that President Obama shut off all radiation detection equipment in the USA and off the coasts when Fukushima blasted us with radiation.

Common Dreams?


Money is power, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.


Gina Haspel is that you ?
The enemies of the people mostly reside in DC, it’s why these kind of moves happen in the cover of darkness.


Phoenix is indeed advocating shock doctrine politics…create a crisis and exploit it by curtailing rights that have been enshrined in democracies for many centuries.

Pour on the fear, Phoenix !



Check out above link


Let’s speak plainly about this. Trump is sodomizing the Blue Collar Trash, and the Blue Collar Trash love it, they can’t get enough of it. Please don’t feel any sympathy for Trump’s “victims”, they deserve to be sodomized by a degenerate clown like Trump. Unfortunately, Trump’s worshipers, unlike Hitler’s, won’t get their dues. There is nobody out there capable of stamping Trump out the way allies erased Hitler out of history. But you never know, maybe China will.


Nah … can’t expect nuthin from the Hayina Gaspiddle …nose been stuck too long up in the ozone hole.
“… we don’t to know …”
I don’t to know
you don’t to know
he/she don’t to know
they don’t to know

still sounds the same no matter hows ya conjugate it…


I assume you meant “don’t need to know”? In an open society we sure as hell need to know, Mary Beth Pearson. In an open society that has a constitution that declares the rulership of the people and not a king sure as hell needs to know.


There are a lot of nutty conspiracy theories out there, but that’s a new one I never heard. Needless to say like all such “conspiracy theories” pointing out its utter implausibility, not to mention a request for the extraordinary evidence needed to support such an extraordinary claim (to paraphrase Carl Sagan) would be a waste of time…


I just ocurred to me that it Phoenix may have been engaging in a bad attempt at parody?

Poe’s Law strikes again…


Thank you so much for writing this article, as the corporate owned MSM is unable to and doesn’t tell us many of the things that we need to know about the corporate and industrial pollution and its massive environmental and ecological destruction and the poisoning of the American people that is caused by out of control capitalism, government corruption on behalf of these corporate entities, and other things like this. How can the public make any comments about any proposed legislation or rule changes if we don’t even know that these things are happening? Obviously this is being done secretly by design, because if more members of the public could know about these things, then we would obviously object. It is also horrible that the entire Trump administration and the republican members of Congress are hard at work full time doing every horrible thing that they can imagine to take away our rights, create massive for profit injustice, make our jobs unsafe, and rape, rob, and plunder our country dry to enrich themselves and their billionaire and corporate donors as they revolve in the revolving door between serving on corporate boards and as corporate lobbyists and back to running for office, cashing in all the while, and are being paid by us, the American people to screw these very same American people over! We are paying these people to unjustly criminalize is, and to rob, poison and kill us and our children, and to make this planet unlivable!

They think that they can survive all of the destruction that they are causing by virtue of their wealth, but they are all so very wrong. Even if they can survive, at least for awhile, life won’t be worth living on the massively polluted and desecrated planet of death that they are creating. This entire degree of sociopathic corruption and addictive greed is a massive, disgusting abomination, more so in the Industrial Age than at any other time in human history because of the severe, and wanton social, ecological, and massive environmental damage that they know that they are doing deliberately and they still don’t care about how bad it is, and don’t even want to know about it, because they are doing this all only to obtain massive financial profits for themselves, and wealth is all that they care about, just like King Midas. These men are extremely destructive and have no scruples about any of it, they are just the kind of cutthroats that destructive corporations want these days. A pox on all of their houses forever!

We the people must wake up and get busy finding out exactly what these evil scalawags and corrupt thugs are up to so that we can stop them and expose their evil doings before it is too late. There is no such thing as being too caring about our environment, and no excuse for polluting and poisoning people or killing off our endangered and threatened wildlife and ecosystems. Win or lose we must fight them with all the power we can muster before they destroy us all and doom the earth to a fate worse than that of Soylent Green. These republicans are all massive criminals and they must all be exposed for their crimes and stopped now!