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Under GOP Plan, Wealthy Foreign Investors Get Windfall While US Taxpayers Stiffed


Under GOP Plan, Wealthy Foreign Investors Get Windfall While US Taxpayers Stiffed

Common Dreams staff

"Just amazing," said one economic analyst. "Really hard to get your head around. But it's true."


These rethugs and their lackeys need to be charged with treason.


OK, we know what they’re about already. They’ve been the same forever-and-a-day. WHAT THE EFF ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT!!!


They can’t get American support for their BS politics here, so they are prostitutes for support elsewhere? I agree that this is economic treason. I don’t know what it will take to get this narcissistic sociopath out of office other that the Republicans getting ripped a new orifice (or two or three or etc…).


Hhhmmmm — maybe this is the REAL reason Putin and his Russkie banker pals backed Tweetle-Dumb . . .

(Note to Myou-Lehr:  Follow the Money!!)


…and there are those that wonder how the richest nation on the planet can look and feel like a 3rd world country…Uncle Fester brings up a good point, which raises the question(s), who does trump work for? are we becoming a mirror image of russia? just who are these people in congress and why is their collective patriotism wrapped up in a flag and not the the Constitution…oh so many questions flying from this Pandora’s Box…kinda makes me wanna puke on my shoes or maybe my head will explode or something just as bad…


Does not Citizens United allow for foreign investors to buy US politicians just like US born investors.can buy US politicians? What an investment. Why fiddle around, just buy the politicians, and you own the country.


Meanwhile US companies can locate tiny home offices abroad and avoid corporate tax altogether.

Some countries don’t even have income tax. Or sales tax. Or both.

Still, I think the best solution is to miltary spending. The US is more in danger from these open doors than any foreign aggression.


When will we admit the federal government has become an enemy of Earth and Life?

Creatures who serve international wealth are servants of satan and not fully human.

They might also be illegal aliens.


Why don’t we just admit that we have a foreign government?

We could put Vladimir Putin’s mug on the twenty dollar bill. China’s oligarch could get the ten spot. The king of Saudi Arabia could get the five. Goldman Sachs could get the golden dollar coin that nobody wants.


If you live around hardcore Republicans, the tax bill pisses liberals off—that’s the key. If putting foreign leaders on currency does too, I bet it could sell.


Sure is looking like we got The Greater of Two Evils!
Of, by and for


Because of all the truth telling as of late, it might be wise to watch the markets. Everything is taking a slow decline. Lets hope it isn’t a snowball at the top of a mountain. The auto market is ripe for a crash into the rails.


The U.S. is the 2nd easiest country in the world to hide money under ( basically anonymous ) shell corporations. This part of the tax bill shouldn’t surprise since it merely formalizes what is already occuring. It’s a quid pro guo among international financial organizations and wealthy private investors to dodge culpability ( making whole ) any type of fraud or ponsi-type schema.
Just as a side note: aren’t the new Sauds getting ready to invest up to $440 billion from their new sovereign fund into the The Rust Belt states, primarily? Hmmnn… Watch out Venezuela, again!
Following the money in a criminal financial action is one thing. Collecting the money from such action, if the actors are found guilty, is an entirely different matter. White-collar criminals and Corporations in U.S. federal and state courts are treated with kid gloves, pretty much. Not so much in int’l courts or inside their own countries. Hence, off- shoring of embezzled or stolen national funds are often placed in a " legal limbo " of sorts, and not returned until much litigation.
Or through some opaque gov’t " horse-trading “. And, yet more quid pro quo ( See Iran ).
” When the U.S. has you, and your money, by the balls your heart and mind will follow ". Almost a militarized guarantee, too.:wink::wink::wink:


I think t rumps voters will take care of this.


The federal government is made up of humans. When Trump was elected as President, we then knew for sure that a large segment of humanity truly sucks. We also know that democrats are generally much better than republicans. Lumping both parties together is dishonest and stupid.


The new tax bill has a provision to make foreign money even easier to affect our elections. With all the conservative (big money, corporate) judges getting lifetime appointments, our democracy will be hanging by a thread. Constitutional Amendments are perhaps our only hope. Getting progressive control into 3/4 of our states is a tough haul, also.


Well, all those who voted a straight Republican ticket now know what the term “The gift that keeps on giving” means…from losing their health care, to “right to work,” to higher taxes and giveaways to the uber-wealthy and corporations, to reduced services, slashed Medicaid/Medicare, to maybe even losing Social security eventually–what a group of mean-spirited, selfish predatory capitalists will do to twist governance into a funnel that feeds the scum at the top. The sad thing is—40% of the people aren’t bright enough to figure this out, and still cheer these madmen on, jumping up and down and waving little flags and thinking they somehow have the advantage. Poor suckers.


Connecting the dots to World War Three:
Buildup of US military and US arms sales worldwide. Trump’s belligerent threats to adversaries and friendly attitude toward tyrannical regimes. Intentional ignorance of catastrophic climate change that leads to deaths from flooding, crop failure, displacement, disease and anti-immigrant militancy. Continued globalization (contrary to Trump campaign promises) creating a vulnerable dependency disrupted at most disastrous time by fuel supply moguls. The world’s wealthy are planning World War Three, their “final solution” to over-population.


So, let me get this straight, Grifters Inc. USA RePubliCon Division, is gonna give a 1/3 of the tax cut goodie bag to Grifters Inc. Global, TPTB parent company.
Phuckity phuck phuck.