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Under Cover of Thanksgiving, Trump Administration Pushes to Relax Rules Protecting Birds

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/27/under-cover-thanksgiving-trump-administration-pushes-relax-rules-protecting-birds

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Sandhill Cranes routinely migrate above my house to and from a prairie where they spend their winter. Their honking brings me great joy. I often visit the prairie to say hello. Trump, Inc., you are pure evil. Fuck off, then fuck off some more.


Psychopaths and sociopaths!!!

“In God We Trust”, all other life is non essential.


Too weird that there has to be a law to protect birds because we are related to them. It is like making a law that we shouldn’t be barbarians.


There is no limit to what Trump and his toadies will try to get away with. My ultra-right wing aunt keeps sending me “examples of Trump’s good achievements”, but there is no evidence of many, outside of right-wing web sludge.


Upside down again. A hypocritical tirade in reference to trumps assertion that windmills kill too many birds.


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Poem for the BIRDS -----since the current government seems to hate LIFE

I think , people that you have heard
no TRUMP is lovelier than a bird!
In colors or in songs so sweet—
Sweet Nature’s art is hard to beat.
And if I were a clever mage
My magic art would be the rage!
Trump’s sad lies are dumb and jerky.
With my wand , he’d turn to TURKEY!
But with that king of raging BULL,
no bit of him was palatable!
A total loss of Trumpish fate----
The birds and I would celebrate! : )


I don’t know, I’m kinda sick of them birds.

They always be like flying around and sh!!t, acting like they all that.

Trump hates natural environs others inhabit.
His own ethereal majestic gold-plated gardened abodes with
servants abound lightly providing delightful servitude to imperial exemption.
Once his end must come, why should he care for those he leaves behind?
His dream of eternal mention in history as one of the worst.


It’s not just birds. It’s all other beings that are being killed by industrial and post-industrial homo sapiens(sic). I look on advertisers as being no better than drug pushers, convincing the hundreds of millions of people who sit watching a screen that the true key to happiness is the drug More. The Declaration of Independence has a tell about this by using the word “pursuit” of happiness, meaning we will never find it in our culture as it stands.
More is even deadlier than heroin or oxy because other beings are killed by it. When I was addicted to Vicodin, I did not harm others or steal. When I hit bottom, I sought treatment. But with More, humans feel that, to be happy, they must buy those super-huge pickup trucks or SUV’s, they must build those McMansions on exurban or rural land, must buy the newest electronic gadget pushed by the Silicon Valley humans hooked on a virtual world…
What does our culture do to drug pushers? Put them in prison, right? Time to do the same with the pushers of More, beginning with Big Tech, Big Advertising, Big Pharma, Big Corporations…SCOTUS ruled corps are people. Well, put the CEO’s in stir and see what shakes out.


Trump is clearly bought and paid for by industry. But he is so stupid that he forgot that he is constantly criticizing wind turbines (he calls them “windmills”) because they kill birds. Now he apparently doesn’t care about that anymore–might as well kill some birds as well as COVID victims. It’s confusing how the wind turbine industry (which is generally much preferred over fossil fuels) has managed to get around this rule ( windpowermonthly[dot]com/article/1453660/us-law-migratory-bird-deaths-relaxed ). There are some ideas to minimize the kill ( e.g., treehugger[dot]com/ways-to-protect-bats-and-birds-from-wind-turbines-4868663 ), but there are some kills. There are always tradeoffs in energy production. Overall, cutting down on consumption and designing to minimize energy use (conservation!) is the way to minimize problems. No free lunch…

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Trump is king of beasts, his brutality exceeds theirs. He has no respect protecting anything except mega corps and himself. National parks, monuments, lakes, streams, oceans, other picturesque areas and animals belong to the animals and public with clean air and water, not greedy polluting Corps. Same them now. Do it now! No killing of animals. In other words, no hunting, fishing, mining, or development of any kind. Leave it in its natural state for all to enjoy forever.

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Hi Atlas:
Yes birds do shit on buildings, roads and sometimes on people, but TRUMP shits on the People AND the Constitution. : )

“In Wildness Is The Preservation Of The World.” Henry David Thoreau

It is not by accident that we have a Brain Dead Idiot for a President.

Hard to imagine that 74 million Americans would vote for this piece of Manure that was dredged from a Cesspool.