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Under Fire From Progressives, DCCC Chair Backs Out of Fundraiser for Anti-Choice Democrat

Under Fire From Progressives, DCCC Chair Backs Out of Fundraiser for Anti-Choice Democrat

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After facing intense backlash from progressives for planning to attend a fundraiser for an anti-choice Democrat amid a wave of Republican attacks on abortion rights, DCCC chair Cheri Bustos announced late Wednesday that she has decided to back out of the high-dollar event.

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More wink, wink, smoke and more smoke from Bustos.

Lipinski is anti choice women rights but give him consideration for his ‘Pro Choices’ … Big Wall Street, Big Oil, Big PHARMA , Big MIC…


I mean, you’d think if there’s one progressive bone in the Clintonian wing’s body, it would be on reproductive rights for affluent white women (let’s face it, those rights for poorer women were thrown under the bus years ago with Hyde).

So even with their core corporatist constituency, the DCCC still drags its feet!

Imagine what they’ll do for anything for the bottom half.
Or more to the point, what they won’t do.


The d-party big tent is a myth and here’s why: It cannot possibly hold all of the positions of all the voters the party wants to represent at once. This dust up is a prime example. I’m a far left liberal, supposedly a member of the d-party base, and I guarantee that Cheri Bustos and I don’t agree on a single public policy position. Admittedly, I’m the one out of the mainstream, but I’ll bet I’m with the majority of Democrats on lots of issues, while Bustos – a leader in the party – is to our right. And Lipinski? C’mon, man. Yet Bustos’s positions are front and center in the big tent, while mine are pretty much mocked and ignored in there.

Contrast that with the r-party. So much more united around a platform. So much more dependable in terms of voting. So easily swayed by issues swirling around the 3 Gs.

Well, I’ll stay outside that big brand D tent. Too many conservatives in there.


As I’ve posted and linked to the story before, this is the race that was caught red-handed in 2018 flipping votes for Lipinski. NYT reported it first and Redacted Tonight picked the story up. Newman’s tally dropped in the counting process. The DCCC and DNC helped this repug. beat a progressive in 2018, I’d be willing to bet Bustos has found another way to help her gop buddy.


“Big Tent.” So big it includes anti-woman, anti-worker Republicans! Doesn’t include me.


I’m gonna puke again.

Where are “cheer me up” stories?

MSM, the entertainment news.

Progressives almost always celebrate crumbs while the bad guys are eating their - the Progressives’ - lunch. This time, it’s Ro Khanna, who

"…called the DCCC chair’s decision a “smart move.”

Bustos gets a few hours off by skipping the fundraiser, but she clearly told us that her plans are unchanged:

“Bustos [said] ‘this does not change how I will work as DCCC chair to protect our big tent Democratic caucus.’”

Two days ago, we learned this about Bustos and the Progressive “rebellion”:

> “House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), DCCC chair Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-Ill.), and Democratic caucus chair Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) all reportedly sided with Pelosi in the face of pressure from their colleagues…”

I guess Khanna was trying to be diplomatic.

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Perhaps the DCCC should have been out in PA working to get a democrat, Marc Friedenberg elected in a special election because republican Marino ( drug crony) resigned in January after being elected in Nov. Since it was a special election, independents and other parties could vote for this one position. Another opportunity missed by the democratic corporate party, another example of their total ineptness. They really do not care if they win as long as their donors remain happy. Cheri Bustos is a disgrace and an embarrassment to women in that she even considered supporting this “anti-choice democrat”. The party is clueless over and over again.